San Francisco Opera Puts Costumes Up for Sale

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SF Opera
A few sale items.
San Francisco may abound with French potties and tea houses and high-priced paella restaurants, but its fashion sense still leaves much to be desired.

We are, as the conventional wisdom goes, an international capital of newly minted billionaires in flannel shirts and hoodies. The city that institutionalized casual Fridays. The birthplace of The Gap.

This weekend, one of the city's oldest highbrow institutions is giving us a chance to change that image.

The San Francisco Opera is opening its costume shop and putting a whole array of ruffly frocks up for sale. If you've been scouring thrift stores for a suit of armor, or a Renaissance Faire peasant costume, or a ball gown for someone of generous girth -- look no further.

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Castro Nudists Take on the Same Fight With a New Attorney

Gypsy Taub: she will not be moved!
On Saturday, the local Body Freedom activists, better known as just San Francisco's nudists, held yet another noon rally at Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro. What was more eye-catching than the bare bottoms and uncovered genitals was the shrinking number of people who are shedding their clothes since Supervisor Scott Wiener's ban on public nudity was passed over a year ago.

But for Gypsy Taub and George Davis, unlike their clothes, their passion for public nudity remains.

Davis, who hopes to unseat Wiener in the next election, announced his plans to campaign in New York City and London -- two cities that don't currently have bans on public nudity. In addition to a nudity ban repeal, Davis addressed the cost of housing in the area as part of his campaign, probably to round-out his appeal to at least some voters.

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Weekend Shoppers Take Note: Save One Whole Cent on Giants Jersey

Such a bargain!
A penny saved is a penny earned. And, at a San Francisco-area store that shall remain tactfully nameless, shoppers can, quite literally, save one whole cent on their clothing purchase. 

Four years back, your humble narrator noticed this very store offering a similarly enticing sale on sporting paraphernalia. But for a different team: 

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Girl In SOMA Flyer Is Intrigued By Your Dad's Heroin Use

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Broke-Ass Stuart

At first, we assumed she was interested in helping your dad (but not your mom) with his heroin habits. But then it occurred to us that she's not actually offering to help anyone with heroin or anything for that matter, which made this random SOMA flyer all that more bewildering.

So we did exactly what any curious person trapped in a cubicle would do: We dialed the 1-800 number listed on the green flyer to find out what the hell is going on here.

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Emperor Norton to Be Honored in Drunken Graveside FĂȘte

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Thumbnail image for Emperor Norton Portrait.jpg
Hail Norton!
Even in Sunny California, January can be a trying time. The winds turn chilly and the days grow short. You write the wrong damn year on your checks and, all but assuredly, violate your last New Year's Resolution.

But, tomorrow, there is a day circled on San Francisco calendars that makes not hibernating through this first and least month of the year worthwhile. Yes, it's Norton Day.

Joshua Abraham Norton I, San Francisco's self-proclaimed Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, will be honored Saturday by his followers in a graveside Colma ceremony that will be neither somber nor sober. The Emperor, who expired in 1880, was an eccentric of the first order and a beloved mascot of a city that, even then, prided itself on its unique character.

That a homeless former speculator who emerged from a mental breakdown believing himself to be ruler of all he saw was coddled and beloved in this city is a testament to San Franciscans' tolerance -- and our ability to tune out loud, disruptive, mentally ill passers-by.

Some things never change.

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Bitcoin Billboards Go Up in San Francisco

After a spate of setbacks in December -- including a precipitous dip in value, a ban in China, and opprobrium from various economic-minded tech bloggers -- Bitcoin has announced its triumphant return.

A single coin currently goes for about $980 US dollars (a figure that keeps jostling, even as we type), which theoretically is enough to pay a month's rent in the Richmond, or fund several doctor's appointments. Bitcoin Not Bombs donated hundreds of hooded sweatshirts to the city's homeless, and local tech company Zynga is testing a Bitcoin payment system for some of its online games.

To top it all off, Bitcoin billboards have gone up throughout the Bay Area. Ironically, boosters of the high-tech currency have chosen a rather low-tech advertising vessel to spread their message. And they say it's working: The 40 billboards scattered have an "estimated exposure" of more than 10 million impressions thus far.

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Nude Wedding Forces Hasty Rescheduling of Immigration Rally

Everyone cleared out before this could happen again
It was a small crowd that gathered at 11 a.m. on the City Hall steps, but a well-clothed one. Or, at least, a clothed one.

That would soon change.

A very serious press conference hosted by the Labor Council, labor unions, and Supervisors David Campos, David Chiu, and Scott Wiener was hastily rescheduled from noon today to one hour earlier so as not to conflict with the midday au naturel nuptuals of ubiquitous nudist Gypsy Taub and twentysomething Jaymz Smith.

"We've got 25 minutes to get the hell out of here!" said one of the immigration presser's featured speakers.

And, lo, that happened.

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Nude Wedding: The Bride Will Not Be Wearing White -- or Anything Else

Needless to say, they're not registered at Nordstrom Rack
Wedding bells will ring on Thursday for Gypsy Taub, 44, and Jaymz Smith, 20. The bride and groom had no qualms about selecting their wedding outfits. The couple will be fashionably clad ... in their birthday suits when they tie the knot at 12 p.m. in front of San Francisco City Hall.

And while she will be stark naked, the bride will not be blushing.

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Bikini Jogger Still Baffling Bernal Heights

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Badass Bernalwood Press

Just like the Bay Area's Tule fog, San Francisco's semi-famous Bikini Jogger is both mysterious and seasonal.

Once again, the always-engaged folks over at Bernalwood spotted the Bikini Jogger -- the woman who has made a local name for herself by perplexing her neighbors with her running attire: a bikini.

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Juggalos Deface Glen Park, Balboa Stations During BART Strike

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Steve Rhodes
After negotiating an amicable settlement with workers and treating Bay Area TV viewers to a long, rambling, ceremonial armistice, BART employees confronted yet another problem when they returned to work this morning: While the transit system's staff were mired in contract disputes on Monday, vandals snuck in and defaced two station platforms.

This morning, Glen Park station bore a black Juggalo clown silhouette (see definition here) and several spray-painted tags, some of which smudged out a sign on the station platform. The culprits hit Balboa station, too, suggesting they may have also redecorated a mile-long tunnel between them. BART's Deputy Chief of Patrol Operations Ben Fairow couldn't confirm that, but says he's still investigating the situation.

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