Animal Rights Groups Sue Forest Service to Protect Wild Horses

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"Wild, wild horses, we'll ride them some day"
Wild horses that roamed the verdant, brush-covered hillocks of Modoc National Forest might soon be dragged away, according to a lawsuit filed today by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and other animal rights groups.

In their complaint, the horse lovers argue that the U.S. Forest Service violated multiple federal laws by eliminating more than 25,000 acres of Modoc land -- including parts of an area called Devil's Garden which encompasses vast swaths of protected wild horse territory. Once the land is razed, horses in that area will be rounded up, air-lifted to corrals, separated from their families and possibly sold for slaughter in Mexico and Canada, the lawsuit warns.

The proposed equine purge is part of a new management plan that the Forest Service adopted in August, which asserts that the contested land was privately owned at the time Congress passed its Wild Horse Act -- designed to ensure the welfare of feral horses and burros -- in 1971. That should never have been incorporated into Devil's Garden, Forest Service officials insist.

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Meet San Francisco's Future Mayor. It's a Dog.

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Yes, San Francisco is this weird

The world of politics is strange -- and in San Francisco's case it's batshit crazy. Keeping that in mind, why shouldn't we elect a local dog as mayor?

It makes sense to us.

And apparently, it makes perfect sense to a lot of other dog-loving San Franciscans who groomed their pooch for office. Of the 11 pups that were entered in the mayor's race, three made it through the primary election. SF-based DOGTV, which is sponsoring the "My Dog For Mayor" bizarreness, narrowed the field based on "adorableness and ambition" -- two traits that are obviously not required for human politics.

And to make this whole thing even weirder, DOGTV is asking you to ditch your voter apathy and cast your vote for one of the dogs. Just as yourself: Which pup do you think has what it takes to make San Francisco the laughingstock of the nation?

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Son Jailed After Biting Parents During Violent Fight Over the Family Cat

via CBS News
Yevgeniy Bolshakov, local cat lover
Obviously, the family cat is the only tame one in this domestic dispute.

A Daly City man will spend the next seven months behind bars after he admitted to biting both of his parents during a violent fight over the family cat.

Yevgeniy Bolshakov, 26, reportedly pleaded no contest to felony assault charges in exchange for the jail time. Once released from jail, Bolshakov will be on probation for three years, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said.

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Activists Try to Thwart Mass Poultrycide in Chico

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Jayme Frye
Seven months after saving a large flock of factory farm hens from sure death, the East Bay group Animal Place has hatched plans for another mass rescue.

This time, some 1,800 menopausal red hens seek asylum from a Chico egg farm that's going out of business, according to an Animal Place spokesman. He says the organization has managed to get Sonoma Humane Society on board, but plans can only move forward if they find people to adopt each chick.

Activists claim that most industrial poultry farms treat their hens as egg-laying machines, and exterminate them after egg production slows down. That usually happens at 12-18 months, at which point the hens are gassed and summarily replaced.

Sadly, anyone who eats omelettes, or egg salad, or any other kind of chick ovulatory offal is an accomplice to this poultry industrial complex.

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Animal Lovers Offer $25,000 Reward in Case of Poisonous Meatballs

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What kind of monster poisons a dog?
With the help of some very kind people, the Animal League Defense Fund is offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who can help catch the person who's sprinkling San Francisco with poisonous meatballs that are meant to sicken and kill our beloved dogs.

As dog lovers already know, police found a new stash of suspicious meatballs on Feb. 22, in the Richmond and Twin Peaks neighborhoods. The meatballs appeared to be similar to those that were found last summer which were laced with enough strychnine to potentially kill a human. Sadly, a dachshund named Oskar devoured a meatball last July and died.

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Is Your Dog a Better Politician Than Mayor Ed Lee?

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My Dog For Mayor campaign
Mayoral hopeful also likes to lick his own genitals
Seeing how gaga San Francisco is over its dogs, this bizarre canine contest seems totally apropos.

DOGTV, the no. 1 television network for canines (there's a no. 2?), today announced it is launching the "My Dog for Mayor!", a national campaign that'll let voters elect the most politically astute pooch to represent their city.

Here we go:

"Whether their paw-litics lean right or left, pups from around the country will campaign for causes near and dear to their hearts, from feeding homeless pets to cracking down on doggy-do [sic] fines," Gilad Neumann, CEO of the San Francisco-based DOGTV, said in a statement.

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Pet Owners Be Warned: More Poisonous Meatballs Found in San Francisco (Update)

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Update 4 p.m.: It appears more suspicious meatballs have been found in another neighborhood across the city. According to police, four more meatballs were discovered on the sidewalk near 855 La Playa St. in the city's Richmond District last night. Police are still trying to confirm whether the meat snacks are in fact laced with poison.

Original Story 7:44 a.m.:Police are warning San Francisco dog owners to keep a watchful eye on their pooch after police found nearly two dozen poisonous meatballs over the weekend, the same kind that killed one dog last summer.

San Francisco Animal Control Officers spent about four hours Saturday morning scouring a Twin Peaks neighborhood looking for poisoned meatballs that they believe are intentionally left in areas dogs are known to frequent. The goal seems clear: to sicken or kill the pups.

During their weekend search, police found 21 poisonous meatballs that appear very similar to the strychnine-laced meatballs found last summer in the same location.

"The meatballs were well-hidden in bushes and shrubbery, and the highest concentration were found in the vicinity of Crestline Drive and Parkridge Drive," says Deb Campbell, spokeswoman for the ACC.

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Here's Why You Should Give Your Fur Coats Back to the Animals

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This wolf coat could warm a litter of baby wolves
Technically, the fur belongs to them.

Plus, Spring is arriving, which means you aren't really going to be needing those heavy coats so why not donate them back to their rightful owners?

Buffalo exchange is hosting the Coats for Cubs campaign, collecting all used furs that will then go to help rehabilitate orphaned and injured animals. The campaign will run through Earth Day (April 22) so you have plenty of time to go through that ridiculous closet of yours.

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Local Dog Participates in Valentine's Day Pillow Fight (VIDEO)

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Well, we found another living being that apparently savored the annual Valentine's Day Pillow Fight more than you did.

This very focused Lab Retriever.

Granted, we've seen enough feathers fly on Valentine's Day since moving to the Bay Area 14 years ago, but we've never seen a pup publicly tear into a pillow with this much pleasure. Obviously, this canine had some pent-up Valentine's Day angst that needed to be released. Either that, or he didn't get his much-needed walk that day.

The pillow-ripping starts at the 1-minute mark:

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San Francisco Fish Company Cited for Having Shark Fins

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Soup Nazis descend on San Francisco fish business
A San Francisco fish business was cited after wildlife officers discovered it had thousands of pounds of shark fins stocked up on site.

On Jan. 29, the officers inspected Kwong Yip, Inc., a food warehouse located at 1220 Howard Street in San Francisco, and found "what appeared to be shark fins for sale" on the premises -- a clear violation of state law, according to Lt. Patrick Foy.

"It was literally more than a ton of shark fins -- an extraordinary amount, probably thousands of sharks," he tells us.

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