Thunderstorms to Linger in San Francisco Today, Government Issues Warning to Boaters

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screen grab from KTVU
A Bay Area tree that's probably never seen lightening before "explodes"
If you missed out on the very rare occasion of thunder and lightening blowing up trees in the Bay Area yesterday, you just might get a second chance today.

According to the National Weather Service, there'll be another round of rain and possibly thunder later today, with gusty winds and even some hail. The latest stormfront has brought cold temperatures along, so expect a high of 57 degrees.

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Storm to Bring Rain, Wind, and Hail to the Bay Area

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Here we go again
Don't bother fixing your hair today. Or tomorrow for that matter. The National Weather Service posted a "special weather" alert warning of a strong cold front headed to Northern California that'll bring lots of rain and even more wind.

According to the March 31 alert, the heavy rain will start Monday morning and hit again this afternoon as the cold front passes through the region. In addition, there will be some unruly wind with gusts blowing up to 40 MPH. So hold onto your umbrella.

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Cops to Drivers: Don't Forget How to Drive in the Rain

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Don't put your galoshes in the closet just yet.

More rain is headed this way for the weekend. According to the National Weather Service, there's a 40 percent chance of precipitation tonight with a gust of wind at 14 mph.

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BART Delayed Again, And You Have All This Rain to Thank

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Flickr/Dave Schumaker
The good news is it's raining --hard. The bad news is it's raining hard and creating mega BART delays.

The transit agency is reporting nagging delays up to 15 minutes across the system "due to wet weather conditions."

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Yes, More Rain Will Fall on San Francisco This Week

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Erin Sherbert
And here you were just getting psyched about Spring
So enjoy your last few hours of clear skies and springtime sunshine today.

According to the National Weather Service, big raindrops will start falling on the city tomorrow morning just before lunchtime. Consider it another bout of good news for dried-out San Francisco, which is still reeling from a very dry 2013.

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Here's the latest highlights from Mother Nature:

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Good Weather in Store this Weekend

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Martin M303/ Shutterstock
Break out the shorts!

San Francisco, you can stash away that rain gear and dust off your bike, because it's going to be picnic weather this weekend. You'll have to find another chill-out spoke though since hipster hill in Dolores Park will be out of commission for a while. Clear skies and a high of 75 degrees are anticipated from Friday to Sunday (sorry, Karl!).

According to the National Weather Service, the high on Friday will be 70 degrees with a light wind of 5 to 8 mph that should subside by the morning. The evening will be clear with a high of 54 degrees: perfect weather for a night stroll.

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Get Ready for Some Heavy Rain and Wind This Weekend

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More rain: Something new for you to complain about
Were you summoning the Rain Gods again? We thought so. Which means you only have your self to blame when you're stuck indoors all weekend due to the wet weather.

According to the National Weather Service, there's a 90 percent chance of precipitation tomorrow and, for dramatic effect, there will also be some thunderstorms sometime after 11 am.

And it'll keep pouring through the night.

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More Rain to Fall on San Francisco

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This is news for one obvious reason: when's the last time we had two storms in less than a month!

That should make you very-parched people happy -- and soaked.

According to the National Weather Service, the rain could start dropping as early as tonight, and by tomorrow, you can expect to see showers, as the chance of precipitation climbs to 100 percent.

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Heavy Rains to Bring Much-Needed Flooding to Northern California

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Hopefully, you've embraced the wet weather, because there will be more to come -- a lot more.

The showers you've been experiencing today will quickly turn into a nice rainstorm by this evening and continue throughout the weekend, dropping as much as seven inches of rain on Northern California, according to the National Weather Service is reporting.

You might even see some intermittent flooding in the Bay Area, said Suzanne Sims, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Sims laughed at us when we asked if this rainstorm would put even a small dent in the state's drought. "Every little bit helps," she said with a chuckle.

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Did You Forget How to Drive in the Rain?

Flickr/Steve Rhodes
Don't turn this rain into a bad thing for San Francisco
We only ask because there's been lots of news this morning of wet weather and slow commutes into work this morning.

The delayed drive your experiencing now has much to do with spin-outs, cars in ditches, and blocked lanes, according to various media reports.

Interstate 80 is creeping along, at best, after a big rig towing two trailers crashed through the center divide this morning near El Portal Drive in San Pablo. Several lanes are blocked in both directions and as of 8 a.m., all eastbound lanes were closed and only two westbound lanes were open, the Chron reports.

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