BART Passengers With Disabilities to Protest New BART Trains

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Not everyone is excited about the brand new fleet of BART cars that's supposed to make your commute quieter, more comfortable, and less smelly.

BART riders with disabilities say the new fleet -- expected to roll out in the next two years -- actually offers less access for them. Specifically, the new design has added handhold poles in the middle of the entry ways, giving standing passengers something to hang onto while the train is moving.

But that pole is blocking the ability for wheelchair users and other riders with disabilities to access handicap seating, says Jessie Lorenz, executive director of Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco, which serves 5,000 people in San Francisco.

The issue has motivated passengers with disabilities and activists to protest the grand opening of the new BART fleet tomorrow afternoon.

"Our message is simple: they need to remove the damn poles," Lorenz tells SF Weekly.

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Woman Stuck Under BART Train Last Night Is Alive

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Late for dinner again
The woman who was extracted from underneath a BART train last night has reportedly survived.

We read the good news on KTVU this morning which says a source told the news station that the woman had a head injury but was still talking.

BART trains came to a screeching halt just before 5 p.m. yesterday after the woman got stuck underneath a train at Montgomery Street station. BART was forced to close the station to all commuters for over an hour, causing massive delays along the entire system.

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Here's a Chance for Riders With Disabilities to View the New BART Cars

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Last week, we reported some exciting news: BART is getting a whole new fleet of cars that will look, feel, and hopefully, smell nicer. The transit agency sent out a formal invite to all riders, asking them to come check out their new ride.

Now, the DOnetwork is organizing chance for BART riders with disabilities to also view the train cars so they too can provide feedback about how the new fleet does and does not work for them.

So far, here's what we can tell you about the new BART cars:

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Here Is What Your Future BART Ride Will Look Like

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Your discomfort and overall disdain for BART will come to a screeching halt -- sometime in the future, but not right now.

After extensive surveys and discussions with riders, BART has unveiled what its future train cars will look like and feel like.

Here are just a few highlights:

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BART Delayed Again, And You Have All This Rain to Thank

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Flickr/Dave Schumaker
The good news is it's raining --hard. The bad news is it's raining hard and creating mega BART delays.

The transit agency is reporting nagging delays up to 15 minutes across the system "due to wet weather conditions."

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Mary Baca Identified as Balboa Park BART Fatality

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The woman killed beneath the wheels of a BART train at Balboa Park Station Tuesday* afternoon has been identified by the San Francisco Medical Examiner's office as 67-year-old Mary Baca, a city resident.

Baca was struck by a train at around 4:35 p.m., triggering a two-hour closure of the station during commuting hours. It is, at this time, uncertain how  or why she found her way onto the tracks.

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BART: Person Killed on Tracks at Balboa Park Station

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Trains are currently not stopping at Balboa Park Station after a person on the tracks was struck and, apparently, killed at approximately 4:35 this afternoon.

BART spokesman Jim Allison didn't out-and-out say that the person on the tracks was now dead -- but he did note that the city coroner was on-scene. Police are still determining how that person ended up on the tracks. 

Trains are "single-tracking" through the station in both directions while authorities deal with the situation on the tracks. East Bay-bound trains are receiving priority. 

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Aliens and Fecal Matter Inundate BART in Very Convincing Spoof

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Even with its spanking new, poop-free, antiseptic vinyl seating, BART can't seem to shake its unsavory reputation.

Last year's naked acrobat escapade and infamous seat tryst -- by a man so satisfied with the new vinyl, he went back and humped it twice -- certainly didn't help.

Nor did this morning's Twitter announcement -- from an SFBARTAlerts feed with an official logo, but a suspicious 132 followers -- that Dublin and Pittsburg-bound trains faced 30 minute delays in Daly City, owing to "gratuitous anal contact."

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BART Delayed Again

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Late again!
Your BART commute home this evening might not be any better than your commute to work this morning. BART is reporting up to 15-minute delays in the East Bay due to "police activity."

Trains are recovering from an earlier incident in downtown Oakland; trains have not been stopping at the 12th Street Station where the police activity occurred. BART has not yet disclosed the details of the incident.

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BART Service Shut Down Due to Death on Tracks (Update)

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Turn around
Update 7:45 a.m.: BART is now reporting that service is restored between Hayward and Fremont in the Fremont, Richmond and Daly City directions. However, you should expect miserable delays.

Original story 6:52 a.m.: Commuters in the far East Bay trying to get to San Francisco this morning will have to find a way to work other than BART.

According to BART, all trains south of Hayward were taken out of service after a death on the tracks last night.

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