Pay to Name San Francisco's Baby Gorilla

SF Zoo
This will probably be the most important decision you make today
Considering the amount of horrific news we've had to deliver to you this week, we thought it might help to lighten things up a bit -- help cleanse the palate.

So ... remember that baby gorilla San Francisco welcomed into the world this past summer? She doesn't have a name yet, which some readers might consider "bad news." But the good news is that you can help grace this little ape with an identity, at last.

According to the San Francisco Zoo, mom and dad gorilla (using their opposable thumbs?) narrowed the 850 name submissions down to three finalists: Malaika, which means "heavenly messenger" in Swahili; Kenura, which means "joy" in Kikuyu; and Kabibe, which means "little lady" in Swahili

Now, they just need you to pick one of those three.

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Cable Cars or Golden Gate Bridge? Which Landmark Is More Awesome?

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Flickr/Frank Kehren
Nothing screams "We are America" more than one-stop shop strip malls, all-you-can-eat buffets, and that annual trip to Cancun. But as you might have expected, there is more to the land of the free gift with every purchase.

In effort to prove America isn't totally vacuous, USA Today has drummed up a contest where readers like yourself can vote on the nation's most kick-ass U.S. landmark.

Naturally, being one of the more comely cities in America, San Francisco has not one, but two landmarks nominated: The historic Cable Cars and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Caltrain Asks Commuters for Best One-Liners About Breaking Up ... With Their Car

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That's certainly a commitment to taking the train
Today is National Dump the Pump Day, and despite the recent bout of transit delays and apparent suicides, public transit agencies are still hopeful they can get you on their side.

So this morning, Caltrain and SamTrans posited this question to commuters: Isn't it time you broke up with your gas pump? The obvious answer, in their estimation, is "yes."

If you're not sure how to break the news to your brand new Smart Car, the two transit agencies have designed this dump-the-pump contest, where commuters have already come up with some great break-up lines you can use. Check them out at #LaterPump.

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Vote for the World's Ugliest Dog

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Now, there's a challenge for Saint Francis
It doesn't take a pure cat person to know that some dogs are too ugly for words. Instead of attempting to beautify dogs who aren't so easy on the eyes, their owners have decided to reward them for their crooked tongues, rat's nest fur, and general icky appearance.

This week is the annual World's Ugliest Dog contest at the Marin County-Sonoma Fair, where lovers of fugly dogs compete to be the top (ugly) dog.

But one thing is for sure: These beastly-looking pups have big paws to fill. Last year's winner, Mugly, had perfectly abhorrent traits, making him a shoe-in as the most hard-featured pup on the globe -- and he's competing again this year.

Of course, it's entirely up to you to decide which dogs most closely resemble monsters. Here's a few of this year's contestants:

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Check Out Your Mr. Marina Contestants Getting Hot on Stage (Photos)

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Last night the immodest men of the Marina took to the stage at Ruby Skye where they competed amongst each other to become the king of the city's douchiest district.

The Mr. Marina contest was exactly what it aimed to be -- fun, farcical, and fund-raising. But if you missed out the chance to see these 10 contenders, don't worry, we snapped some revealing shots for you to see:

Godofredo Vasquez

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Mr. Marina Contender Talks About the Event That Declares One Beautiful Beefcake to Rule All

douchebags .jpg
Saturday morning douchery in the Marina
While San Francisco gets a bad rap for being dirty, grungy, and chock-full of panhandlers -- the city also boasts a softer side, a better coiffed and more dapperly dressed side. We call it the Marina.

Later tonight, one fine (competitive) man will be crowned Mr. Marina and get all the fist-pumpin' swag that goes with it. While the Marina gets dubbed as the district filled with the drunken douchebags, this cancer charity event might make you think twice before lashing out at these guys.

SF Weekly got the chance to have a quick pre-contest confab with Johnny Affourtit, one of 10 final contenders who'll be showing off their biceps and much more at Ruby Skye among 1,000 adoring fans.

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Students to Help San Francisco Solve Bicycle Parking Problems

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You see the problem now?
Hey, students, here's your chance to garner a decent amount of fame and money before the age of 30.

Yerba Buena Community Benefit District is teaming up with the Bicycle Coalition and city planners to sponsor a student-only competition asking the city's budding architects to design a portable on-street bike corral that could be deployed in San Francisco's Yerba Buena neighborhood as needed.

The idea is to help cyclists find a place to park by blending the on-street bike corral idea with mobile open space infrastructure like the Parkmobiles which, if you have not noticed, are throughout downtown.

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Here's Your Chance to Love San Francisco While Still Hating Valentine's Day

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Well that's definitely under 140 characters
If you can't be with the someone you love on Valentine's Day, then love the one you'e with, as Stephen Stills would sing.

And that'd be San Francisco. Who else do you spend all your money on?

Now, it's time to declare your love for this city, even if you can't afford it. Thankfully, the S.F. Travel Association has come up with a cheap way for all you broke city-lovers to express your deep affection for Fog City on that Hallmark holiday.

Obviously, San Francisco doesn't want a card, but the environmentally conscious, tech-happy city would much prefer its love letter via Twitter. That means you will have to toss your Shakespearean sonnets and find a way to profess your devotion in 140 characters.

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Check Out These Winning Anti-Bullying Videos Made by Awesome Kids

Would never win a video contest
The votes are in and the District Attorney has announced the winning videos of the "Bye Bye Bullying" contest for San Francisco students.

With the obvious goal being to increase public awareness about bullying among students, a total of 58 videos were submitted from students all over the city, including Lincoln High School, Visitacion Valley Middle School, and Rooftop Elementary School.

But only a handful of kids took home the winning prize: a free iPad and a baseball signed by Barry Zito.

So here are the winning videos:

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Stop Bullying, Get a Free iPad

Will probably steal your free iPad
San Francisco's District Attorney is trying to give kids something to do besides pick on each other.

In honor of National Anti-Bullying Prevention Month, District Attorney George Gascón is working with the community to launch "Bye Bye Bullying," a video contest for students of local middle- and high schools.

Here's how it works: Contestants will create a 60-second video clip with one of the following themes:

See also: Giants Release It Gets Better Video

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