Fly From Tokyo to SFO in 83 Seconds (VIDEO)

If only it were that quick and easy to trot around the globe.

An air passenger recently documented his/her flight from Tokyo to San Francisco, documenting the long-ass flight that, thanks to technology, only appeared to take 83 seconds. This is an impressive showing, considering it takes about 10-plus hours to get between the two world-class cities.

According to the creators, it took 3,400 separate images to make the time-lapse video, which starts at Narita Airport in Tokyo and ends at SFO.

Sit back and enjoy the flight:

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Supermoon to Brighten Your Whole World Tomorrow Night

flickr/ Gabriel cod_gabriel

If tomorrow you feel a tad off kilter, don't blame it on the Supermoon that'll make a glowing entrance come Saturday night.

Blame it on all the booze you had Friday.

Mother Nature experts are claiming that tomorrow night you'll witness a full moon, one that's very big and very bright. The moon is expected to orbit the Earth 50,000 km closer than usual, making for a steamy date night.

The layperson will refer to this experience as the Supermoon, although those who made As in science class would prefer to call it a "perigee moon."

We tend to refer to it as just something chill to do Saturday night.

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BART Declares War on Those Disgusting Wool Seats

Seat porn: the new vinyl seats at a glance.
The blue-turned-dishwater brown wool seats are to BART what the worm logo is to Muni: a feature that's both familiar and iconic, even if it harbors a lot of bad associations.

Three years ago, the Bay Citizen commissioned a biologist to analyze microscopic samples from a random BART seat. She found skin-borne bacteria and traces of human feces.

That didn't stop 28-year-old Leslie Bailey from humping a seat on a mostly empty Dublin-Pleasanton-bound train last year. He was caught mid-tryst by a train operator, who dispatched BART police to apprehend him and put an end to the amateur porn show.

The escapade didn't do much for BART's reputation, which was sullied, again, when a graphic BART sex video went viral a couple months later. Even today, a BART passenger was overheard warning her kids to wash their hands after touching the wool seats.

But now, BART is promising to eradicate them.

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Guy Free-Climbs the Palace of Fine Arts, Seven Story Building

Stride Health
Alex Honnold free-climbing 720 California.
Six months have passed since we witnessed the amazing derring-do of a tightrope walker who strung his high-wire along a rocky outcropping near Land's End.

But now someone has come to supplant him.

Alex Honnold, a 28 year-old rock climber who recently switched from wild escarpments to urban fixtures -- beginning with the Taipei 101 skyscraper in Taiwan -- just enthralled audiences in San Francisco by climbing the century-old Palace of Fine Arts and the brittle, seven-story 720 Building.

In a video that aired on KQED, Honnold insists he had a solid footing on both structures, and that the concrete on Palace of Fine Arts was "well-maintained." (In fact, it appears to be newly renovated, as SFCitizen pointed out this morning.)

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Don't Forget to Check Out The First-Ever "Giraffe" Meteor Shower Tonight

flickr/Bill Gracey
A meteor shower that has been seen before
We found you the perfect activity for your Tinder date tonight. All you have to do is be interesting enough to keep your date interested until about 11 p.m, tonight when Outer Space will take over.

At that time, a first-ever meteor shower, being dubbed the Giraffe, is expected to delight us all, perhaps with as many as 200 meteors per hour. It's technical name is May Camelopardalids, and it's caused by dust from periodic comet 209P/LINEAR, according to NASA.

And it's never been seen before.

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All That Garbage You Leave on Beaches Has Been Turned Into Real Art

SF Zoo
Angela Haseltine Pozzi, leader of Washed Ashore, poses with a jelly fish made out of trash
That doesn't qualify you as an artist. Or even crafty for that matter.

What's really happening here is that some very environmentally inclined and clever people have removed your trash from our beaches and turned it into something we can actually stand to look at.

The Artula Institute for Arts & Environmental Education has put together a very unique exhibit featuring massive sea animals created entirely out of sea trash -- that includes water bottle, shoe soles, plastic bags, cans, leather belts. and everything else you foolishly toss into the ocean. The exhibit, dubbed Washed Ashore, will be at the San Francisco Zoo starting Memorial Day weekend through September 23.

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Watch This Longboarder Traverse Marin Headlands Like a Pro

There's not really any type of extreme sports we can do (unless eating really fast counts). Which is why we're easily impressed by the random, cool shit we find on YouTube, and we're not just referring to this skateboarding cat.

Today, we came across this bad-ass longboarder who capitalizes on a gorgeous day braving the hills along the Marin Headlands. He even makes it look easy enough for us to do.

But alas, our risk-taking is limited to watching YouTube videos while at work.

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Here's One Way to Escape The Heat Today: Watch This Video of Chilly San Francisco Fog

Courtesy of Simon Christen
Since today is going to be scorching hot and not foggy, we thought we'd go ahead and make you long for a San Francisco summer with this beautiful time-lapse video that shows San Francisco on a much, much cooler day.

Shot by local artist Simon Christen, the video gives us colorful, and sometimes haunting, images of San Francisco and the Berkeley Hills. Christen, who has delighted us with videos of fog before, even threw in some fast-paced footage from a recent trip to Dubai, where incidentally, it's 102 degrees today.

In any event, this is one way to cool off today:

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Watch This Meteor Shower As It Peaks Tonight

Flickr/David Kingham
Here's something for our resident insomniacs to look forward to: Later tonight/early tomorrow morning, the annual Eta Aquarids meteor shower will delight the U.S. with its never-disappointing celestial event.

The cosmic show is expected to peak sometime late tonight or early tomorrow morning, when meteors will travel at about 148,000 miles per hour into the Earth's atmosphere. That probably means nothing to the average (sleeping) earthling until they see how these meteors leave glowing "trains" of debris in the sky, according to NASA.

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Archive Of Vintage San Francisco Newsreel Footage Now on YouTube -- And It's Amazing

British Pathé
Here's your Friday treat.

British Pathé
, a London-based media firm, has uploaded onto YouTube a bunch of newsreels showing San Francisco from way back when for your absolute viewing pleasure. And what a pleasure it is.

The classic news clips are part of the company's 85,000 vintage newsreels dating back to the early 1900s, highlighting, among other events in San Francisco, the 1906 earthquake, a random parade in Chinatown, anti-Vietnam demonstrations, and snowfall in 1962.

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