Michael Petrelis, Blogger Arrested Trying to Photograph Supe. Wiener's Wiener, Is Running for Supervisor

Bill Wilson Photos
Gay activist/blogger and City Hall gadfly Michael Petrelis kicked off his campaign for District 8 Supervisor on Saturday, determined to unseat his nemesis Supervisor Scott Wiener.

If you recall, the duo made headlines a few years ago after Wiener got a restraining order against Petrelis who had shot and posted to his personal blog a photo of Wiener in the bathroom at City Hall. Apparently, Petrelis had been attempting to photograph the supervisor as he was using the urinal, but the shot ended up showing nothing more than Wiener grabbing his toothbrush and leaving the bathroom in a huff.

On Saturday, the always over-the-top Petrelis riffed off that controversy and decided to use the public toilet at Castro and Market streets as the backdrop for his campaign announcement.

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Travel Magazine Says San Francisco Is One of the Most Kid-Friendly Cities in America

Categories: Say What?

Flickr/Keith "Captain Photo" Cuddeback
Well, this is news.

The much dog-friendlier city of San Francisco has been deemed one of the most kid-friendly places to take your children on vacation.

Basically, we adore children as long as they have their own parents and their hometown isn't San Francisco.

FamilyFun magazine announced its travel awards in this month's issue, naming San Francisco as the no. 10 spot for parents traveling with kids. If you don't believe us, here's a screen shot of the actual wording.

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Did SF Archdiocese Put Nancy Pelosi on Probation From Communion in the Catholic Church?

SF Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, seen here in a lovely pink top, doesn't think gays should marry.

This week, Right Wing News reported that San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone indicated Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi shouldn't receive Holy Communion anymore, because of her positions deviate from the teachings of the church.

As you recall, the Archbishop drew the ire of the LGBT community when he assumed office in part because he was a strong supporter of Prop 8, the now-defeated gay marriage ban.

So now is the Archbishop really looking to "excommunicate" Pelosi?

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Facebook Wants to Use Drones to Expand Access Worldwide

Facebook wants to make it possible for these African kids to have their own profile picture
There's probably no way for Facebook to be satisfied with its overall market penetration when an estimated 5 billion people in the world still lack an Internet connection.

Which means that billions of people still aren't posting status updates or "liking" your food photos on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, et. al., apparently found that problem so vexing that they chose a rather extreme solution: Boost the market on Earth by colonizing outer space.

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German Doctors Say Marijuana Can Kill You

It's back
About a month ago, the ever-cautious and beyond-reproach British press ran a sensational story about a drug-induced death. Something called "cannabis poisoning," they reported, killed a 31-year-old mother.

This would be new. Though abundant amounts of high-grade marijuana food have killed off pets, as far as science and even the prohibitionist federal government in the United States know, there is no such thing as "cannabis poisoning" in humans, at least in feasible reality.

Or is there? Researchers in Germany say they have discovered the world's first "cannabis-related deaths," a pair of healthy men in their 20s who succumbed to cardiac arrythmia.

Has the magic plant finally claimed its first victim, several thousand years into its history with humans?

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San Francisco SPCA Offering Pet Condoms to Sex-Addicted Dogs and Cats

Up Next: Pet Abstinence
We got you to click didn't we?

That's exactly what the SPCA is hoping will happen by advertising pet condoms on its website. Appropriately dubbed "Animal Instinct," the new pet condom is about as real as that dog who drove through the streets of San Francisco.

But the campaign is for real. In its latest effort to call attention to the need for pet owners to spay and neuter their horny dogs and cats, the SPCA launched a new website which advertises pet condoms, encouraging owners to "put it on before they get it on."

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SF Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: We Welcome Gays, Those Immoral Sinners

Welcome, sinful sinners.
The Catholic Church is full of contradictions. Jesus is both fully human and fully divine. Women and gays are both God's creations, worthy of love, but neither are fit to be priests, and the latter are practitioners of "a strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil."

That take on gays was the recently resigned Pope Benedict XVI's view in 2005. Popes are infallible -- which means their views are verdicts from on high -- but it appears popes can disagree, as current pontiff Pope Francis did this week when he said gays are welcome in the priesthood.

That's a needed breath of fresh air for the very old boys' club that is the Roman Catholic Church -- and a view divergent from that of the Church's local leader in San Francisco. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is one of the country's most-vocal opponents of gay marriage, who went as far as to dub last month's overturning of Prop. 8 a "dark day."

But today, Cordileone followed up his boss' message with one of his own: the Catholic Church "must be a safe place where [gays] can feel secure and loved," and it's a "weakening civilization" that treats a "segment of the population" unfairly.

That said, gays can't marry and the act of being gay is sinful. Contradictions continue. More »

Oops! KTVU Names Asiana Pilots as Sum Ting Wong and Ho Lee Fuk (Update)

More like Holy shit!

Latest Update, July 14: Asiana Airlines, not surprisingly unamused by the whole thing, thinks an on-screen apology may not be sufficient, it said in a statement:

"The reputation of the four pilots and of the company had been seriously damaged by this report. The company is reviewing taking legal action against both KTVU-TV and the NTSB."

Update: The NTSB has released a statement stating an intern is responsible for confirming the incorrect names. Sounds like someone's summer internship is over.

KTVU has also provided further explanation into why they said these names on air: They didn't say them out loud before rattling them off during their live taping and they didn't confirm with the NTSB employee (intern) on their position within the organization. They did, however, call to verify the correct spelling of the names.

Update: Peter Knudson, a spokesman for the NTSB, just confirmed to SF Weekly that the NTSB did not release the names of the pilots of flight 214 to KTVU, or any news organization, for that matter.

Original Story:
Local station KTVU totally screwed up the names of Asiana Flight 214 pilots when announcing them on live television today, and we're a little worried the name "Ho Lee Fuk" might actually go down in history.

So just to correct the record: The ill-fated Boeing 777 wasn't actually being steered by Mr. Fuk and his co-pilots Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, and Bang Ding Ow.

KTVU rushed to fix the blunder and issued an apology,blaming the NTSB for the fuck-up. The apology didn't do much to stop screenshots of the offensive names from making their rounds through the blogosphere.

Oh, look -- here they are:


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Will Someone Please Tell Us What This Lemur Is Doing?

Categories: Animals, Say What?

Marianne Hale/SF Zoo
What are you doing?

Last month we ran some photos of local animals loafing around on a warm day in San Francisco. Most of the animals were in normal animal poses -- sprawled on all fours. But what the hell is up with this lemur?

And that's where you come in.

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5 Reasons San Francisco Should Maybe Change Its Name to Honor All Sugar Daddies

Home sweet home
Sugardaddie.com, a dating website that pairs flush businessmen with broke babes, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in a truly bizarre fashion -- by trying to get a town to rename itself after the site.

At first, the company was only approaching towns that already had the word "sugar" in their name, such as Sugar Land, Texas. But after getting shot down in the Lone Star State, Sugardaddie.com expanded its wacky business concept to California.

Now, the company is trying to cajole the wealthy town of Woodside down on the Peninsula, to finally do something that will put itself on the map. In exchange for the naming rights of Woodside, Sugardaddie.com is offering the already cash-rich town $11.65 million.

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