Twitter a Homewrecker That Will Ruin Your Relationship, Study Concludes

In a groundbreaking finding certain to be much tweeted and retweeted, a study this month claims Twitter usage leads to greater probabilities of "infidelity, breakup, and divorce." 

The paper, authored by University of Missouri graduate student Russel Clayton, makes the somewhat redundant-sounding claim "that active Twitter use leads to greater amounts of Twitter-related conflict." After all, one rarely hears of Twitter-related conflict among the Bushmen of the Kalahari, for example. 

More to the point, however, Clayton claims this "Twitter-related conflict" leads to "negative relationship outcomes," regardless of how long those relationships withstood the test of time in a pre-Twitter age. 

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If You're Looking for a Job in San Francisco, You Might Not Be Totally Screwed

All you thirty-something year olds out there no longer have a good excuse to mooch off mom and dad. According to a new study released this week, there are jobs in San Francisco -- and plenty of them., a website aimed to help you make better financial decisions, released this timely study which concluded San Francisco was ranked the 16th best place to land a job among the 60 largest cities. We fell behind Austin, San Jose, Washington, D.C., and Seattle, the study says.

The study's authors considered a slew of factors, including commute times, job openings, median salaries, and unemployment rate among the 60 largest cities to determine where the strongest marketplaces are present day.

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New App Proves Californians Can't Last That Long in Bed

Well, finally, you have a good reason to roadtrip your way to the seemingly less glamorous parts of the United States -- places including Nebraska, New Mexico, and West Virginia.


Sure, California has a ton of sex appeal (beaches, mountains, stunning views, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Hollywood). But nobody cares how long and attractive your bridge is if the ride across it isn't up to par.

A new app, dubbed Spreadsheets, will help you track your sexcapades, logging tremendously important information, including duration, thrusts, etc. reported that the app creators were able to crunch a few numbers to determine which states are having sex the longest -- and which states are coming (!) in last.

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Sedate Local Towns Named to "50 Safest" List

Safe and sound...
A bevy of tranquil local towns of the sort young people can't wait to grow up and flee were named to a list of the 50 "safest" in the state

Self-professed home-security clearinghouse SafeWise culled through FBI crime reports along with "our own thorough research" to crown the places in the state you're least likely to be looted or pillaged; the sorts of neighborhoods where the worst thing that could happen is getting robbed by an accountant; the towns where all you have to worry about is the cops. 

So, San Francisco didn't make the cut. But a number of nearby burgs from which bored young people emigrate to our town at high-speed did. In fact, per the listing, the very safest place to live in all California is Saratoga. Per FBI reports, fewer than 20 violent crimes and just two robberies were reported in 2011 -- totals SafeWise feels the need to describe as "commendable." 

But other towns on the Top-50 list deserve commendations, too. To wit: 

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Confirmed: San Francisco Is Filled With Total Health Nuts

Lunch is served!
Guess what, everyone: those nasty carrot and kale shakes are working!

A new study released this week confirms what other studies have already said about us: San Franciscans are some of the trimmest and slimmest people in the nation. NerdWallet released its findings, ranking our rolling city second healthiest community in the nation. Even better, we beat out Seattle and Portland. And because you are wondering, Boston is the only city that's fitter than us.

It stands to reason: San Francisco's steep landscape provide residents with a built-in interval exercise program that no treadmill could offer (at least when it comes to a scenic workout). And of course, knowing there's a taco stand or a bar in the far off distance will motivate the laziest among us to march those hills.

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Coinstar: How Much Time Should a San Franciscan Spend Amassing Pennies?

Thumbnail image for rsz_49ers_jersey_penny.jpg
Look how much money you can save!
Those of a certain age may remember being impressed into rolling 50 pennies into chutes. These Tootsie Roll-like hunks of metal and paper could be exchanged with banks for legal tender, foisted upon surly toll-takers, or tossed from a high place onto passers-by below.

Those days have passed. Now coin hoarders tote their vats of currency to the Coinstar machine in the front of the supermarket, saving untold amounts of time.

And time, after all, is money. Which is why an ostensibly crap study from the Coinstar people is more interesting than it might appear at first blush. Per the company, the average consumer estimates he or she has $26 in loose change rattling around the couch, the glove box, the dryer, etc. -- but the average user of the Coinstar service cashes in $56. The company spins this data in a manner suggesting you've got more money at home than you think, and should avail yourself of their services, posthaste.

The obvious alternate reading of this ersatz Pepsi Challenge is that people who haul their vats of change to Coinstar are not "average" consumers, and have likely been amassing large quantities of currency before making a pilgrimage. Certainly the people in the vat industry feel that way.

So, there you go. But a more pertinent question for San Franciscans might be: How much of your time is it worth to amass $56 worth of coins?

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Californians Love Themselves Even More Than Texans

California love
Despite our Nanny state-style and a government unable to make a child's toy work, Californians are decidedly proud to be living in the Golden State.

Perhaps it's because we're considered the nation's most batshit crazy and sexy not to mention we have the best damn tacos in America. And we haven't even gotten around to mentioning the oceanside scenery, the organic pot, and the wine yet.

A new survey released by Survata showed that among 7,340 people in the nation, 34 percent said they were "extremely proud" to be from the state in which they currently live, while 9 percent were "not at all proud."

Oregon, California, and Washington were among the proudest states, each with over 42 percent of respondents saying they were "extremely proud" to live there. It's no coincidence that all three of the most satisfied states are on the West Coast where the beauty is bigger than any teased hair you'll find in Texas.

See Also: 51 Reasons California Is America's Best State

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Support for Marijuana Legalization in California Is At An All-Time High

We like it
Californians are a demanding bunch, though they're not always exactly sure what it is they want.

Take the newly released Public Policy Institute of California Poll. The poll takes the state's temperature on a host of issues, including fracking (we want it regulated), Gov. Jerry Brown (Democrats like him, Republicans not so much), and, of course, marijuana.

National polls reveal a majority support for legalizing marijuana, and the state results are no different. On the cannabis question, a solid 52 percent of the 1,703 Californians polled want marijuana legal -- and among likely voters (the same people who will likely be called on to make it legal in 2016) support is even higher at 60 percent.

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Hey Boomerang Kids, San Francisco Is One of The Best Cities to Live With Your Parents

Five college degrees later and still failing at life
If you recently turned 38 and are about to graduate with your fifth degree, you're probably totally freaking out about what your future holds. I mean what are you really going to do with multiple advanced degrees in English when the only thing you've written in the last week is LMFAO?

Your next step in life seems pretty obvious to us: Move in with your parents.

All the more reason to if you are in San Francisco. A new study by says that San Francisco was ranked among the top 13 best places to bunk up with mom and dad, which is pretty damn convenient considering the median rental price here is $3,396 and the median home price is $767,300, according to the study.

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Insecurities Lead Us to Cyber-Stalk, Says New Study

By the time Facebook came along in 2004, many of us were already using other Internet vessels to gather intelligence about our romantic partners. It was already customary to check a person's relationship status on various social networks rather than asking him IRL, and astute daters knew how to "deep-Google" each other.

But Facebook, which now mediates a frightening portion of our normal social exchanges, made the practice of cyber-stalking even more commonplace. Not only that -- it became the medium in which people consecrate relationships. A romance is but a flame until both parties make it "Facebook official"; some might say an engagement means very little until the bride-to-be posts wall photographs of her ring.

But some people take the network far more seriously than others, according to a new study by researchers at Ohio State University. In fact, our way of dealing with romantic partners on Facebook often speaks volumes about our personalities. It can even reveal ghosts of relationships past.

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