You Can Stop Plugging the Parking Meters on Sunday

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Now if only you could have that house on Park Place, too
All those extra quarters you earned this week can, and should be, spent doing laundry again. Starting Sunday, the city will offer free parking at meters, which means you can brunch for hours and not worry about a damn thing.

The free parking (which is for most of San Francisco) is part of the new San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency budget approved earlier this year, which repealed the controversial law that forced drivers to pay for parking on Sundays. Parking at meters on Sundays had been free until January 2013 when the city decided it needed more money.

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Mayor Ed Lee Can't Stop Parking Illegally

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On Friday, Mayor Ed Lee prolonged a legacy of San Francisco mayors parking wherever they damn well please when his Chevy Volt was deposited in a bus stop during Lee's taqueria pit stop

Our incredibly lifelike mayor expressed something akin to displeasure at the decision made by his police driver, an admonishment was supposedly handed down, and we were all told this would never happen again. 

It turns out that all hinges on the definitions of "this" and "never." Because, on Tuesday evening, Outer Sunset denizen and Twitter aficionado Andy Cooper leaned out his window to document Lee's vehicle executing a series of unfortunate parking choices. 

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Park At My House: Parking App Claims It's a Legal Alternative to Monkey Parking

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Wikimedia Commons Andreas Praefcke
This app would be great if you had a driveway.

Monkeyparking and other parking apps received a cease-and-desist order from San Francisco this week, but one start-up may be exempt.

ParkatmyHouse, an app that lets motorists book driveway spaces and other private parking spaces, claims that allowing property owners to list their spaces is a legal solution to the city's parking wars.

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Monkey Parking: City Attorney Says Parking App That Lets Drivers Sell Spots Is Illegal

Last month, an Italian tech bro got San Francisco's already angry drivers in a greater state of rage after introducing a new app that lets anyone with a car auction off their parking spots to beleaguered drivers circling the block.

At the time, Monkey App hadn't been tested in any other American city, and Paolo Dobrowolny, the app's inventor, thought San Francisco was a perfectly dysfunctional place to try it out.

But City Attorney Dennis Herrera this morning sent a pointed cease-and-desist letter to Monkey App, asking the company to dismantle its "peer-to-peer bidding app" that allows drivers to shake each other down over San Francisco's coveted on-street parking spots.

Herrera listed a bunch of city provisions which explicitly state why it is illegal for anyone to buy, sell, or lease public land.

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New S.F. Parking App Lets Drivers Make Money Off Other Beleaguered Drivers Circling the Block

For sale!
If you had to summarize in one tiny app San Francisco's current state of dysfunction this one just might have nailed it.

Monkey Parking is this only-in-San Francisco (and one other city) app that lets drivers auction off their parking spots to the highest-paying sucker. News of the app was first reported on Uptown Almanac, which gave readers a blow-by-blow on how to capitalize off tired, pissy drivers who just want to park their car -- and would be willing to pay a price for it.

Anyone who's visited San Francisco for 35 minutes knows that easy parking is a rare find. Enter Paolo Dobrowolny, an Italian tech bro who decided San Francisco was the perfect spot to test out his new experiment. Here's how it works:

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SFMTA Approves Free Parking on Sundays Again

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Not just for the Monopoly Man
Instead, you'll have to pay more to ride Muni in San Francisco.

Last night, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency approved its two-year budget which among other things did away with the very unpopular parking meter enforcement on Sundays.

The Board was following through with Mayor Ed Lee's request to ditch paid parking on Sundays after the transportation agency last year started shaking down drivers on the Sabbath to help plug ongoing budget deficits.

And it helped: Last year, the SFMTA collected some $11 million in parking meters and citations.

See Also Transit Riders Don't Like the Mayor's Plan to Make Parking Free on Sundays

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Transit Lovers Oppose Mayor Ed Lee's Move to Make Parking Free on Sunday Again

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Mayor Ed Lee's proposal
Remember how pissed you were when the city decided to start charging drivers to park at meters on Sundays -- the one day of parking freedom?

Well, that's kinda how transit people feel about Mayor Ed Lee's recent call undo all that and let everyone enjoy free parking on Sundays again. The Transit Riders Union has started a petition opposing the Mayor's opposition to metered parking on Sundays.

According to the petition, giving drivers a financial break on the Sabbath means transit riders will be paying the price. Here's the letter explaining this logic:

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Pissy Driver Creates Fake Parking Ticket, Slaps it on Neighbor's Car

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Bernalwood Press
The never-ending parking paranoia in Bernal Heights has hit a brand new low (or high if you're an amused observer).

It appears a neighbor is quite upset over parking hogs in the hood, and thus decided to take matters into his/her own hands.

We found the curious image on Bernalwood Press, which provides the colorful details of this tragedy:

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Even San Francisco Cops Get Parking Tickets

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And here we thought we'd never feel better than the time we witnessed a tow truck get a parking ticket.

Until now.

We came across this gem of a Twitter pic today that shows what twitter user @HurlyMcDingus says is in fact a parking ticket on a police patrol car illegally parked in Bernal Heights.


via Twiiter/@HurlyMcDingus
There's hope in the world!

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Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival Inspires AirBnB for Parking Spaces in S.F.

Your name goes here
Contrary to popular belief, there is a way to drive yourself to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival this weekend without having to circle the city for a spot -- and leave with a parking ticket.

Local entrepreneurs/fortunate residents have decided to capitalize on bluegrass and the city's lack of parking by offering up their driveways this weekend -- for a price. We spotted a few good deals on Craigslist, including some for as low as $25 a day.

Here's a few options for you last-minute planners (click on image to enlarge text):

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