Rim Fire: Images of the Aftermath

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Chris Roberts
The worst of the Rim Fire has been declared over, and firefighters are heading home. Slowly, the national and international attention that the fourth-largest wildfire in California history attracted will dissipate, too. We visited the area the burn torched, the approach to Yosemite National Park from the west along Highway 120 -- which is one of the state's most-photographed and most-visited areas, attracting people from all over the world every summer on their American pilgrimages -- on Tuesday. Here's a little of what we saw. More »

San Francisco Celebrates Gay Marriage

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Joseph Geha

Hundreds of gay marriage supporters gathered at city hall early this morning to wait -- and then celebrate -- the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.

Minutes after the top court announced that it was tossing out Prop. 8, the state's ban on gay marriage, saying its proponents didn't have the legal right to appeal to the federal court in the first place, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who acted as co-counsel against Prop. 8, spoke to throngs of people out front of city hall.

"It's a tremendous victory," he said. "We've been fighting this battle for nine years."

Herrera said that from his initial reading of the decision, counties throughout California will soon be bound by the original ruling of Judge Vaugh Walker in 2010 that said every couple -- regardless of the gender mix -- is allowed to marry.

And here's how supporters responded to that news outside San Francisco City Hall today (did you hear Kate Kendall of the National Center for Lesbian Rights drop the F-bomb on television?):

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S.F. Gears Up For Gay Marriage (Photos)

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Feeling as hopeful as young love, gay marriage supporters descended on City Hall yesterday evening after the Supreme Court hearing on Proposition 8, California's ban on same-sex marriage.

Based on what we saw, people were feeling proud and gay (as in happy) about the future of same-sex marriage. The justices are expected to make a ruling sometime in June -- just in time for San Francisco gay pride.

Until then, expect to see a lot of this kind of stuff:

Anna Latino/SF Examiner

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Did You See All Those People Running in Their Underwear This Weekend? (Photos)

Last week, we informed readers about the annual Cupid's Undie run, which took place in the Marina over the weekend. It's exactly what it sounds like -- a bunch of fun-loving folks running in their underwear for charity (we think they were sober).

Of course, plenty of you opted out of this panty party, probably to donate to your own personal charity, whether it be nursing a hangover or catching up on sleep. In any event, don't fret; we grabbed some memorable images of this boxer brouhaha.


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Public Nudists Say "No" to Scott and "Yes" to Wiener (NSFW Photos)

You can't say we didn't warn you that there would be a ton of dicks out this weekend in the Castro. A legion of pro-public nudists hung out (literally) on the Jane Warner Plaza Saturday to protest Supervisor Scott Wiener's proposed ban on being naked in public. Did you see them?

If you had other plans that didn't take you to the Castro on Saturday, well, here's what you missed:

Gil Riego Jr.
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Take a Glimpse at Obama's Trip to San Francisco (Slideshow)

So what if you couldn't afford the $20,000 it cost to see President Obama speak in San Francisco yesterday? We have photos!

Per usual, the President drew lovers, haters, and pot smokers alike after touching down in our fair city yesterday morning. We got a few snapshots of the President making his passionate speech (which also touched on Big Bird, Elmo et al) and we got even more pictures of those folks who had a thing or two to say to Obama:

Christopher Victorio

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Occupy SF Tries to Stay Relevant, One Year Later (Photos)

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Yesterday, more than 500 Occupiers took to the streets to celebrate the anti-bank Movement's first birthday. For those of you who couldn't skip work to celebrate with protesters on this special day, here's what you missed in the Financial District (it was a tamer version of OccupySF 2011).

Andrew Lopez

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4/20 Brings Out Marijuana Lovers and Haters

Well, we thought 4/20 was supposed to be a holiday about consuming all things marijuana. But alas, in this tense time of heated debate over pot clubs, it wasn't too surprising that we came across anti-pot people on the high holiday killing everyone's buzz.

At least the weather was amazing. 

Chris Roberts

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Marijuana Raid Gives Pot Activists Even More Reason to Hate on The Feds

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Pot smokers across the Bay Area were outraged when they caught wind that the feds were raiding Oaksterdam University, the well-respected cannabis training facility in downtown Oakland. The feds, which included DEA agent and IRS officials, remained tight-lipped about what the hell they were doing there, only saying that things were "sealed."

Needless to say, the early-morning raid gave the medical marijuana community another damn good reason to protest Obama and his administration. Here's a snapshot of the downtown scene. Incidentally, you could smell the scent of pot wafting in the air during the morning protest.

Erin Sherbert
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Same-Sex Couples Revel in Court Decision Over Prop. 8

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After reading the good -- no, great! -- news yesterday morning that a federal appeals court ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional, same-sex couples and supporters flooded the LGBT Center on Market and Octavia to celebrate the court's decision that "Prop. 8 serves no purpose."

Take a look at these happy faces:
Kate Conger
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