49ers Fans Disgusted by New Seattle Seahawks-Colored BART Seats

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Who would have thought that BART seats could appear more repulsive to riders? Alas, 49ers fans are outraged by the brand new seats that will make for a cleaner, fresher ride in 2017.

Sure, football fans would like new seats, but not if they're outfitted in the team colors of the Seattle Seahawks -- that's a sore spot for San Franciscans. BART unveiled its new fleet last week, showing off, among many things, the new fabric-less seats that will no longer be a hub of all things disgusting.

Everyone seemed pleased (at least with the new seats) until a die-hard 49ers fan spoke up, pointing out that the new neon green and blue color scheme is the also team colors for the Seattle Seahawks. As a result, 49ers fans have drummed a petition, demanding BART switch out the offensive seats.

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Did SF Archdiocese Put Nancy Pelosi on Probation From Communion in the Catholic Church?

SF Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, seen here in a lovely pink top, doesn't think gays should marry.

This week, Right Wing News reported that San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone indicated Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi shouldn't receive Holy Communion anymore, because of her positions deviate from the teachings of the church.

As you recall, the Archbishop drew the ire of the LGBT community when he assumed office in part because he was a strong supporter of Prop 8, the now-defeated gay marriage ban.

So now is the Archbishop really looking to "excommunicate" Pelosi?

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Castro Nudists Take on the Same Fight With a New Attorney

Gypsy Taub: she will not be moved!
On Saturday, the local Body Freedom activists, better known as just San Francisco's nudists, held yet another noon rally at Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro. What was more eye-catching than the bare bottoms and uncovered genitals was the shrinking number of people who are shedding their clothes since Supervisor Scott Wiener's ban on public nudity was passed over a year ago.

But for Gypsy Taub and George Davis, unlike their clothes, their passion for public nudity remains.

Davis, who hopes to unseat Wiener in the next election, announced his plans to campaign in New York City and London -- two cities that don't currently have bans on public nudity. In addition to a nudity ban repeal, Davis addressed the cost of housing in the area as part of his campaign, probably to round-out his appeal to at least some voters.

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Even The Dalai Lama Says Gay Marriage Is "OK"

Marriage Equality's newest ally.
In an interview set to air on March 10, the Dalai Lama reportedly told Larry King that he sees nothing wrong with gay marriage.

In fact his Holiness spoke out against anti-LGBT bullying during the same interview, saying it's "wrong" and a violation of human rights, NBC reports.

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Here's the List of Bars That Are Banning Google Glass (Update)

Update: Creator of glasshole-free.org Daen de Leon explains what's up with the new "glasshole" website. Read at the bottom of this story.

Earlier this week, we incited readers with the news that a popular pub in SOMA, The Willows, made it official: no Google Glass-wearing patrons were allowed inside.

At least as long as they were donning the wearable computers.

It appears, other bars are following suit. According to glasshole-free.org., there's plenty of local watering holes that prohibit Google Glass "or otherwise restrict audio & video recording on their premises."

Here's the updated list as of lunchtime:


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The Willows, a Fun Pub in SOMA, Bans Google Glass (Update)

Broke-Ass Stuart
Update: The Willows owner calls us back, explains his logic. Read at the bottom of the story.

If you thought the stand off between Google Glass and San Francisco's favorite watering holes was over, you thought wrong.

The Willows, the super chill gastropub in SOMA, has decided Google Glass-wearing techies are persona non grata at the bar as long as they're donning the wearable computers, according to this image snapped by Broke-Ass Stuart the other day.

We called The Willows to find out whether Google Glass is a real problem there, or if this is just a preemptive measure, considering the craziness that went down at Molotov's in the Lower Haight last week.

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San Francisco Activists Appeal Google Bus Fee

Google gentrification
The gentrification debate could very well wind up in a San Francisco courtroom soon. This afternoon, a legion of San Francisco activists (housing, labor, gay rights, etc.) filed an appeal, attempting to challenge the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority's decision to charge tech buses a $1 per-stop fee..

Richard Drury, an attorney representing a group of activists, released a statement saying the appeal is based on "significant environmental impacts that the City has failed to analyze and mitigate," including the displacement of housing, low-income communities,and people of color as well as air quality concerns.

"The Commuter Shuttle Program is like the opposite of school busing. Rather than busing low-income children of color to neighborhoods with good schools, this program buses wealthy white adults into the mission where they displace low income residents of color," he says. "This is an environmental justice issue and an environmental impact under" the California Environmental Quality Act.

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S.F. Artists Snub Willie Brown, Install Rogue Sign Naming New Bay Bridge After Emperor Norton


Much to the chagrin of San Francisco progressives, the western span of the Bay Bridge was officially rechristened the Willie L. Brown Jr. Bridge Tuesday in a ceremony held on Treasure Island.

But while politicos, including Gavin Newsom, flocked to Treasure Island to celebrate, a group of artists remained on this side of the Bay Bridge and did a little celebrating of their own, honoring their successful attempt at upstaging Willie Brown

Late Monday night, a group of unidentified artists installed a large sign at the Bay Bridge onramp at Fifth Street, commemorating Joshua A. Norton, not Willie L. Brown. Norton was a famed 19th Century San Francisco eccentric, known for his many, many proclamations, notably the one where he declared himself Emperor of the United States, and later tacked on "Protector of Mexico" to his title. In addition, Norton is best-known for his many decrees about bridges and tunnels that he had hoped to build, connecting San Francisco and Oakland.

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Jewlyes Gutierrez: Plea Deal Announced For Transgender Teen Charged With Battery

Jewyles Gutierrez

Today, the Transgender Law Center announced that Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Thomas M. Maddock accepted a deal that would drop criminal charges against Jewyles Guiterrez, the transgender teen who was charged with battery after an altercation at her school.

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Nudity Ban Protest Takes An Unexpectedly Violent Turn

Thumbnail image for nudesarrest2.jpg
Inti Gonzalez
On Saturday, self-described Body Freedom activists gathered inside Jane Warner Plaza at Castro and Market to commemorate, and protest against, the 1-year anniversary of San Francisco's public nudity ban.

But the typically peaceful "nude-ins" took an unexpected turn when a cop wrestled a nudist to the ground after refusing to sign a citation officers issued him.

Introduced by openly gay District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener in 2012, the public nudity ban is meant to clothe the growing tide of nudists who were making it a common occurrence to walk around the neighborhood in the buff.

Neighborhood residents have been sharply divided on this issue. Many have stated that they have no problem with naked people in public and were more concerned with the rising cost of housing in the neighborhoods. But just as many -- if not more -- expressed relief when the ban was passed.

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