Bay Area Porn Companies Slapped With Fines for Not Using Condoms

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Mike Koozmin, headquartered in San Francisco's Mission district, faces $78K in Cal-OSHA fines.

On Thursday, the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a whopping $78,710 fine to local porn company for workplace safety hazards. The majority of the fines were for allowing performers to work without using condoms, while a $3,710 portion of the total fine was for additional violations, including improperly placed power cords, an absence of first aid supplies, and missing health safety training materials.

The fine is one of several that OSHA has issued to local porn companies recently, and follows in the wake of several HIV scares in the industry.

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All Police Want for Christmas Is Your Gun

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Merry Christmas
If you've been racking your brain trying to figure how you, too, could bring a little Peace on Earth this holiday season, we've got one for you: Get rid of your guns.

We don't mean give them away to your neighbor who suffers from anger issues; Give those firearms back to cops and anti-gun advocates who are hoping to strip the streets of weaponry.

On Saturday, a handful of cities in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, will host a gun buyback program, where the cops will literally pay you to turn your guns over to authorities. It's not hard: all you have to do is unload your weapon, drive it on over to the designated police station, and hand it over to the appropriate person. In exchange, you'll get up to $200 for each gun. We're guessing you could really use that cash.

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Mike Koozmin

This past spring, we wrote about a model who alleged that she'd been badly injured while performing on stage at Folsom Street Fair. The model, Eden Alexander, said that she endured a lengthy beating that resulted in severe bruising and permanent scarring.

Leaving severe marks on a model is against's shooting rules, which govern all on-set activity at the local porn company and emphasize consent and safety.

When we published our story, Kink's CEO, Peter Acworth, told us, "Next year, we will put a set of rules in place which are appropriate for public play outside of a shoot."

With Folsom Street Fair starting tmorrow, we reached out to Kink to see if these rules had indeed been instated.

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How to Score a Date While Riding BART and Muni

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Making a different kind of connection via transit
Alas, you don't need a car to get a date. Single city folks who rely on transit could and should use their bus ride as a chance to hookup with someone before they get to their destination.

Stanford University researchers analyzed almost 1,000 heterosexual dates, and found that words -- how they're delivered, when they are said, and for how long they're spoken -- definitely make or break a potential date. Moreover, they determined that four minutes (or the time it takes to get to the next BART stop) is enough time to form a meaningful relationship -- one that just might have more depth than a drunken night at the bar.

What else do you have to do besides play Angry Birds on BART?

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Here Are the New Security Measures for Bay to Breakers

Joseph Schell via SF Examiner
After the Boston Marathon bombing, communities across the nation are rethinking how to deal with events that draw massive crowds, such as San Francisco's Bay to Breakers race scheduled next month.

As the Examiner notes this morning, San Francisco police and race organizers are already rolling out a new set of rules, including no more backpacks.

We know what you're thinking -- where are you going to surreptitiously stow your beers now?

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Here's How Cuddling Can Save Your Life

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Two tigers lowering their blood pressure
Screw exercise, researchers have found a lazy way to improve your health: Cuddling.

That's right, nestling up next to someone -- anyone -- will not only make you feel loved, but will lower your blood pressure, your heart rate, and generally do away with all that yucky stress, according to researchers at the Metropolitan University in England.

Sadly, those same nuzzle scientists reportedly found a third of the population receive no hugs on a daily basis, yet 75 percent would like fill their week with more caressing and cradling.

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BART to Let Bikes on Trains All Day for a Whole Week Next Month

Bikes (1), BART passengers who hate bikes (0)
Good News cyclists, BART is letting you back on board, bikes and all.

Don't get too excited, though; your hassle-free ride will only last a week.

The BART bike blackout is entering the second phase of the "bikes on board" pilot program that BART is using to test the waters (more like the tracks) to see whether cyclists, their bikes, and non-cyclists can travel in harmony during the heaviest commute hours.

The next phase starts March 18 and will last the entire week. During that time, BART will observe and examine whether things run smoothly enough to maybe make this all-bikes, all-the-time policy permanent.

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"Meat Without Drugs" Advocates to Take on Trader Joe's

This is what a pig on drugs looks like
Is there a better way to get shoppers' attention than to have Joe the Pig singing holiday carols "with a special twist" outside Trader Joe's today?

If this is something you'd like to see for yourself, then head down to the Nob Hill Trader Joe's at 10 a.m. where Consumers Union -- the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports -- and fans of anti-animal-antibiotic mascot Joe the Pig will host a press conference to talk about meat on drugs.

More specifically, the group will be asking the very popular grocery store chain to stop selling meat and poultry that was raised on antibiotics.

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City Attorney to Sue "World Series Hooligans" Who Trashed S.F.

Gil Riego Jr
Dennis Herrera will get you for this
For those of you who are miffed, pissed, hurt, or whatever adjective aptly describes how you feel about the destruction that descended on San Francisco after the Giants won the World Series on Sunday, well, you are about to get some relief.

Financial relief, that is.

The City Attorney has said he will work aggressively to sue the "hooligans" who trashed San Francisco, including the person who torched a $700,000 Muni bus, totaling the newly rehabilitated coach.

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Surprise, Surprise, San Francisco Is Among the Dirtiest Cities in America

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Seagulls ... the real culprits
Yesterday, we enlightened readers with the unsavory news that Californians (that includes you health-conscious San Franciscans) are getting fatter by the minute. Don't believe us? Look no further than the empty food container next to you.

Along with getting fat, we're also getting filthy.

According to Travel + Leisure magazine, San Francisco was ranked No. 11 on the list of America's dirtiest cities. We're squeezed right there between Houston, which came in at No. 10, and Washington, D.C. Here's the silver lining: We aren't as big of a cesspool as Los Angeles, which ranked No. 4 on the list.

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