Have You Seen These "Buttmunches" at the Ferry Building?

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Courtesy of Jill Watt

If you've had a downer of a week, this should make you crack a small smile.

Local yarnbombers and sisters Jill and Lorna Watt have decorated benches down at the Ferry Building with about 3 miles of acrylic yarn, crafting adorable cartoon-esque monsters who will provide you at least a two minutes of entertainment.

The Watt sisters have officially named the bench warmers "buttmunches" for obvious reasons. Look at the photo below. We emailed with Lorna who explained the work and logic behind the Ferry Building buttmunchers, which went up on Tuesday.

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Michael Petrelis, Blogger Arrested Trying to Photograph Supe. Wiener's Wiener, Is Running for Supervisor

Bill Wilson Photos
Gay activist/blogger and City Hall gadfly Michael Petrelis kicked off his campaign for District 8 Supervisor on Saturday, determined to unseat his nemesis Supervisor Scott Wiener.

If you recall, the duo made headlines a few years ago after Wiener got a restraining order against Petrelis who had shot and posted to his personal blog a photo of Wiener in the bathroom at City Hall. Apparently, Petrelis had been attempting to photograph the supervisor as he was using the urinal, but the shot ended up showing nothing more than Wiener grabbing his toothbrush and leaving the bathroom in a huff.

On Saturday, the always over-the-top Petrelis riffed off that controversy and decided to use the public toilet at Castro and Market streets as the backdrop for his campaign announcement.

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7-Foot Cardboard Cutout of Mayor Ed Lee Makes a Cameo at Union Event


SEIU Local 1021 has found a makeshift solution to get Mayor Ed Lee to attend their "Worker Wednesday" roundtables: a 7-foot cardboard cutout of the mayor.

Last week, SEIU Local 1021 invited Mayor Lee to "Worker Wednesdays", a play-on "Tech Tuesdays," when the mayor meets with tech companies to discuss how to keep them in the city. The union's proposed "Worker Wednesdays" is a workable way to get the mayor to meet with union workers on site each Wednesday to discuss how to help them thrive in San Francisco.

But the mayor was a no-show to the Wednesday event. As a result, the union crafted their own Mayor Lee and paraded the cardboard cutout of the mayor on the grounds of the De Young Museum where they were planning to meet.

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Bay Area Guy Starts Website That Shames Drivers Who Are Texting

Brian Singer/twitspotting.com
Is that you?
Texting and driving is one of those despicable activities we've all participated in at one time or another (admit it!). And while cops and politicians have done their damndest to scare you into stashing your phone and watching the road, it really hasn't worked.

But you know what might work? Public shaming. Because humiliation is an effective weapon.

Which is why you really need to check out this Twitspotting website (stands for Texting while in traffic), which features photos of non-attentive drivers tapping away on their smartphones while cruising on Bay Area roads. The website, started by local graphic designer Brian Singer, is making its way onto billboards in San Francisco and beyond.

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Do You Have the Urge to Rappel 230 Feet From the Hyatt Regency Hotel?


It's not news that homelessness is a dilemma throughout the country, especially rampant in San Francisco, thanks to the high cost of living.

Youngsters aren't protected from that reality. According to Larkin Street Youth Services, there are 5,700 kids on the streets in San Francisco and 30 percent of those are LGBT. And since Gavin Newsom has yet to eliminate homelessness in San Francisco, Larkin Street Youth Services has come up with a creative solution to raise money for local homeless kids while teaching them some much-needed life skills.

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Have the Homeless Already Occupied the Luxury Condo Site Along Upper Market?

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Jim Herd
This ol' box.
A luxury condo highrise being erected at the lip of the freeway on Octavia Boulevard is already seeing its first wave of residents.

But they're not the city's nouveau riche.

A photo snapped by local blogger SFCitizen shows a collection of refrigerator-sized boxes wedged behind a telephone pole at the 8 Octavia construction site, which will soon harbor one, two, and three-bedroom domiciles, each with a swank open-air floor plan.

That means the city's down-and-out might be the first to enjoy its newest chateau. The population least likely to benefit from our current tech boom can at least have the pleasure of freeway-striated sightlines and expensive, virginal land acreage, as they occupy every last square inch of open space.

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Castro Nudists Take on the Same Fight With a New Attorney

Gypsy Taub: she will not be moved!
On Saturday, the local Body Freedom activists, better known as just San Francisco's nudists, held yet another noon rally at Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro. What was more eye-catching than the bare bottoms and uncovered genitals was the shrinking number of people who are shedding their clothes since Supervisor Scott Wiener's ban on public nudity was passed over a year ago.

But for Gypsy Taub and George Davis, unlike their clothes, their passion for public nudity remains.

Davis, who hopes to unseat Wiener in the next election, announced his plans to campaign in New York City and London -- two cities that don't currently have bans on public nudity. In addition to a nudity ban repeal, Davis addressed the cost of housing in the area as part of his campaign, probably to round-out his appeal to at least some voters.

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"Driver Doug," Zen Muni Operator, Offers Keys to Transcendent Transit

Fred Noland
On the 22, you will receive total consciousness...
Passengers on an electric Muni bus -- and readers of today's SF Weekly -- may already be familiar with Douglas "Driver Doug" Griggs.

The zen bus driver distilled his 15 years of experiencing life, the Muniverse, and everything into a book -- The Dao of Doug: The Art of Driving a Bus. Within he shares, in intricate detail, the travails of motoring a breakdown-prone vehicle throughout our city and his coping mechanisms for dealing with the hilarity that ensues.

He also has plenty of advice for Muni passengers along for the ride.

See Also: Traffic Koan -- Meet "Driver Doug" Griggs

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A Urinal Grows in the Tenderloin

Hyphae Design Laboratory
The vacant PPlanter.
An eco-friendly designer toilet might not solve all quality-of-life issues in the Tenderloin, but it should alleviate a few.

That's the hope of the bioengineers at Oakland's Hyphae Design Laboratory, who unveiled their PPlanter urinal on a corner of Ellis Street last May. Enclosed by a panel door just large enough to hide a user's mid-section, the toilet funnels pee and faucet water into an air-tight tank, where it's then processed through a biofilter. From there, it sloshes into two large plastic totes that are filled with wood chips and bamboo.

Ergo, a miracle of science and urban planning: a garden nourished by pee.

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All About Gloria Leonard: Center For Sex & Culture Honors Late Erotic Star

Theatrical Release Poster to a Popular Gloria Leonard Title
On February 3, Gloria Leonard passed away at the age 73. Once a trader on Wall Street, she entered the erotic film industry in 1976. At the time she was well into her thirties, yet she enjoyed a lengthy career as a performer, and as the publisher of High Society Magazine.

A regular guest on TV chat shows, she was a fierce advocate for the adult industry through her work with the Free Speech Coalition, and was a pioneer in the phone sex business.

On February 27, The Center For Sex and Culture held a memorial tribute to Ms. Leonard.

"We acknowledge the lives and work of people who are not often acknowledged by the larger culture," said Carol Queen, co-founder of the Center.

City resident Annie Sprinkle took to the podium. The former adult star and sex educator fought back tears as she recalled her thirty year friendship with Leonard. "We thought she was still healthy, this was so sudden," Sprinkle said. She spoke of Club 90, a support group for women in porn that was formed in New York decades ago. "There are still a few of us porn dinosaurs roaming the earth."

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