SFMTA Approves Free Parking on Sundays Again

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Not just for the Monopoly Man
Instead, you'll have to pay more to ride Muni in San Francisco.

Last night, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency approved its two-year budget which among other things did away with the very unpopular parking meter enforcement on Sundays.

The Board was following through with Mayor Ed Lee's request to ditch paid parking on Sundays after the transportation agency last year started shaking down drivers on the Sabbath to help plug ongoing budget deficits.

And it helped: Last year, the SFMTA collected some $11 million in parking meters and citations.

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Transit Lovers Oppose Mayor Ed Lee's Move to Make Parking Free on Sunday Again

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Mayor Ed Lee's proposal
Remember how pissed you were when the city decided to start charging drivers to park at meters on Sundays -- the one day of parking freedom?

Well, that's kinda how transit people feel about Mayor Ed Lee's recent call undo all that and let everyone enjoy free parking on Sundays again. The Transit Riders Union has started a petition opposing the Mayor's opposition to metered parking on Sundays.

According to the petition, giving drivers a financial break on the Sabbath means transit riders will be paying the price. Here's the letter explaining this logic:

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Pissy Driver Creates Fake Parking Ticket, Slaps it on Neighbor's Car

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Bernalwood Press
The never-ending parking paranoia in Bernal Heights has hit a brand new low (or high if you're an amused observer).

It appears a neighbor is quite upset over parking hogs in the hood, and thus decided to take matters into his/her own hands.

We found the curious image on Bernalwood Press, which provides the colorful details of this tragedy:

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Even San Francisco Cops Get Parking Tickets

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And here we thought we'd never feel better than the time we witnessed a tow truck get a parking ticket.

Until now.

We came across this gem of a Twitter pic today that shows what twitter user @HurlyMcDingus says is in fact a parking ticket on a police patrol car illegally parked in Bernal Heights.


via Twiiter/@HurlyMcDingus
There's hope in the world!

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Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival Inspires AirBnB for Parking Spaces in S.F.

Your name goes here
Contrary to popular belief, there is a way to drive yourself to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival this weekend without having to circle the city for a spot -- and leave with a parking ticket.

Local entrepreneurs/fortunate residents have decided to capitalize on bluegrass and the city's lack of parking by offering up their driveways this weekend -- for a price. We spotted a few good deals on Craigslist, including some for as low as $25 a day.

Here's a few options for you last-minute planners (click on image to enlarge text):

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SFMTA Refunded $700K in Parking Tickets Last Year

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All those parking tickets did pay off!
Anytime I get mail from the SFMTA, there is only one thing the cash-strapped agency wants: My cash.

To be fair, it's money the transit agency earned, albeit not in that hard-working sort of way. So when I came home last week to discover yet another letter from the parking police -- two weeks before payday -- I was truly distressed.

But in a shocking twist of San Francisco parking karma, the transit agency's letter was a missive informing me that they owed me money for a change -- and a rather decent sum, too.

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Locals Gang Up on Oregon Driver Who Hogged Two Parking Spaces

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Badass Bernalwood Press
This is what happens when Bernal Heights' drivers miss a dose of Prozac.

Alas, the Bernalwood Press bring us news and entertainment of more parking drama from the Bernal Heights hamlet, where drivers reportedly ganged up on an Oregon driver prick who foolishly and selfishly took up two parking spots along Manchester Street for one too many days.

Angry drivers, who had no doubt been circling the block for about as long as that car was double-parked, scribbled missives (some heartfelt, others bitchy) and slapped 'em on the foreigner's windshield:

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Do You Double Park? Supervisor Scott Wiener Is Going To Make Your Life Hell

Flickr/Bart Heird
That's one way to enforce it
You know who else is tired of your double parking around town? Supervisor Scott Wiener. That's right the man who banned naked penises is now turning his efforts toward irreverent drivers who think they can park any damn place they please.

And there's a reason drivers think that -- because they kinda can. As Wiener notes this morning, the city has been a little too hands-off when it comes to double parking. But that's about to come to an end.

Wiener is calling for a hearing to talk about how out-of-control the double parking is around San Francisco.

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City Says Parking Landlords Have to Start Paying Their Taxes

That's money in the bank
Landlords who've been pocketing extra cash by renting out their parking spots have until the end of this month to start complying with San Francisco's parking laws, which says they must give a cut of earned parking fees to the city.

Last year, the city created a parking tax simplification law meant to make it easier on landlords to rent out unused parking spaces. Under the law, owners who rent fewer than five monthly parking spaces and earn less than $15,000 a year from their side parking business can register for the city's tax simplification law, which says they only have to pay taxes owed from April 2011 onward.

Just like their customers, lot owners must pay to park (their business).

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Parking Blues: Driver Learns the Colorful Way Not to Park on the Sidewalk

Perhaps you're still reeling (or recovering) from the fact that you now have to pony up for parking on Sundays in San Francisco. But you know what costs even more than a few hours at the meter or a parking ticket? A new paint job on your car.

We always enjoy some good parking drama, which typically comes in the form of passive aggressive notes and a lot of "fuck yous." But when we came across this image on SF Citizen, we, too wondered if the parking tension has taken on a new life in the city.

Dallis Willard
Parking Blues?

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