Castro Nudists Take on the Same Fight With a New Attorney

Gypsy Taub: she will not be moved!
On Saturday, the local Body Freedom activists, better known as just San Francisco's nudists, held yet another noon rally at Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro. What was more eye-catching than the bare bottoms and uncovered genitals was the shrinking number of people who are shedding their clothes since Supervisor Scott Wiener's ban on public nudity was passed over a year ago.

But for Gypsy Taub and George Davis, unlike their clothes, their passion for public nudity remains.

Davis, who hopes to unseat Wiener in the next election, announced his plans to campaign in New York City and London -- two cities that don't currently have bans on public nudity. In addition to a nudity ban repeal, Davis addressed the cost of housing in the area as part of his campaign, probably to round-out his appeal to at least some voters.

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Nudity Ban Protest Takes An Unexpectedly Violent Turn

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Inti Gonzalez
On Saturday, self-described Body Freedom activists gathered inside Jane Warner Plaza at Castro and Market to commemorate, and protest against, the 1-year anniversary of San Francisco's public nudity ban.

But the typically peaceful "nude-ins" took an unexpected turn when a cop wrestled a nudist to the ground after refusing to sign a citation officers issued him.

Introduced by openly gay District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener in 2012, the public nudity ban is meant to clothe the growing tide of nudists who were making it a common occurrence to walk around the neighborhood in the buff.

Neighborhood residents have been sharply divided on this issue. Many have stated that they have no problem with naked people in public and were more concerned with the rising cost of housing in the neighborhoods. But just as many -- if not more -- expressed relief when the ban was passed.

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Stand Up For Women's Rights: Show Us Your Boobs

Categories: Public Nudity

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Observing women's equality
If you really gave two nipples about women's equality, then you'd take off your shirt already.

In conjunction with Women's Equality Day, women and fans of women will descend on Dolores park sans shirts on Sunday at noon for Go Topless Day, because if men can walk around topless, then damn it women can, too. (Note to prolific nudists: This bare-chested bash is permitted).

But this isn't totally about getting rid of those bikini top tan lines -- it's about getting rid of inequality.

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The Messiah Has Returned: Bank Robbery Suspect Says She's Jesus

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
"Jesus Christ" decided to try and rob a Wells Fargo last week.
Apparently, Jesus is in San Francisco. A 26-year-old woman claiming to be the messiah is currently a suspect in an attempted bank robbery.

San Francisco Police arrested Drusilla Holmgren, also known as Jesus Christ, in relation to a suspected robbery, where she walked into a Wells Fargo bank last week and passed a note to a teller stating she had a gun.

Holmgren was then arrested on Tuesday when police rushed to an alley South of Market after concerned residents reported that a woman was naked in the alley way; police found her trying to put on a nightgown.

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San Francisco Celebrates Two of Its Favorite Populations: Cyclists and Nudists (NSFW)

There's public nudity and then there's public nudity for a good cause. Over the weekend, cyclists and nudists came together to participate in the annual World Naked Bike Ride, which is a chance to protest against fossil fuel dependence, and actually get people to turn their heads.

It's hard to miss this flock of bare-skinned bikers as they traverse the streets of San Francisco, but if you didn't make outside your house on Saturday, here's what you missed:

Joseph Geha

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S.F. Nudists Found Guilty of Being Nude

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A San Francisco judge has ruled that three local nudists were violating city law when they decided to strip down in front of City Hall back in February.

The trio was arrested on Feb. 1, the same day the city's nudity ban went into effect; they claimed they should not have been arrested, and have insisted that police are targeting them and violating their free speech.

But a judge totally disagreed yesterday afternoon, ruling that they were all three guilty, at least of disobeying the new city law, and ordered them each to pay a $100 fine as well as $92 in court fees.Their attorney, Christina DiEdoardo, says she will appeal the judge's decision within the next 30 days.

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Notorious Nudists Arrested for Being Nude Head to Trial, Claim They Were Kidnapped

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The prolific nudists who insisted on being totally exposed even after it was made illegal in San Francisco are headed to court tomorrow to fight the city on this pressing civil right.

According to naked activists, the nudists were part of a "legitimate and newsworthy political demonstration on Feb. 1, the first day the San Francisco nudity ban took effect, yet four of them were arrested and cited outside City Hall (three were nude, one was wearing sheer underpants).

The four were handcuffed, thrown in the back of a police van and taken to a nearby police substation and unlawfully detained, the activists say.

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The Cover Up, Porn Parody on SF Nudity Ban, NSFW Trailer Released

Naked Sword
Supervisor Scott Cox before (and probably after) he gets a blow job
As promised, we're keeping our readers abreast of the upcoming release of the much-anticipated porn parody, The Cover Up, which pokes(!) fun of San Francisco's new public nudity ban.

Naked Sword's film, which was shot right here in San Francisco's Castro District, features some rather graphic gay porn scenes starring Supervisor Scott Cox, not to be confused with Supervisor Scott Wiener. But don't worry, we embedded the censored trailer for you, so you can still tool around watching this while on the job.

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Judge Says Public Nudists Still Can't Be Nude in Public

Categories: Public Nudity

San Francisco's nudists' last-ditch effort to drop trou in public has been thwarted again. A federal judge said "hell no" to the nudists' request for a restraining order against the city which would have allowed them to run around sans garments, despite the city's ban on public nudity.

Yesterday, Judge Edward Chen ruled that the motion filed by the activists last week was "lacking in details" and was "lacking in any substantive legal argument in support." Thus, he denied their request, forcing all San Francisco nudists to get dressed.

See Also: Fox News Thinks Everyone in San Francisco Is Naked Right Now

Per the judges ruling:

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Nudists Sue SFPD Over Arrests

Categories: Public Nudity

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Joseph Schell
This is still happening whether you like it or not
As promised, San Francisco's prolific public nudists resubmitted their claim against the city -- and this time the Police Department, too -- claiming their freedom to express themselves (aka be naked in public) was violated last month when they were arrested.

On Friday, after a brief and naked protest, their attorney Christina DiEdoardo filed the complaint in federal court, basing it on illegal arrests the SFPD made on Feb 1 (the first day of the nudity ban) and Feb. 27 when nudist activists were peacefully protesting, which included a ("respectful") dance performance.

"Those were blatant violations of the 1st Amendment right to free speech (both the political and the artistic expression) as well as of the 14th Amendment equal protection rights," the nudists claim.

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