Marilyn Hartman, Woman Arrested for Sneaking Onto Hawaii-Bound Flight, Busted at SFO Again

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Marilyn Hartman
Marilyn Hartman is back in the headlines again after she was reportedly arrested after being spotted at SFO recently in violation of her court order to stay away from the airport.

Hartman, who is quickly becoming a local celeb, was banned from SFO after she was busted three times trying to sneak onto flights to Hawaii. On one of those occasions, she managed to slip past security and board a flight to the Aloha State. She was all buckled in and ready for Paradise when the passenger who actually paid for the seat alerted authorities.

On the third attempt, she tried to get on board with a discarded plane ticket. Authorities arrested her and a judge issued a court order for Hartman to stay away from SFO unless she had a ticket to fly someone -- preferably one that she had paid for. After that, she was found another two times, once in the baggage claim and another time chowing down at the food court. Both times, she was arrested on suspicion of trespassing.

And then again on Monday, Hartman was seen at SFO in the food court bathroom where she was arrested for allegedly trespassing, the San Mateo Daily News reports.

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Here's a Chance for Riders With Disabilities to View the New BART Cars

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Last week, we reported some exciting news: BART is getting a whole new fleet of cars that will look, feel, and hopefully, smell nicer. The transit agency sent out a formal invite to all riders, asking them to come check out their new ride.

Now, the DOnetwork is organizing chance for BART riders with disabilities to also view the train cars so they too can provide feedback about how the new fleet does and does not work for them.

So far, here's what we can tell you about the new BART cars:

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Supervisor John Avalos Calls for Hearings on Body-Mounted Police Cameras

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Supervisor John Avalos
The public outcry that followed a group of San Francisco police officers' fatal shooting of Alejandro Nieto is now reverberating through city government.

Supervisor John Avalos invoked Nieto at a Board of Supervisors hearing yesterday, at which he urged other city departments to accelerate the process of installing body-mounted cameras on San Francisco police officers.

These devices might have clarified the murky details surrounding the Nieto's death, or discouraged officers from using force to quell the protests at City College -- another incident that Avalos cited before fellow supervisors.

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Why OkCupid's CEO Donation to an Anti-Gay Candidate Is Different than Mozilla's

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Last week we told you about the uproar over Mozilla's newly appointed CEO Brendan Eich, who donated $1,000 to the Prop. 8 campaign that banned gay marriage. A few days later, Eich stepped down as CEO, thanks in part to the dating website OkCupid, which called for a boycott on Firefox, saying: "Mozilla's new CEO, Brendan Eich, is an opponent of equal rights for gay couples. We would therefore prefer that our users not use Mozilla software to access OkCupid."

After Eich stepped down, OkCupid tweeted: "We are pleased that OkCupid's boycott has brought tremendous awareness to the critical matter of equal rights for all individuals and partnerships."

Was it equal rights awareness though, or a PR stunt? Some bloggers are questioning OkCupid's motives after it was revealed that OkCupid's CEO Sam Yagan (who also runs also donated money to an anti-gay candidate several years ago.

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UCSF Researchers Create Brain Registry Hoping to Find Cures for Neurological Diseases

Categories: Health, Tech

Technology is being used to find everything from threesomes to voting. So why not use it to help understand our brains better?

Researchers at UC San Francisco have set about to do just that. Launched this week, the Brain Health Registry is an online database that streamlines the process of recruiting subjects for brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, and making that research from clinical trials available to the public. Rosenberg Alzheimer's Project as well as The Ray and the Dagmar Dolby Family Fund are funding the project.

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Cops Investigate Mysterious Death in Lower Haight (Update)

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Update 8:50 a.m.: Officer Gordon Shyy this morning provided more details on the death. Last night at about 7 p.m., a woman came home to find her husband dead. The Medical Examiner identified the deceased as 48-year-old Gerald Smith of San Francisco. Authorities say the death is "suspicious" and homicide detectives are investigating at this time.

Original Story 7:14 a.m.: San Francisco investigators were in the Lower Haight late last night investigating a death that may have been the result of a suicide.

Sgt. Eric O'Neal had very little information at this time, but said the cops were called out to the 600 block of Page Street last night regarding "a possible suicide."

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Happy Birthday, Dennis Peron, the Man Who Brought Us Legal Marijuana

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Thank the man for your spliff
Almost 50 years ago now, a man returned from war in Vietnam with a duffel bag. Inside the bag was a few pounds of marijuana -- and inside the man, Air Force veteran Dennis Peron, was the force behind marijuana legalization in the United States of America.

