Esther Ioane and Santana Williams Identified as Mother and Son Killed in Fire

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screen grab from KRON4
Medical authorities say it was 32-year-old Esther Ioane and her 3-year-old son Santana Williams who were killed in yesterday's fire in the Sunnydale Housing complex.

The fire broke out just before 10 a.m. at 76 Brookdale Avenue. Mindy Talmadge, spokeswoman for the Fire Department told us that "there was a lot of commotion in the background -- lots of screaming and reports of people trapped in the building."

By the time fire crews arrived, people had jumped from windows to escape the heavy flames. But Ioane didn't make it. She died at the scene, and her boy was taken to a local hospital with critical burns. He died a few hours later.

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Mission Bay Fire: Report Indicates 5-Alarm Blaze an Accident

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"A hot or smoldering object..."
A fire report made public today claims the spectacular March 11 blaze that engulfed a 176-unit mixed-use building was accidental, and likely triggered by "a hot or smoldering object." 

Hot or smoldering objects do tend to cause fires and, as early as March 12, welding equipment being used on nearly completed structure was fingered as the likely culprit for the immolation of 1200 Fourth Street in Mission Bay. 

The 5-alarm fire generated a mere 4-page report. Other information gleaned from the brief writeup: 

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Book Sale: 250,000 Tomes to Attract Hordes of Serious Shoppers

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It's a literary stampeeeeede!
Every year, Black Friday stories about hapless store clerks being impressed into working ghastly hours and expiring beneath the feet of rapacious shoppers make one question the state of humanity. 

If only there was a story about being trampled that made us feel good about society. In fact, there may yet be. 

First and foremost -- no one has been trampled. But the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library's massive book sales have inspired behavior akin to that more commonly seen on, say, Supermarket Sweep or exhibitions of the Coca-Cola Free West put on in old East Berlin

So, starting Tuesday and stretching to Sunday at Fort Mason, literary shoppers are invited to participate in the most high-minded stampede this city has ever seen. More than 250,000 "books, DVDs, CDs, vinyl, books on tape" and other charmingly antiquated forms of media are up for grabs, with nothing priced higher than $3.   

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Body Found Inside Car at Safeway Parking Lot

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Bernalwood Press is reporting news of a woman's body found inside a minivan at the Mission District Safeway yesterday.

San Francisco police say because the case is not suspicious, the cops are not investigating at this time. The case has gone to the Medical Examiner. That information coincides with what Bernalwood is reporting. Here's what a neighbor told the blog:

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Marco Cornejo: Teen Swimmer Still Missing at Ocean Beach

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Mike Koozmin/SF Examiner
Firefighters search for Marco Cornejo missing at Ocean Beach
Firefighters are back at Ocean Beach this morning scouring the waters, looking for 14-year-old Marco Cornejo who was swept away at sea while swimming with his cousin yesterday afternoon.

KTVU reports that dozens of firefighters scoured the waters well into the night by boat and plane, looking for Cornejo who was pulled out to sea by a rip current while swimming with his 14-year-old cousin.

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Marilyn Hartman: DA Says Woman Busted for Sneaking Onto Hawaii-Bound Flights Is "Lonely"

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Marilyn Hartman
It's clear that 62-year-old Marilyn Hartman wants to spend her days at San Francisco International Airport. What's less clear is why.

Hartman has continued to make headlines since February after she attempted three times to board a plane to Hawaii without a ticket. One time, she even came close to getting to the Aloha State when she piggybacked her way through security and boarded a Hawaii-bound plane. She was booted from the plane after a paying passenger found her in their seat and alerted authorities.

A few days later, she was found again at SFO but this time she had a discarded boarding pass she was hoping to use. Police arrested her and the court ordered her to stay away from SFO unless she had a ticket to fly -- one that was paid for.

Oddly enough, Hartman's run-in with the cops didn't deter her; she was spotted three more times at the airport in violation of her court order. Twice she was found in the food court and another time she was found at the baggage claim.

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has tried to cut Hartman some slack, letting her out of jail for time served and putting her on probation. But even after that, Hartman on Monday went back to SFO where she was arrested again and charged with trespassing.

"Detectives interviewed her in pretty good detail and there was no evidence of mental illness," Wagstaffe told us. "She's not delusional, she's not confrontational, this is not a woman who says 'I know what the law is but I'm going to gonna violate it anyway.' There's no anger expressed. It causes me to have concern about why she keeps coming back."

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Accused MacBook Thief Busted After Video of Crime Goes Viral

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Paul Raynal
San Francisco police say they've nabbed the woman who was seen in a video snatching a Macbook computer from a local coffee shop.

The video went viral yesterday after SF Citizen and SF Weekly posted the video, showing a blonde woman stealing the computer from a downtown coffee shop. The victim, a software developer, was able to retrieve the surveillance from the coffee shop and posted it on her tumblr page.

On Monday at about 2:30 p.m., police got a call about a suspicious woman at a Starbucks on Clay Street. "An employee at another coffee shop actually saw the video on SF Weekly regarding the laptop theft incident and noticed this person matching the description was in her coffee shop," Officer Gordon Shyy tells us.

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Jane Thompson: San Francisco Grandmother Killed in House Fire, Family Injured

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Very sad news today. An 85-year-old woman was killed last night in a house fire that also injured her family in the city's Visitacion Valley neighborhood. The Medical Examiner's Office this morning identified the deceased woman as Jane Thompson, a San Francisco resident.

The blaze broke out just before 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday at Castillo Street near Geneva Avenue. Thompson died at the scene and five others were taken to a nearby hospital; two are in critical condition and three suffered minor injuries, according to KTVU.

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Bay Area Guy Starts Website That Shames Drivers Who Are Texting

Brian Singer/
Is that you?
Texting and driving is one of those despicable activities we've all participated in at one time or another (admit it!). And while cops and politicians have done their damndest to scare you into stashing your phone and watching the road, it really hasn't worked.

But you know what might work? Public shaming. Because humiliation is an effective weapon.

Which is why you really need to check out this Twitspotting website (stands for Texting while in traffic), which features photos of non-attentive drivers tapping away on their smartphones while cruising on Bay Area roads. The website, started by local graphic designer Brian Singer, is making its way onto billboards in San Francisco and beyond.

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Alejandro Nieto Identified as Man Killed by San Francisco Cops (Update)

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via Facebook
Alejandro "Alex" Nieto

Update 3:30 p.m.: San Francisco police are holding a town hall meeting tomorrow night at 6 p.m. at the Leonard Flynn Elementary School, located at 3125 Cesar Chavez st. Chief Greg Suhr will recap the shooting incident that killed 28-year-old Alejandro Nieto and answer questions from the community.

Meanwhile, Nieto's friends and family are planning a vigil this evening at 5 p.m. at the north side of Bernal Hill.

Here's the invite:

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