Major Delays on BART This Morning (Update)

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Happy Friday, love BART
Update 3:35: Looks like those track problems are still a problem. BART is reporting 10 to 15-minute delays across the whole system due to equipment problems on the track near West Oakland Station.

Original Story 9:34 a.m..:
BART is reporting mega delays systemwide, thanks to a track problem in the Transbay Tube.

The delays are the worst between West Oakland and Embarcadero, but no BART rider is being left out of this misery. The whole system is backed up in this morning congestion, says Alicia Trost, spokeswoman for BART

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Woman Falls Asleep on Caltrain, Wakes Up Alone in Maintenance Yard

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A real Caltrain nightmare
Here's another example of public transit failing tired commuters.

We read a story this morning on NBC News about a South Bay woman who is really pissed at Caltrain -- and rightfully so -- after she dozed off on her ride home and ended up locked on an dark, empty train in the transit agency's maintenance yard -- alone, confused, and pretty damn scared.

On March 14, Jessica Method hopped a San Jose-bound train after having a "big dinner" with friends in San Francisco. And because heavy dinners make everyone sleepy, Method fell into a slumber while on the train.

But when she woke up, she wasn't exactly home.

See Also: California-Bound Man Falls Asleep on Flight, Wakes Up to Dark, Empty Plane

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Power Outage Causes Major BART Delays

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You are somewhere in that chaos
An hour-long power outage at the San Francisco International Airport BART station has created a wave of delays across the entire transit system.

The power outage happened just before 4 p.m., forcing operators to run the trains manually, which caused significant delays for the afternoon commute, according to BART.

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BART Service Shut Down Due to Death on Tracks (Update)

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Turn around
Update 7:45 a.m.: BART is now reporting that service is restored between Hayward and Fremont in the Fremont, Richmond and Daly City directions. However, you should expect miserable delays.

Original story 6:52 a.m.: Commuters in the far East Bay trying to get to San Francisco this morning will have to find a way to work other than BART.

According to BART, all trains south of Hayward were taken out of service after a death on the tracks last night.

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Major BART Delays This Morning

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Driving isn't any better
If you're relying on BART this morning, just know: you will be late to work.

BART is reporting major delays systemwide through the Transbay Tube in both directions due to "technical issues." As a result, there is limited service and at least 20 minute delays.

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Police Are Still Looking for the Crooks Who Ruined Your Commute Last Night

Anna Roth
It only got worse from there
Last night, you were trapped at BART with nowhere to go, asking yourself "why, why?"

Well, we have some answers for you.

Sgt. Eric O'Neal sent out a short email explaining why police had to shut down the entire BART system citywide, leaving commuters in the lurch at the peak of the evening rush hour.

This is what happened:

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Did You Forget How to Drive in the Rain?

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Don't turn this rain into a bad thing for San Francisco
We only ask because there's been lots of news this morning of wet weather and slow commutes into work this morning.

The delayed drive your experiencing now has much to do with spin-outs, cars in ditches, and blocked lanes, according to various media reports.

Interstate 80 is creeping along, at best, after a big rig towing two trailers crashed through the center divide this morning near El Portal Drive in San Pablo. Several lanes are blocked in both directions and as of 8 a.m., all eastbound lanes were closed and only two westbound lanes were open, the Chron reports.

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Muni Delays Everywhere, Get Ready to Wait (Update)

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Broken and late
Update 8:50 a.m.: Muni spokesman Paul Rose confirmed that the signal issue is all cleared up, but there are still some "residual delays" throughout the underground system, meaning you won't be getting to work anytime soon.

Original story 7:57 a.m.: Muni is reporting some delays this morning across all underground transit lines due to a signal problem in the subway.

Muni tweeted out the news at about 7:50 a.m., warning commuters that, yes, this morning could be slightly annoying.

Here's what we got from Muni on this:

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Major Delays on BART, Train Evacuated (Update)

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If you look closely, you will notice that train isn't moving
Update 10:21 a.m.: Rockridge and Orinda stations are now open for very limited service. However, you should all find other ways to get to work, according to BART.

Update 9:52: BART officials said the disabled train that was initially stopped in the Berkeley Hills tunnel is now stopped at Rockridge station where passengers reportedly saw smoke. According to BART Spokesman Jim Allison, passengers were evacuated and are being treated by medical personnel. The train initially broke down due to a faulty parking brake. That was fixed, so now BART is investigating what's went wrong at Rockridge.

Meanwhile, Allison says, passengers should find other ways to get to work.

Update 9:30 a.m.
: The Orinda station is now closed due to a disabled train in the Berkeley Hills Tunnel.

Original story 9 a.m.: If you're on your way to BART, headed into San Francisco, you might want to detour to the Bay Bridge.

The transit agency is warning commuters of a major delay along the Pittsburg/Bay Point Line in the Pittsburg / Bay Point and SFO directions, thanks to a disabled train.

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Major BART Delays Plague Morning Commute

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You are somewhere in there
After the evening commute was slowed by a BART fire, the trains are majorly delayed again this morning due to maintenance issues along the Pittsburg/Bay Point line.

Needless to say, this really isn't a good month for BART.

According to BART, this morning's mechanical glitch happened just before 6 a.m. forcing the transit agency to single-track trains between Rockridge and Lafayette. The backup created 45-minute delays for already tired and grumpy commuters trying to get to San Francisco.

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