National Day of Silence: LGBT Kids Say "No" To Bullying

Categories: LGBT, Queer
GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network)
Around the country today, LGBT students will take a 1-day vow of silence in order to protest bullying and harassment affecting their community.

Transgender kids have been particularly hard hit by bullying in schools, as evidenced by the stories SF Weekly recently ran about Jewlyes Gutierrez, an East Bay Trans teen who was charged with assault after she defended herself against her attackers.

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Police Traffic Citations Soar -- Just as Clandestine Internal Memo Said They Should

Categories: Law & Order
Is increased police enforcement keeping the streets safer for the likes of this walking man?
Based upon news coverage thus far, 2014, is the year of the vehicle-vs.-pedestrian incident (we have been implored to cease using the malleable term "accident.").

Blaming hapless pedestrians for their own plights -- You! Put away the phone and walk! -- would appear to be solely the domain of contrarians looking to stir the pot. That being said, the number of incidents, let alone fatalities, is still low enough that it's hard to draw strong conclusions on what's going on. The sample size is just too small.

In any event, one conclusion that's not in doubt is that the cops have ratcheted up enforcement.This glut of tickets, headline writers assure us, is to "Curb Pedestrian Deaths." Good luck there.

But, it warrants asking, what if that's not the only reason this is happening?

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Body Found Inside Car at Safeway Parking Lot

Categories: Local News

Bernalwood Press is reporting news of a woman's body found inside a minivan at the Mission District Safeway yesterday.

San Francisco police say because the case is not suspicious, the cops are not investigating at this time. The case has gone to the Medical Examiner. That information coincides with what Bernalwood is reporting. Here's what a neighbor told the blog:

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Nidra Stubbs: Cops Arrest Driver Who Allegedly Killed Pedestrian in Hit-And-Run

Categories: Law & Order

Nidra Stubbs
San Francisco police have arrested the driver who they say was responsible for killing 82-year-old Oi Yeung as she walked through Visitacion Valley last month.

Officer Albie Esparza says police arrested 31-year-old Nidra Stubbs at her home on April 10 in connection to the hit-and-run collision. On March 20, Yeung was walking east on Visitacion when a driver in a white SUV Durango struck her.

After hitting the victim, the driver made a U-turn and slowly drove by the scene before speeding off again.

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Alleged Crooks Caught on Camera After Stealing Vintage Rings From S.F. Jewelry Store

Categories: Crime

screen-grab via NBC News
A mom-and-pop jeweler is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can nab the crooks responsible for stealing more than 100 vintage gold and costume jewelry pieces.

NBC News aired surveillance video of the burglary at Monkey On Chestnut which occurred on April 1, The store owner shared the footage on Facebook, hoping the public could help solve the case.

"This theft threatens my ability to continue my business and is devastating to dozens of jewelry owners whose family pieces were on consignment at my store," Owner Robert Hemphill told NBC News.

Surveillance video shows two men carrying tools they used to tear a hole through the wall to get into the Monkey on Chestnut.


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Bike Share Isn't All the East Bay Needs

Categories: bikes

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for SanFrancycle.jpg

The expansion of the Bay Area Bike Share was approved by the San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Commission yesterday afternoon. Like any committee meeting there were plenty of different opinions, but ultimately, it seems everybody is for bike share.

So $8.7 million will go into developing the East Bay expansion, but right now, nobody knows how or where that will happen just yet.

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Stop Being Lazy and Walk to Work Tomorrow

Categories: Pedestrians

Sometimes the only way to truly wake yourself up in the morning is a brisk walk (okay and some strong coffee).

Here's your chance to start getting that much-needed exercise.Tomorrow, San Franciscans will ditch their car keys and Clipper Cards and instead hike to the office as part of a public event to reclaim the streets amid the recent spike in pedestrian accidents.

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4-Year-Old Kid Hit by Driver in Outer Richmond, Streets Closed (Update)

Categories: Breaking News

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Update 3:25 p.m.: Officer Gordon Shyy says it was a 3-year-old by who was hit while traveling through a crosswalk on his bike in the outer Richmond this morning. The driver was headed north on 43rd Avenue from Golden Gate Park and struck the boy, dragging him for several feet before realizing he had hit someone. The driver, who was in a silver pickup truck, made a U-turn and remained at the scene. The boy is still in critical condition.

