Knife Found in Passenger's Leftover Enchilada at Oakland International Airport

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Update: TSA is now saying it was an airport in Sonoma not Oakland where the enchilada and knife were found.

That's not blood you see on the knife -- that's enchilada sauce.

We're not too sure what this is all about, but TSA confirmed that authorities found an 8 1/2 inch knife inside a passenger's carry on this morning at Oakland International Airport. That might not sound too unusual until you get to the part where the knife was stashed in the middle of a tray of enchiladas, says Nico Melendez, spokesman for the TSA,

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Local Pigeon Casually Peruses Potato Chip Aisle in S.F. Supermarket

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Jim Herd
Last week, we featured a brief Q&A with a bird expert who confirmed that, just like Americans, San Francisco's feral pigeon population prefers convenience food (french fries and corn dogs) to a healthier diet of nuts and berries.

But one thing we didn't cover is what happens when the gluttonous birds aren't satisfied with whatever junk food they do find laying on the street? Well, as you can see in the above image, they pop into a supermarket.

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Local Pigeon Too Lazy to Catch Insects, Snacks on Leftover Fried Rice Instead

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Erin Sherbert
Among the many things that are oddly common in San Francisco, an unkempt pigeon devouring days-old leftovers on the streets is certainly one of them.

So while it didn't surprise us to see this feral pigeon chomping down on some chicken fried rice from a to-go box at BART the other day, it definitely made us wonder: Why?

The answer is simple: Like Americans, feral pigeons have fallen victim to convenience food. They prefer french fries over insects, and do you really blame them? It's much easier to feast on Doritos than head over to Lake Merced and try to catch a moth or dig up a worm.

We spoke to Noreen Weeden, a community volunteer with the Golden Gate Audubon Society, who gave us a little more insight into the city's dirtiest scavengers:

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Fast Food Workers Starving for More Pay, Strike Planned Tomorrow

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Flickr/Phoney Nickle
They're doing you a favor
Tomorrow just might be the perfect day to start that post-Thanksgiving diet, considering your fast-food options will be limited. That's right, workers are planning to walk off the job, which means no Mac Snack Wraps, Frostys, or Triple Whoppers for you tomorrow.

But before workers ditch their deep fryers, members today plan to protest at McDonald's locations in five cities, including Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, where they'll deliver a petition asking the fast food lords to pay their employees more money.

Dubbed "Low Pay is Not Okay," the petition, which is addressed to McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa John's, and Subway, calls for $15 in hourly wages. Right now, they're taking home $8 an hour.

Some 50,000 people have signed onto the petition, supporting the fast food workers of America.

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Oakland Zoo Animals Are Feasting on Your Halloween Leftovers

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Flickr/Smithsonian's National Zoo
This is about the only time you could refer to a monkey as a pig
If you're anything like us, Halloween is hands-down your favorite American holiday. Not only is it okay to loop scary movies, but it's mandatory to snack endlessly on candy.

Also, we really love those bitchy pumpkins in Bernal Heights.

So if there's any extension of Halloween, we're down to join in. Luckily, the Oakland Zoo has big plans for us. All those rejected pumpkins leftover from Bay Area patches have made for delicious snacks for Oakland's zoo animals. Thousands of pumpkins were carted to the zoo today where tigers, turtles, and bears are chowing down on the tasty treats.

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LeftoverSwap, Food Sharing App, Launches Despite Health Warnings

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Flickr/Stef Noble
Despite protests from Health Department officials who fear an epidemic of food-borne illness, Seattle-based start-up LeftoverSwap launched its app last week, enabling consumers to sell leftover dinner to their neighbors. An iOS version of the app is now available for free on iTunes, and the first confirmed swaps happened in New York last week, when an enterprising vendor hawked his partly-eaten bag of Pop Chips to a hungry peer.

The following day, two San Francisco users documented another LeftoverSwap exchange -- coincidentally also involving a bag of Pop Chips.

San Francisco's Health Department has warned, repeatedly, that it's illegal to sell food without a permit, and that anyone who participates in this new sharing economy venture could incur expensive citations -- up to $2,000, or three times the original permitting fee, according to Richard Lee, director of the Health Department's environmental regulatory program. But given the hype over LeftoverSwap, Lee is beginning to look like a Cassandra. His warnings about hipster hygiene appear to be falling on deaf ears.

See Also: Bay Area Resident Puts Ad on Craigslist Looking for Someone to Eat His Leftover Pizza

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Win a Chance to Nosh on Sergio Romo's "It Only Tastes Illegal" Chocolate Flavor Ice Cream

Tonight, Three Twins ice cream is launching the long-awaited new Mexican Chocolate flavor inspired by Giants' pitcher Sergio Romo, who's made his share of statements, both fashionably and politically, over immigration reform.

Last year, at the World Series parade, Romo caught his fair share of attention sporting his "I just Look Illegal" t-shirt. Not only did he make headlines with that shirt, but the NorCal-based Three Twins Ice Cream decided it was the perfect tagline for a Mexican chocolate flavor treat. And thus "It Just tastes Illegal" was created.

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Bay Area Resident Puts Ad on Craigslist Looking for Someone to Eat His Leftover Pizza

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This morning, the Chronicle ran a instructive article giving readers tips on how to stop wasting so much food. According to the report, some 40 percent of the food in the United States goes to waste while Americans throw away an average of 20 pounds of food per month.

But not this Bay Area person who last night decided to post his/her leftover BBQ Chicken pizza from Papa John's on Craigslist for any hungry takers. A reader sent us the ad, perhaps assuming reporters are always in the market for free food.

If you don't believe us, read for yourself:

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Hen Holocaust Avoided in Vacaville

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Jayme Frye
An animal sanctuary in Vacaville narrowly saved 1,200 former egg-laying hens from a massive hen Holocaust by airlifting them from the Vacaville factory farm where they faced gassing.

Evidently a private donor is footing the bill for a private plane, so these poultry can fly in style.The lucky hens will be loaded up around 3 p.m. today at Animal Place, a sanctuary with facilities in Vacaville, and will be carted to the Hayward Executive Airport, where they'll be loaded onto a jet and flown to Elmira Airport.

Nine East Coast sanctuaries and shelters will take the hens in, either sending them to adoptive homes, or keeping them as refugees.About 1,800 hens will remain at Animal Place in Vacaville so they cab be adopted locally.

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The Feds Would Probably Eat Shark Fin Soup

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Thumbnail image for Shark_Fin_Controversy_Graphic-thumb-200x172-thumb-300x258.jpg
California sharks get caught in the legal system
Today could be a big catch for shark fin soup eaters who've been trying to reverse California's newly enacted law that put the kibosh on the Chinese delicacy. As the Ex reminded us this morning, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will take up the issue later today and decide whether to grant an injunction on the current shark fin ban.

The Chinatown Neighborhood Association and Asian Americans for Political Advancement sued the state last year, hoping to halt the statewide ban on shark fins. U.S. District Court denied the groups' request for a preliminary injunction, prompting today's appeal.

And while environmentalists and shark lovers alike are not on their side, it appears the feds are.

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