A lot's been written and said about Peron, who spent several decades brazenly selling cannabis out of a series of Castro District addresses (when you get a chance, read Fred Gardner's excellent review of Peron's life here). There were other people who gave marijuana to sick people, including wasting-away AIDS victims, during the epidemic's darkest days. And there were other people instrumental in writing -- and passing -- Prop. 215, California's first-in-the-nation medical marijuana law in 1996.

But today is his day. He's 68, and, with legal weed a reality in two American states, his "life's work almost done."

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S.F. Cops Have Killed 83 People Since 1980

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Love em or hate em

Complaints of San Francisco police misconduct are at a 21-year low. Knowing that, you'd think San Francisco constables are more popular than they've been since the alcalde days.

But it's hard to buy into that notion when it appears that public mistrust of San Francisco cops is soaring, especially as of late. Last month, an officer shot and killed 28-year-old Alejandro Nieto, who was armed with a Taser; an angry march on the Hall of Justice materialized where police cars were vandalized. More recently, cops have been receiving anonymous death threats.

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Spring Break Is Over, Now Check Your Head for Lice

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Solve all your Spring Break problems on this aisle
Apparently, Spring Break will leave you with a lot more than alcohol poisoning and sunburns.

A Northern California head bug professional (?) is advising anyone who had fun over Spring Break to start checking your head for lice. The logic being that time off leads to vacations and play dates, which in turn leads to head lice infestations.

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Smart Car Tipping Not a San Francisco Innovation

Categories: Crime
A new form of evil is upon us. Or is it? 
News that four Smart Cars were upended in a spree of wanton violence besetting San Francsico's streets has rapidly traversed the globe. 

News stories from here, there, and everywhere have documented the upheaval of 7,200 pounds worth of Smart Cars. Would-be vandals have now been thoroughly informed just how easy it is to upend a tiny car (This harks to dispirited Berkeley officials of the late 1990s bemoaning, on television, just how easy it was to crack open a parking meter. They then demonstrated this feat -- on television -- and, within a day or so, no intact meters remained).  

Of course, anyone who cared to know the ins and outs of undoing a Smart could just look north, to Canada, where this is known as "Smart Tipping.

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Leland Yee: Senator Pleads Not Guilty

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Thumbnail image for Leland Yee and Werewolf.jpg
Jim Herd
Leland Yee in happier times.
Suspended Senator Leland Yee shambled into San Francisco's federal courthouse this morning amid a processional of lawyers -- each representing one of the 29 defendants named in a sprawling federal indictment.

Wearing a dark suit and a put-upon expression, his new attorney James Lassart in tow, Yee pled not guilty to the array of charges against him, which include public corruption and international arms trafficking.

Two weeks ago the senator was arrested in his Richmond District home during a massive FBI sting that also nailed political consultant Keith Jackson and Chinatown gangster Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow.

Jackson also pleaded not guilty to multiple charges, including gun running and murder-for-hire. Chow's lawyer Tony Serra didn't enter a plea, saying that he needed more time to acquaint himself with the material. Not all the defendants were present, suggesting this procedure may stretch on indefinitely.

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Victim Accidentally Shoots Himself During Robbery Near BART

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A 21-year-old man was shot during a robbery as he walked to the BART station last night. The only thing is he was the one who shot himself -- accidentally.

According to police reports, the man was walking to the Powell Street BART station at about about 10:30 p.m. when an armed man approached him, carrying a semi-automatic gun.

The gunman told the victim to "hand over all his stuff." As the victim was complying, he accidentally hit the gun, causing it to go off, says Officer Gordon Shyy.

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Accused MacBook Thief Busted After Video of Crime Goes Viral

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Paul Raynal
San Francisco police say they've nabbed the woman who was seen in a video snatching a Macbook computer from a local coffee shop.

The video went viral yesterday after SF Citizen and SF Weekly posted the video, showing a blonde woman stealing the computer from a downtown coffee shop. The victim, a software developer, was able to retrieve the surveillance from the coffee shop and posted it on her tumblr page.

On Monday at about 2:30 p.m., police got a call about a suspicious woman at a Starbucks on Clay Street. "An employee at another coffee shop actually saw the video on SF Weekly regarding the laptop theft incident and noticed this person matching the description was in her coffee shop," Officer Gordon Shyy tells us.

