Shopper Steals Socks But Pays for Underwear During Robbery at Mission District Store (Update)

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Incidentally, Adam Rowbury didn't have to pay for these prison scrubs either
Update 11:56 a.m.: Well, we got more details on this incident -- and they're kinda nuts. Sgt. Danielle Newman told us that the suspect -- identified as 23-year-old Adam Rowbury of Fairfax -- had walked into the store two hours prior to his arrest. He browsed the store that entire time, but touched nothing until he came across something that he did fancy: a blue superman shirt.

Rowbury allegedly stripped naked, put on the shirt, a pair of underwear, and a pair of socks and walked up to the counter where he paid for everything but the socks. The security guard, who had his eye on Rowbury the whole two hours, took note of this. After Rowbury left, the security guard looked at the receipt which confirmed the suspect had paid for everything but the socks. The guard chased after Rowbury where a fight ensued -- punches were thrown on both ends. Eventually, the security guard got the suspect in handcuffs, and called the cops. Rowbury was arrested on suspicion of robbery and a probation violation. Here's what he looks like, sans the Superman shirt.

Original story 10 a.m.: A 23-year-old man was arrested on Monday after he allegedly shoplifted a pair of socks after buying underwear and a shirt from a Mission District store.

Details were scarce this morning, but Officer Gordon Shyy says that at about 2:38 p.m., the man walked into a store on the 2600 block of Mission Street to a little shopping. According to police, the man grabbed a shirt, underwear, and a pair of socks, and dressed himself in the new clothing.

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Get Your Free Yee T-Shirt on Valencia Street

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Uptown Almanac
We were amused to spot the latest news of the Leland Yee scandal on the Uptown Almanac: street peddlers along Valencia are selling these edgy black-and-white "Free Yee" t-shirts.

Notice how "Leland Yee" is spelled out in a pile of guns, accompanied by the disgraced senator's profile which is outlined in marijuana leaves and tons of dollar bills.

And that pretty much sums it all up all in one shirt.

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Man Robbed of Shoes, Umbrella Over Rainy Weekend

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Flickr/ j o s h
If only robberies were as rare as rain in San Francisco
A duo of robbers gave a whole new meaning to "shopping at Union Square" over the weekend after robbing a man of his apparel as he walked near the city's bustling commercial district.

On Saturday, a man well-prepared for the San Francisco storms, was two blocks from Union Square at about 11 p.m. when two teens knocked him to the ground and stripped him of his shoes and umbrella.

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Here's Why You Should Give Your Fur Coats Back to the Animals

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This wolf coat could warm a litter of baby wolves
Technically, the fur belongs to them.

Plus, Spring is arriving, which means you aren't really going to be needing those heavy coats so why not donate them back to their rightful owners?

Buffalo exchange is hosting the Coats for Cubs campaign, collecting all used furs that will then go to help rehabilitate orphaned and injured animals. The campaign will run through Earth Day (April 22) so you have plenty of time to go through that ridiculous closet of yours.

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Guy Who Says He's a Record Producer Snatches "Bling" From Local Retailer

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A record producer's dream
A self-described record producer reportedly ripped off a really nice watch while browsing at a local jewelry shop this weekend.

On Saturday at about 1:45 p.m., the "record producer" walked into the shop, located on the 200 block of Grant Street, and asked the saleswoman to look at a few rings that he planned on buying for his fiancee.

After looking at rings, the suspect decided he wanted to see watches, too.

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San Francisco Wants Your Worn-Out Socks and Underwear

Your next teddy bear
And here you never thought the city would ask!

The environmental leaders over at City Hall are not shy about saying they'd like you to give them all of your used or unwanted clothing, including your boxers, belts, shoes, socks, undergarments, jeans, linens, towels ... and the list goes on.

As part of the city's effort to achieve Zero Waste by 2020, San Francisco recently decided it was time to start recycling textiles, which can be reused for insulation materials, flooring, packaging, and cushioning stuffed in toys, insoles, and bags, according to the Department of Environment.

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Breaking Bad Fiends: Go Get Your Very Own Heisenberg Hat

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These hats are almost as popular as meth
If you just can't hang on until Sunday when the next episode of Breaking Bad airs and you need your Walter White fix even more than your meth fix, head down to Goorin Bros. where you have a chance at getting your very own Heisenberg Hat.

People who apparently didn't have to work today reportedly started lining up this morning before staff even arrived for work at Goorin Bros., the makers of the Heisenberg Hat, hoping they'll be able to purchase one of the few remaining signature black felt pork-pie hats worn by the series' smuggest outlaw, Walter White on site. The store opens at 6 p.m. where there will be a Heisenberg Hat sale, and of course, cocktails (sorry, no meth).

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Ballsy Boot Burglar on the Loose in Bernal Heights

Badass Bernalwood Press
Asshole steals pair of boots

What's more more aggravating than trying to rush out the door for work and not being able to locate your shoes? Nothing, of course.

Check out this brazen boot thief who was caught on camera snatching a nice pair of Red Wing work boots from the front porch of a Bernal Heights home. As the Bernalwood Press first reported, "Orlando" left his boots on the stoop after a long day at work, perhaps to avoid dirtying the inside of his house, per his significant other's request. But when he awoke the following morning, the boots were gone!

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Hamilton, Hipster Cat, Gaining Fame for Incredibly Perfect Handlebar Mustache

If you've spotted one San Francisco hipster, it's fair to say, you've seen them all -- but a San Francisco feline hipster, now that's something you definitely haven't seen.

Until now.

We came across the story of Hamilton the Hipster cat in the Chron today, which detailed the life of this up-and-coming media star whose white handlebar mustache has brought new life to the tired hipster movement.

As the Chron notes, the youthful feline, whose owner, Jay Stowe, adopted him from a Silicon Valley animal shelter, is getting some serious spotlight; just check out the memes of him on the Internet and, yes, he's in the midst of getting an Urban Outfitters T-shirt deal.

See Also: New Poll Shows Americans Are Really Sick Of Hipsters

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Get Your Pooches and Smooches at the Whole Enchihuahua Dog Show

Courtesy of the SPCA
Meet Tucker. Last year's winner.
Attention all pups and mutts: Get read to strut your stuff.

This year's Whole Enchihuahua costume and awareness event is set to be fiercer and cuter than ever, as the Bay Area's most adorable pooches and their humans will meet in Dolores Park this Saturday for three hours of entertainment, wet kisses, and canine education.

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