Check Out These Awesome Images of Last Night's Blood Moon


If you are anything like us, you were asleep on the couch by 11 p.m. last night. In other words, not even a really badass-looking moon could keep our eyes open.

But thanks to moon buffs, night owls, and Flickr, we were still able to enjoy the Blood Moon that appeared last night.

And now you can, too:

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Don't Forget to Check Out the "Blood Moon" Tonight

Barring any unwanted fog in Sn Francisco tonight, you'll be able to join the rest of humanity and view the "Blood Moon" as it passes over the Bay Area later tonight.

First, what's a Blood Moon, you ask? Technically, it's a total lunar eclipse that will turn the moon a lovely orange color as the earth passes between the moon and the sun.

The fun starts at about midnight and will peak at about 12:45 a.m. If you can hang that late, there are some organized viewing parties for you to attend. Here's two we read about:

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San Francisco Cab Driver Wins the Lottery, Is $1.9 million Richer

via Mega Millions
The American Dream
San Francisco taxi driver Mahendra KC doesn't need to worry about getting fares anymore. From local cabbie to local millionaire, the 50-year-old driver just won the California lottery -- all $1.9 million of it.

According to his family, winning the lotto has been a dream of KC's since he immigrated to the Bay Area from Nepal about a decade ago. "It's just a life-changing situation here," said his daughter Chandani, who was translating for her father. "Now whatever dreams we always had all together as a family, they're going to be true."

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This View of the Moon Is Another Reason Bernal Heights Is The Hottest Neighborhood in the U.S.

Badass Bernalwood Press
Yesterday, we delighted San Francisco with the news that, according to Redfin, Bernal Heights is officially the hottest hood in the nation. There's no need to repeat the endless reasons why everyone who is anyone wants to live there.

But there is a need to show you last night's marvelous moonrise seen only from the awe-inspiring heights of Bernal Hill. The time-lapse video of the moonrise over Mt. Diablo was shot by Bernal neighbor Joe "Jobius" Thomas.


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You Should Watch The Geminid Meteor Shower This Weekend

Brocken Inaglory/Wikimedia
Stop putting out "I'm so bored and lonely" Craigslist ads, because, guess what? Now you have plans for Friday night.

Tomorrow night, the Geminid Meteor Shower will regale the planet from evening to dawn, which means you can spend your Friday the 13th watching fireballs at a rate of 100 to 120 meteors per hour fall through the sky. And it's free!

According to star experts, this year's show will peak Friday night and entertain us through the predawn hours of Saturday. The longer you stay up, the more meteors you will see (May we suggest you order the "Red Eye" from your nearest coffee shop).

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S.F. Doctor Organizes Awesome Flash Mob Before Double Mastectomy (Must-See Video)

While it was meant to be a fun way to give her strength before undergoing her double mastectomy this week, Deborah Cohan's flash mob video she orchestrated in the operating room has become absolutely the greatest thing we've seen on the Internet as of late.

If you hadn't already noticed, the San Francisco mother's YouTube video started blowing up today -- and for good reason. On Nov. 5, Cohan, who is faculty with the UCSF Medical Center, gathered her surgical team to get down to Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" moments before her operation. She had asked her friends and family to join her in the dance at 7 a.m., wherever they were.

"No one was against it," she told Right This Minute. "In fact, I was more nervous about how the flash mob was going to go than how the surgery was going to go."

A must-see video:

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San Francisco 1932: A View From Above (Video)

via YouTube use Jeff Quitney
What's missing from this image?
Last week, we showed you some alluring aerial footage of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken from 2,000 feet above using the awe-inspiring GoPro camera mounted on the left of a Piper Saratoga.

But that was last week.

Today, we have some equally pleasing aerial footage of San Francisco to show you, albeit filled with not-so-high-definition images shot in 1932. As you can see, many of San Francisco's landmarks are alive and well, except for one.

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Check Out This Cool View of the Golden Gate Bridge From 2,000 Feet Above

It's Friday but you're not done yet. There's still a few hours -- and a lot of work to be done -- before you can crack that beer open, slouch in your favorite chair, and say "who cares?"

And while we're still waiting for the BART ballots to be counted today, we figured we'd pass some time by showing you these stellar aerial shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. There's a video, too, but make sure to turn your volume all the way up.

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Neon SFO Video Attempts to Make You Forget How Absolutely Horrible Air Travel Is


Unless you were born before 1970, the notion that air travel was ever romantic is about as foreign as all those places you've never traveled to.

It's a stretch, but local filmmaker James O'Malley has released this neon time-lapse video of SFO, hoping that people will somehow change their perception and view their time spent at the airport as a lovely experience.

The 3-minute video gives us colorful snapshots of the hustle and bustle that occurs daily at SFO, including planes smoothly landing and smiling travelers prepping for takeoff. What it doesn't show is what actually happens at the airport: delayed flights, callous airlines, stolen luggage, and let's not forget those needle sandwiches made especially for Delta Airlines passengers.

See Also: Neon N-Judah Video Makes Riding Muni Seem Like Everything It's Not: Beautiful and Relaxing

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Adorable Great Grandmother Catches Foul Ball at Giants Game

Screen-grab Buzzfeed
Virginia Smith knows how to raise kids and catch fly balls
As a mother of nine, a grandmother of 16 and great-grandmother of 15, Virginia Smith has learned to never take her eye off the ball. And it paid off this week when she caught a foul ball at a Giants game with athletic grace.

Smith, a long-time Giants junkie, says she had her glove ready when she caught the ball hit by Colorado Rockies player Todd Helton in the 9th inning of Tuesday's game.

Here's a slow-mo video of what happened:

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