Next Up for the Giants: Metal Detectors

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Joe Eskenazi
In Major League Baseball's ongoing effort to make the entire ballpark experience as maddeningly slow and repetitious as Nomar Garciaparra in the batter's box, the league has announced mandatory metal detectors at the entrance gates of all stadiums by next year.

The Giants, ever the trend-setters, will install detectors this season.

For San Francisco fans, this may well conjure up dark memories of last season, when the team's response to the Boston bombings resulted in tens of thousands of fans milling about in Willie Mays Plaza -- which was, to a tee, the most counterproductive outcome that could have possibly occurred.

As SF Weekly wrote at the time: "In reaction to an attack directed at many thousands of people packed alarmingly tightly into the streets of Boston, AT&T Park security measures resulted in many thousands of people being packed alarmingly tightly into the streets of San Francisco."

Last year's security measures -- stricter bag checks and "wandings" -- resulted in glacial lines. As a result, Giants employees eased off on the wandings as first pitch approached. With metal detectors, however, that won't be an option.

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SF Giants Calling Student Filmmakers for Anti-Litter Video. You Can Win $1,000

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Figures that you'd leave your garbage for the next generation to clean up!
Are you a student filmmaker interested in making educational public service videos? Probably not. But how about a student filmmaker who likes cold, hard cash? That's more like it, right? Either way you're in luck, because the SF Giants Sweep video contest is now taking submissions, and the winners will get $1,000.

We're guessing that's much better than what you're making for your weekly chores.

The 30-second videos need to promote the SF Giants anti-litter campaign to make San Francisco an even more beautiful city.

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Yusmeiro Petit and the Agony of Imperfection

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There's perfect -- and there's everything else
Baseball is a cruel game

It highlights our shortcomings and tests our patience. It is both the most incremental yet jarringly abrupt of sports. It is an undertaking that thrives on failure. And yet, even knowing all that, Yusmeiro Petit is a man the game has treated most cruelly. 

Petit is a 28-year-old journeyman right-hander; he's built like a furniture mover and, so far in his Big-League career, it's often appeared that may have been his true calling. And yet, on Friday night, he achieved a degree of mastery most humans will never approach. Petit mowed down 26 consecutive Arizona Diamondbacks with alarming, even otherworldly, ease. But with two outs in the ninth inning, on the precipice of a perfect game -- a performance in which the pitcher allows nary a man to reach first base -- Petit surrendered a single to the very last hitter standing in his path. 

Yusmeiro Petit was one pitch away from perfection. Instead of becoming the 24th man to throw a perfect game, he instead enters the more select fraternity of 12 men to lose perfect games with two outs in the ninth inning. Exclusivity notwithstanding, this is a club most would rather not join. Having stumbled at the cusp of perfection, Petit et al. will now always be recalled for succumbing to imperfection.

Baseball is a cruel game. 
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S.F. Giants Go To Washington

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Obama eats crow
The San Francisco Giants are packing up for a trip to the White House for the second time in three years, where President Barack Obama will pat them on the back for their 2012 World Series victory over the Detroit Tigers.

Obama, who you might recall was cheering for the Tigers, will also honor the team for their efforts in giving back to the community through various endeavors, including the "It Gets Better" video which rocked the LGBT community's world.

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World Series: Ashkon Releases Giants 2012 Anthem (Video)

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Christopher Victorio
Sing it!
The Bay Area's favorite musical personality, Ashkon, this morning released the final version of the Giants 2012 World Series anthem -- and it's fun.

Ashkon, who put together the 2010 anthem "Don't Stop Believing," riffs off Queen's "We Are the Champions" to bring the Giants' 2012 World Series sweep to musical life. The video was shot at the victory parade last week, and finished it after a few days of editing.

See also: "You Goin' to Jail Now!": Behind the Giants' Battle Cry

Needless to say, it will give Giants fans another chance to relive that victory one more time. Enjoy 

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Giants Parade Is Giant

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Christopher Victorio
Sergio Romo and a friend. More photos: 2012 Giants World Series Parade
The much-anticipated Giants Parade is wending its way down Market Street, with more than 1 million onlookers squeezing in where they can fit in to get a glimpse of the World Series champs.

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Ecstatic Fans Are Already Lined Up to See the Giants Parade

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It's not even 9 a.m., and Giants fans are gearing up for today's excitement in San Francisco: the Giants parade through downtown. And baseball fans weren't the only ones to show up early -- Buster Posey is reportedly already there and everyone is freaking out.

SF Weekly's Kate Conger is down near the Ferry Building and grabbed a few snapshots of what's going on along Market Street as the city preps to welcome back the 2012 World Champs.

Kate Conger
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Giants Fan Clinging to Life After Brutal World Series Assault

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We hope the victim recovers
Police are reporting that a 37-year-old man is suffering major head trauma after he was attacked by a group of men as he celebrated the World Series in the Haight District Sunday night.

According to police, the victim joined thousands of other baseball fans who took to the streets after the Giants won the championship. Sometime between 9:30 and 10:30 p.m., the victim says he was surrounded by five men at the intersection of Haight and Masonic streets.

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Here's What You Need to Know About the Giants Parade

Gil Riego Jr.
There's more where that came from
Don't change out of those orange-and-black shirts just yet. The Giants will be home for Halloween, and San Francisco is as ready as it can be to welcome the World Series champs once again.

So here's what you need to know for Wednesday's family event (note: There will be lots of kids there).

The ticker-tape parade kicks off at 11 a.m., at Market and Steuart streets near the Ferry Building. From there, it will be "a straight shot up Market," ending at the Civic Center, right across from City Hall, said SFPD Chief Greg Suhr. This route -- which is different from the 2010 parade path -- will offer you (and police) better views of the scene.

And you might want to get there really early.
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World Series: Excited Muni Passenger Sets Bus on Fire

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Would You Eat a Matt Cain Pizza?

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Paxti's Pizza
Here's your chance to eat Matt Cain
So you didn't score tickets to the World Series games. Big deal. You can still probably score some free pizza.

Patxi's Pizza is offering Giants fans a chance to get pizza and win a signed Matt Cain jersey when they order up a piping hot pie online anytime during the World Series.

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