Dog Stabbed to Death in the Mission District

flickr/George Hawkins
This is not the dog that was stabbed, but you get the idea
San Francisco police are looking for two men who stabbed a dog to death during a robbery in the city's Mission District.

According to police reports, a 20-year-old man was walking with his pup near 22nd and Bartlett streets at about 3 a.m. when two men confronted him. One of the guys grabbed the dog while the second man pulled out a knife.

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Cab Association Director Steps Down Over Obscene YouTube Videos

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Trevor Johnson
A San Francisco cab official famous for his tirades against ride-share services stepped down yesterday, after a series of offensive videos surfaced from his private YouTube channel.

The videos, which bore titles like "Smack Dat Ass" and "Stupid Bitches," feature Johnson slapping the buttocks of a female passenger, relating a vulgar story about a drunk man picking up a transexual hooker, and chiding seven inebriated women as they crowd into his 4-seater taxi.

They were leaked in an email to the Chronicle and various other news outlets, as well as the California Public Utilities Commission, which regulates rideshares and other transit services.

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BART Passengers With Disabilities to Protest New BART Trains

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via BART
Not everyone is excited about the brand new fleet of BART cars that's supposed to make your commute quieter, more comfortable, and less smelly.

BART riders with disabilities say the new fleet -- expected to roll out in the next two years -- actually offers less access for them. Specifically, the new design has added handhold poles in the middle of the entry ways, giving standing passengers something to hang onto while the train is moving.

But that pole is blocking the ability for wheelchair users and other riders with disabilities to access handicap seating, says Jessie Lorenz, executive director of Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco, which serves 5,000 people in San Francisco.

The issue has motivated passengers with disabilities and activists to protest the grand opening of the new BART fleet tomorrow afternoon.

"Our message is simple: they need to remove the damn poles," Lorenz tells SF Weekly.

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Google Glass-Wearer Claims He Was Attacked in the Mission District

Categories: Angry People, Tech
The war against Google Glass seems to have ratcheted up in San Francisco, with yet another reported attack over the weekend.

This time the alleged victim, a Business Insider journalist named Kyle Russell, seems somewhat less apoplectic -- and evangelistic -- than his counterpart, Sarah Slocum. At the very least, he chides himself for flaunting an expensive, computerized accessory in a neighborhood known for its animus against expensive, computerized accessories.

But Russell still became a polarizing figure after tweeting about the Glass thief who ripped off his glasses on Friday, and promptly destroyed them. After receiving condolences from friends, he was somewhat disenchanted when "the trolls and the anti-tech crowd showed up."

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Al Qaeda Ad Featuring SFO Tram Is Freaking Everyone Out

This recent Al Qaeda pro-terrorism ad that reportedly features a tram from San Francisco International Airport has been drumming up quite a bit of anxiety here in the Bay Area.

The image was used for the spring edition of the English-language Inspire -- an al Qaeda-run publication. But it's the caption accompanying the photo that's catching everyone's attention: "Simply stand up, pack your tools of destruction. Assemble your bomb. Ready for detonation."

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S.F. Cops Have Killed 83 People Since 1980

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Love em or hate em

Complaints of San Francisco police misconduct are at a 21-year low. Knowing that, you'd think San Francisco constables are more popular than they've been since the alcalde days.

But it's hard to buy into that notion when it appears that public mistrust of San Francisco cops is soaring, especially as of late. Last month, an officer shot and killed 28-year-old Alejandro Nieto, who was armed with a Taser; an angry march on the Hall of Justice materialized where police cars were vandalized. More recently, cops have been receiving anonymous death threats.

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Anti-Gentrifier Pukes on Yahoo Bus

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for puke.jpg
This is what anti-gentrification looks like
Make sure you aren't eating lunch while you read this.

We're seeing reports about a tech bus blockade over in Oakland this morning, but one that included bodily functions. That's right, an angry anti-gentrifier purportedly barfed all over a Google Yahoo bus windshield while surrounding tech buses at the Oakland McArthur BART station.

If you don't believe us, look no further than Twitter:

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Sarah Slocum: New Video Reveals Troubling Portrait of Alleged Google Glass Attack Victim (Update)

Categories: Angry People, Tech

Update, 2:30 p.m.: Sarah Slocum responds. (See bottom.)

Sarah Slocum, stalwart Glass evangelist
A newly released video of Sarah Slocum's February altercation at Molotov's adds yet another troubling dimension to the Google Glass martyr who claims she was attacked because of her wearable computer.

According to a new video released, before the incident got violent at the dive bar, Slocum hurled a slew of profanities at patrons of Molotov's who asked not to be video-taped by her wearable gadgetry.

"Wait, wait, I wanna get this white trash on tape for as long as I can," Slocum says in the video, pointing at a woman who, moments before, had accused her of despoiling the city. Slocum's profanity-sluiced tirade went viral after it appeared on Raw Story late yesterday:

Here it is:

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Man, Mural Have a Tiff in Duboce Triangle For Unknown Reasons

Categories: Angry People

Jim Herd
Well, here's San Francisco's own Lars and the Real Girl moment.

SFCitizen was at the right place at the right time to capture this silent drama in Duboce Triangle on Friday starring a mural by local street artist Amanda Lynn and a pouting man.

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Supervisor John Avalos Slams Uber for War on "Fair"

Supervisor John Avalos
Taxi drivers beset by the undisputed Boss Tweed of car-hire apps have a new ally in San Francisco politics.

Or at the very least, they have the ear of a Supervisor who's grown disenchanted with Uber's ideological line.

"I have heard the word DISRUPT 5X today," District 11 Supervisor John Avalos groused, in an exasperated tweet following his meeting with Uber's corporate brass on Thursday. The company seemed steadfastly committed to its free-market credo, Avalos concluded. But it had a problem with the word "fair."

In a phone interview, Avalos described the encounter as a battle of opposing world views. He'd invited two Uber drivers and the company's public policy director, Jordan Condo, into his office to discuss future transit legislation. Avalos says that as soon as he brought up the specter of regulation -- something to make the industry a little more fair to all players involved -- Condo recoiled.

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