Northbound I-280 Closure Starts Tonight

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Drivers won't be able to use northbound I-280 all weekend as construction crews work to make the roadway earthquake-safe.

The closure, which is needed to the replace of a bridge hinge on northbound I-280 between Cesar Chavez St. and 24th Street, will begin tonight at 9 p.m. and remain closed until 5 a.m. on Monday.

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Bike Theft and Mechanical Issues Cause Morning Delays on BART

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BART passengers waiting to stop waiting
BART is running very behind morning after a handful of problems brought trains to a screeching halt in the East Bay.

According to BART, trains are running 20-30 minute late on the Fremont Line in the Richmond and Daly City directions. Alicia Trost, spokeswoman for BART, says "several different problems on different trains" caused the same problem: delays.

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Study: San Francisco Traffic Is Almost As Bad As Los Angeles

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Bottleneck hotspot

Even if a Muni bus does show up tonight, you won't be getting to your destination anytime soon.

A new study has confirmed what we already know: San Francisco traffic is horrific. According to TomTom, a company that designs GPS navigation and mapping products, local drivers sat in traffic on average of 83 hours this past year.

In its fourth annual traffic index report, TomTom listed the U.S. cities with the worst traffic congestion -- and San Francisco came in second, just behind Los Angeles.

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Muni "Sickout" Day 3: Muni Demands Doctors' Notes, Seeks Damages

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Still waiting ...
It appears all the strange "illnesses" that have been plaguing Muni drivers simultaneously this week have started to clear up as quickly as they came on. This morning, the "sickout" continued for the third day, however, it appears fewer drivers are calling in "sick."

This might not come as a surprise after Muni officials directed all workers who had called in sick the last two days to come back to work with a note from their doctor verifying their "illness." In addition, the transit agency informed the union that it plans to "seek damages" from the alleged "sickout."

In a letter to its members, TWA Local 250-A leaders informed the group that Muni was striking back and urged its members to only use sick time for legitimate purposes. Read the full letter at the bottom.

See Also: Drivers Who Worked Monday Getting Extra Pay

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Muni "Sickout" Day 2: Union Officially Rejects Labor Deal

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flickr//\/\ichael Patric|{
As expected, the alleged Muni "sickout" is continuing today, where some 200 workers have called in "sick" causing massive citywide transit delays for the second day.

And as expected, Transport Workers Union Local 250-A overwhelmingly rejected the labor contract before them. A vote was taken Friday, but a final tally was not complete until this morning.

Members voted 1,198 to 47 to reject the labor contract which called for increasing wages by 11.2 percent and in exchange forcing workers to pay 7.5 percent into their pensions -- a cost the SFMTA is currently covering, according to Paul Rose, spokesman for Muni.

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What You Need to Know About Getting Around Town During The Muni "Sickout"

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Although it's money and politics fueling Muni's labor dispute, we're going to gloss over those subjects for a minute and talk about what's really on your mind right now: how the hell are you going to get home tonight?

You don't want to be stuck in the misery you were in this morning when some 200 Muni workers called in "sick", leaving commuters stranded citywide. Cable cars were shut down and buses were running way off schedule, with commuters waiting up to 70-plus minutes for a bus.

We're hearing this "sickout" might last another few days -- and apparently, Muni's leaders are hearing the same thing. The transit agency fired off some necessary bus information and tips on how to survive the commute home this evening -- and beyond.

Here goes:

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BART to Bombard Commuters With New Digital Displays

TItan Outdoor promotional video
Commuters bemused by current BART ads.
Bike racks, fecal-free seats, and micro-plug doors aren't the only amenities in store for BART passengers, as the 41-year-old transit system lurches toward the 21st century.

Now, BART plans to regale its clientele with 17 digital display screens, each showing a mix of advertising, news, weather, and transit service announcements.

While they won't supplant the scrolling message boards that line every platform, these screens will at least add a modern touch, BART's Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Weinstein assures. And they'll be more visually arresting: Passengers who've grown accustomed to bleary red font and blinky train-arrival warnings might appreciate something with a little more character.

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Traffic Alert: I-280 Is Closed All Weekend

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You might have learned this news the hard way this morning if you tried to commute Interstate 280 this morning: it's closed.

Yep, Caltrans has to shut down a two-mile stretch of the freeway to replace four bridge hinges on northbound and southbound I-280 near Cesar Chavez Street in San Francisco. The whole project is meant to make the highway stronger for all those soon-to-come earthquakes.

See Also: San Francisco Due to Be Destroyed by Earthquake. Or Earthquakes.

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Major BART Delay Due to Obstruction on Tracks (Update)

Update, 12:36 p.m.: According to BART, PG&E just completed the operation, and a service recovery is in progress.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for bart-train.jpg
If you've just ensconced yourself in an office cubicle in San Francisco, you may be stuck there.

Apparently, BART has stalled service between San Francisco and the East Bay, owing to a wayward tractor-trailer that hit a power pole at 7th and Maritime Streets, near the tracks in West Oakland. Anyone commuting eastward faces delays of up to 30 minutes -- the time allotted PG&E to fix the problem, according to BART spokesman Jim Allison.

That's an unsettling prospect for anyone stuck on the platform. But we feel slightly worse for the big rig.

Major BART Delays This Evening (Update)

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Update 4:53 p.m.: BART is warning commuters of more delays this evening, which is even more frustrating since all you want to do now is go home. After a long morning of 30-minute delays (read below), BART is now reporting "major delays" between Lake Merritt and West Oakland in the Richmond, SFO, Millbrae and Daly City directions. Once again, it's due to some kind of equipment problems on the tracks.

Update10:37 a.m.: Things are still not moving over at BART. The transit agency is now saying commuters should expect up to 30-minute delays on the Daly City Line in the East Bay direction.

Update 10:10 a.m.: BART says there's still 15-minute delays due to equipment problems.

Original Story 10 a.m.: Heads up, commuters. BART just now fired off a Tweet about major delays in all directions.

Here's all we know:

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