Knife Found in Passenger's Leftover Enchilada at Oakland International Airport

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Update: TSA is now saying it was an airport in Sonoma not Oakland where the enchilada and knife were found.

That's not blood you see on the knife -- that's enchilada sauce.

We're not too sure what this is all about, but TSA confirmed that authorities found an 8 1/2 inch knife inside a passenger's carry on this morning at Oakland International Airport. That might not sound too unusual until you get to the part where the knife was stashed in the middle of a tray of enchiladas, says Nico Melendez, spokesman for the TSA,

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Man Ties Sex Partner to Bedpost Then Robs Him

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flickr/s reilly
It would have been great if it was just all role play
A 63-year-old man had to make an awkward call to the cops early this morning after his hookup with another guy turned into a crime.

According to police reports, the victim met a 30-year-old man at a bar at 19th and Folsom streets and invited him back to his Bernal Heights place for a sexcapade.

But sex didn't go exactly as the victim had planned.

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49ers Linebacker Aldon Smith Released From Jail After Bomb Threat Arrest

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Aldon Smith doesn't really have a bomb
San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith has reportedly been released from jail on $20,000 bail after he was arrested Sunday for allegedly claiming he had a bomb while at Los Angeles International Airport.

According to press reports, Smith spent about three hours behind bars in Los Angeles after he said something about being in possession of a bomb as he walked through security at LAX. Smith was arrested right on the spot.

See Also: 49er's QB Colin Kaepernick Accused of Sexual Assault

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Marilyn Hartman, Woman Arrested for Sneaking Onto Hawaii-Bound Flight, Busted at SFO Again

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Marilyn Hartman
Marilyn Hartman is back in the headlines again after she was reportedly arrested after being spotted at SFO recently in violation of her court order to stay away from the airport.

Hartman, who is quickly becoming a local celeb, was banned from SFO after she was busted three times trying to sneak onto flights to Hawaii. On one of those occasions, she managed to slip past security and board a flight to the Aloha State. She was all buckled in and ready for Paradise when the passenger who actually paid for the seat alerted authorities.

On the third attempt, she tried to get on board with a discarded plane ticket. Authorities arrested her and a judge issued a court order for Hartman to stay away from SFO unless she had a ticket to fly someone -- preferably one that she had paid for. After that, she was found another two times, once in the baggage claim and another time chowing down at the food court. Both times, she was arrested on suspicion of trespassing.

And then again on Monday, Hartman was seen at SFO in the food court bathroom where she was arrested for allegedly trespassing, the San Mateo Daily News reports.

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Victim Accidentally Shoots Himself During Robbery Near BART

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for gunman.jpg
A 21-year-old man was shot during a robbery as he walked to the BART station last night. The only thing is he was the one who shot himself -- accidentally.

According to police reports, the man was walking to the Powell Street BART station at about about 10:30 p.m. when an armed man approached him, carrying a semi-automatic gun.

The gunman told the victim to "hand over all his stuff." As the victim was complying, he accidentally hit the gun, causing it to go off, says Officer Gordon Shyy.

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Watch This Woman Steal a MacBook From a San Francisco Cafe

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Update: Police say they've busted the Macbook thief. Read our story here.

A blog post ago we told you about some ballsy people who were tipping over Smart Cars in various San Francisco neighborhoods. So while we were on the subject of brazen fools, we decided to show you some surveillance of a latte-drinking thief who reportedly stole a computer from a downtown coffee shop.

A local iOS developer is on the hunt for her Macbook which was snatched from the cafe while the victim was in the restroom. The only good part to this is that the victim was able to retrieve the surveillance of the entire theft which has since been posted to YouTube.


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Vandals Flipping Smart Cars Over in San Francisco (Update)

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Update 12 p.m.: Officer Gordon Shyy says a fourth Smart Car was tipped over at Propsect and Coso overnight. The car was flipped on its side.

Original Story 8 a.m.: Not sure if this is another anti-gentrification move, or bored kids with no curfew, but some vandals spent Monday morning flipping over Smart Cars in two different neighborhoods.

We saw the story on KTVU which reports that three Smart Cars had been turned on their headlights and roofs in Bernal Heights and Portola. All three cars were damaged, including shattered windows and damaged bodies.

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Are Teens Really Smoking Coffee? Experts Say No.

Not a thing
One of the finest ever Internet-bred hoaxes is the jenkem epidemic.

Late in the last decade, rumors circulated of teens huffing containers of fermented raw sewage in order to get high. Jenkem, or butt-hash, was considered such a real threat to kids' safety and sanity that police in Florida circulated a jenkem alert to parents, warning them that their kids may be sniffing shit. It was, of course, a complete fabrication.

This week, the new "viral" drug is coffee. Not drinking espresso by the gallon, but smoking coffee. All the cool kids are doing it, television stations in Las Vegas and Charlotte reported.

Except there's a problem. Smoking coffee doesn't actually get you high -- and it doesn't even help you poop, as an intrepid reporter for VICE discovered this week.

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Anti-Gentrifier Pukes on Yahoo Bus

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for puke.jpg
This is what anti-gentrification looks like
Make sure you aren't eating lunch while you read this.

We're seeing reports about a tech bus blockade over in Oakland this morning, but one that included bodily functions. That's right, an angry anti-gentrifier purportedly barfed all over a Google Yahoo bus windshield while surrounding tech buses at the Oakland McArthur BART station.

If you don't believe us, look no further than Twitter:

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S.F. Churchgoer Turns Back On God, Beats Fellow Parishioner After Service

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God Holy Grail.jpg
God is watching
A morning in the Lord's house brought the devil out of one congregant who allegedly assaulted a fellow church goer over the weekend.

On Sunday just before 1 p.m., police were called to the intersection of Third Street and Palou where a 49-year-old woman reported being attacked by a member of her church. According to police reports, the victim explained that she was attending Providence Baptist Church at 1601 McKinnon Street with her daughter when the suspect -- who was also at the services -- began arguing with them.

According to the victim, the fellow churchgoer was "displeased" with the behavior of the victim's daughter during the service.

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