Original Story 12:43 p.m.: A 4-year-old kid on a bike was rushed to the hospital this morning after being hit by a car in the city's Outer Sunset Richmond neighborhood.

Officer Albie Esparza says the child was pedaling along 43rd and Fulton at about 11:45 a.m. when he/she was hit. The child was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

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49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Being Investigated for Sexual Assault

One of the Bay Area's most beloved sports heroes -- a scrappy quarterback who led his team to a dramatic, if ill-fated Super Bowl just four months after starting his first professional game -- is sitting in the hot seat.

In news leaked this morning, the website TMZ sports , and other outlets, reported that Colin Kaepernick is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault that happened earlier this month in the Miami apartment of Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockett.

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Al Qaeda Ad Featuring SFO Tram Is Freaking Everyone Out

This recent Al Qaeda pro-terrorism ad that reportedly features a tram from San Francisco International Airport has been drumming up quite a bit of anxiety here in the Bay Area.

The image was used for the spring edition of the English-language Inspire -- an al Qaeda-run publication. But it's the caption accompanying the photo that's catching everyone's attention: "Simply stand up, pack your tools of destruction. Assemble your bomb. Ready for detonation."

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Marco Cornejo: Teen Swimmer Still Missing at Ocean Beach

Categories: Local News

Mike Koozmin/SF Examiner
Firefighters search for Marco Cornejo missing at Ocean Beach
Firefighters are back at Ocean Beach this morning scouring the waters, looking for 14-year-old Marco Cornejo who was swept away at sea while swimming with his cousin yesterday afternoon.

KTVU reports that dozens of firefighters scoured the waters well into the night by boat and plane, looking for Cornejo who was pulled out to sea by a rip current while swimming with his 14-year-old cousin.

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Marilyn Hartman: DA Says Woman Busted for Sneaking Onto Hawaii-Bound Flights Is "Lonely"

Categories: Local News

Marilyn Hartman
It's clear that 62-year-old Marilyn Hartman wants to spend her days at San Francisco International Airport. What's less clear is why.

Hartman has continued to make headlines since February after she attempted three times to board a plane to Hawaii without a ticket. One time, she even came close to getting to the Aloha State when she piggybacked her way through security and boarded a Hawaii-bound plane. She was booted from the plane after a paying passenger found her in their seat and alerted authorities.

A few days later, she was found again at SFO but this time she had a discarded boarding pass she was hoping to use. Police arrested her and the court ordered her to stay away from SFO unless she had a ticket to fly -- one that was paid for.

Oddly enough, Hartman's run-in with the cops didn't deter her; she was spotted three more times at the airport in violation of her court order. Twice she was found in the food court and another time she was found at the baggage claim.

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has tried to cut Hartman some slack, letting her out of jail for time served and putting her on probation. But even after that, Hartman on Monday went back to SFO where she was arrested again and charged with trespassing.

"Detectives interviewed her in pretty good detail and there was no evidence of mental illness," Wagstaffe told us. "She's not delusional, she's not confrontational, this is not a woman who says 'I know what the law is but I'm going to gonna violate it anyway.' There's no anger expressed. It causes me to have concern about why she keeps coming back."

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Swimmers Missing at Ocean Beach

Categories: Breaking News

Swimmers go missing
The San Francisco Fire Department and the U.S. Coast Guard are currently conducting a surf rescue off of the waters of Ocean Beach where two people went missing this afternoon

Firefighters dispatched to the beach at 3:53 p.m. The San Francisco Fire Department confirmed to SF Weekly that one person has since been rescued, but the second person is still missing.

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Attorney General Eric Holder Defends Stance Classifying Marijuana as More Dangerous Than Meth

Categories: Drugs, Marijuana

Weed, meth, whatever
Yesterday was an uncomfortable day for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Thanks, as usual, to the country's ongoing struggle with cannabis.

Holder appeared in front of the House Judiciary Committee, where members attacked him on marijuana -- and from all sides.

Republicans bashed Holder for last summer's Cole Memo, in which the federal Justice Department said -- for at least the second time -- that they wouldn't enforce the Controlled Substances Act in states that had legalized marijuana as long as they followed a specific set of rules.

Meanwhile, Democrats took Holder to task for keeping marijuana a Schedule I controlled substance. Isn't putting pot in the same class as heroin and LSD -- and ruling marijuana not as dangerous as cocaine or methamphetamine -- just plain silly?, they asked.