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Il Sun Im Identified as Elderly Pedestrian Killed Sunday

Thumbnail image for Watch-Pedestrians-School-Sign-K-2033.gif
Local pedestrian Il Sun Im was killed
This morning, medical authorities said it was 72-year-old Il Sun Im who was killed while walking through the Civic Center this weekend.

Im was walking along Golden Gate and Van Ness avenues at about 11 p.m. on Sunday when a driver headed north on Van Ness hit him.

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KOIT Accuses Entercom of Unfair Labor Practices

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KOIT FM, the station you may recognize for wall-to-wall holiday music, mellifluous canned DJ voices, and the inimitable, irrefutable jingle, "Lite rock, less talk," is ready to speak truth to power.

So say allies at Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. (SAG-AFTRA), who are circulating a petition to support the station's 5-member bargaining unit as it negotiates a new contract with Philadelphia overlord, Entercom Communications.

Since Entercom took over in 2007, KOIT staff say they've endured massive pay and severance cuts, personnel supplanted by computerized voice-tracking and pre-recorded programs, and union protections worn down. They've accused the company of eroding creativity and talent at the station, whose staff members embrace the old-fashioned ideal of terrestrial radio.

It turns out that even the skinny-vanilla-latte of FM stations saw itself as a portal to a broad community of listeners.

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Michael Petrelis, Blogger Arrested Trying to Photograph Supe. Wiener's Wiener, Is Running for Supervisor

Bill Wilson Photos
Gay activist/blogger and City Hall gadfly Michael Petrelis kicked off his campaign for District 8 Supervisor on Saturday, determined to unseat his nemesis Supervisor Scott Wiener.

If you recall, the duo made headlines a few years ago after Wiener got a restraining order against Petrelis who had shot and posted to his personal blog a photo of Wiener in the bathroom at City Hall. Apparently, Petrelis had been attempting to photograph the supervisor as he was using the urinal, but the shot ended up showing nothing more than Wiener grabbing his toothbrush and leaving the bathroom in a huff.

On Saturday, the always over-the-top Petrelis riffed off that controversy and decided to use the public toilet at Castro and Market streets as the backdrop for his campaign announcement.

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Measles Alert: Another UC Berkeley Student Falls Ill

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The measles
UC Berkeley has issued an alert, warning the community that a student infected with the measles had attended classes as well as rode public transit at the beginning of April.

According to the alert, which was posted on the University's website, s UC Berkeley student who attended classes during the week of March 31 has been diagnosed with measles. Campus officials have been working with the city to alert anyone who may have been exposed to this student during that time.

The patient is currently in isolation.

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Twitter a Homewrecker That Will Ruin Your Relationship, Study Concludes

In a groundbreaking finding certain to be much tweeted and retweeted, a study this month claims Twitter usage leads to greater probabilities of "infidelity, breakup, and divorce." 

The paper, authored by University of Missouri graduate student Russel Clayton, makes the somewhat redundant-sounding claim "that active Twitter use leads to greater amounts of Twitter-related conflict." After all, one rarely hears of Twitter-related conflict among the Bushmen of the Kalahari, for example. 

More to the point, however, Clayton claims this "Twitter-related conflict" leads to "negative relationship outcomes," regardless of how long those relationships withstood the test of time in a pre-Twitter age. 

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Watch This Woman Steal a MacBook From a San Francisco Cafe

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Update: Police say they've busted the Macbook thief. Read our story here.

A blog post ago we told you about some ballsy people who were tipping over Smart Cars in various San Francisco neighborhoods. So while we were on the subject of brazen fools, we decided to show you some surveillance of a latte-drinking thief who reportedly stole a computer from a downtown coffee shop.

A local iOS developer is on the hunt for her Macbook which was snatched from the cafe while the victim was in the restroom. The only good part to this is that the victim was able to retrieve the surveillance of the entire theft which has since been posted to YouTube.


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Mickey Rooney: Chronicle's Odd, Appropriate Obituary Photo

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Mickey Rooney was an actor famous for being young before he was famous for being old. He was famous for epitomizing an era when it was perfectly acceptable to cast a Caucasian actor to portray a fiendish Asian stereotype. And he was certainly famous for keeping pace with Elizabeth Taylor in the marriage department (eight betrothals but, unlike Liz, who wed Richard Burton twice, Rooney enjoyed the full eight spouses). 

Through it all, Rooney -- who died yesterday at age 93 -- was famous for his diminutive stature. For generations, Rooney was converted into an adjective to describe a man of short stature. 

So, the obit photo featured this morning on SFGate may be odd. But it's hardly inappropriate. 

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