No, Holder responded, it's not silly at all.

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Marilyn Hartman, Woman Arrested for Sneaking Onto Hawaii-Bound Flight, Busted at SFO Again

Categories: WTF?

Marilyn Hartman
Marilyn Hartman is back in the headlines again after she was reportedly arrested after being spotted at SFO recently in violation of her court order to stay away from the airport.

Hartman, who is quickly becoming a local celeb, was banned from SFO after she was busted three times trying to sneak onto flights to Hawaii. On one of those occasions, she managed to slip past security and board a flight to the Aloha State. She was all buckled in and ready for Paradise when the passenger who actually paid for the seat alerted authorities.

On the third attempt, she tried to get on board with a discarded plane ticket. Authorities arrested her and a judge issued a court order for Hartman to stay away from SFO unless she had a ticket to fly someone -- preferably one that she had paid for. After that, she was found another two times, once in the baggage claim and another time chowing down at the food court. Both times, she was arrested on suspicion of trespassing.

And then again on Monday, Hartman was seen at SFO in the food court bathroom where she was arrested for allegedly trespassing, the San Mateo Daily News reports.

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Here's a Chance for Riders With Disabilities to View the New BART Cars

Categories: BART

Last week, we reported some exciting news: BART is getting a whole new fleet of cars that will look, feel, and hopefully, smell nicer. The transit agency sent out a formal invite to all riders, asking them to come check out their new ride.

Now, the DOnetwork is organizing chance for BART riders with disabilities to also view the train cars so they too can provide feedback about how the new fleet does and does not work for them.

So far, here's what we can tell you about the new BART cars:

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Supervisor John Avalos Calls for Hearings on Body-Mounted Police Cameras

Categories: Law & Order

Supervisor John Avalos
The public outcry that followed a group of San Francisco police officers' fatal shooting of Alejandro Nieto is now reverberating through city government.

Supervisor John Avalos invoked Nieto at a Board of Supervisors hearing yesterday, at which he urged other city departments to accelerate the process of installing body-mounted cameras on San Francisco police officers.

These devices might have clarified the murky details surrounding the Nieto's death, or discouraged officers from using force to quell the protests at City College -- another incident that Avalos cited before fellow supervisors.

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Why OkCupid's CEO Donation to an Anti-Gay Candidate Is Different than Mozilla's

Categories: LGBT

Last week we told you about the uproar over Mozilla's newly appointed CEO Brendan Eich, who donated $1,000 to the Prop. 8 campaign that banned gay marriage. A few days later, Eich stepped down as CEO, thanks in part to the dating website OkCupid, which called for a boycott on Firefox, saying: "Mozilla's new CEO, Brendan Eich, is an opponent of equal rights for gay couples. We would therefore prefer that our users not use Mozilla software to access OkCupid."

After Eich stepped down, OkCupid tweeted: "We are pleased that OkCupid's boycott has brought tremendous awareness to the critical matter of equal rights for all individuals and partnerships."

Was it equal rights awareness though, or a PR stunt? Some bloggers are questioning OkCupid's motives after it was revealed that OkCupid's CEO Sam Yagan (who also runs also donated money to an anti-gay candidate several years ago.

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UCSF Researchers Create Brain Registry Hoping to Find Cures for Neurological Diseases

Categories: Health, Tech

Technology is being used to find everything from threesomes to voting. So why not use it to help understand our brains better?

Researchers at UC San Francisco have set about to do just that. Launched this week, the Brain Health Registry is an online database that streamlines the process of recruiting subjects for brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, and making that research from clinical trials available to the public. Rosenberg Alzheimer's Project as well as The Ray and the Dagmar Dolby Family Fund are funding the project.

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Cops Investigate Mysterious Death in Lower Haight (Update)

Categories: Last Night

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Update 8:50 a.m.: Officer Gordon Shyy this morning provided more details on the death. Last night at about 7 p.m., a woman came home to find her husband dead. The Medical Examiner identified the deceased as 48-year-old Gerald Smith of San Francisco. Authorities say the death is "suspicious" and homicide detectives are investigating at this time.

Original Story 7:14 a.m.: San Francisco investigators were in the Lower Haight late last night investigating a death that may have been the result of a suicide.

Sgt. Eric O'Neal had very little information at this time, but said the cops were called out to the 600 block of Page Street last night regarding "a possible suicide."

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