Aaron Neilson: Petition Demands Facebook Remove Hunter's Dead Animal Photos

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Aaron Neilson

Facebook is getting hounded today from a group of protesters demanding the Bay Area-based social media giant remove photos of a smiling man gripping a gun with dead animals by his side.

Midwest hunter Aaron Neilson has been publicly condemned since earlier this month when he posted to his Facebook page images that some believe glorify the killing of endangered animals. The images show him posing next to the carcasses of lions, a hippo, a moose, a goat, and a polar bear.

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Indignant Dude Gives San Francisco Cyclists Not One, But Two Middle Fingers


Sometime one, medium-sized "fuck you" just doesn't suffice.

That seems especially true for those city residents who just can't (or won't) accept the fact that Critical Mass is going to happen in San Francisco the last Friday of month. Here's a recent example of this hyperlocal hatred.

See Also: Man to Critical Mass: F@ck You!

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Woman Detained for Protesting Fake Headdress at Giants Game

April Negrette
Giants fans sport fake headdresses on Native American Heritage Night
The Giants may have noble intentions behind "Native American Heritage Night" -- one in a spate of identity-themed promotions that the team throws every season. (Others include "Portuguese Heritage Night," "Jewish Heritage Night," and "Italian Heritage Night.") But sometimes, even big-hearted moves go hopelessly awry.

Take African American Heritage Night of 2008, during which the team cordoned off a special segregated section for African American fans.

Or, take last night's Native American Heritage Night, during which two spectators were detained following an argument over a headdress.

According to various blog posts about the incident -- each apparently penned by the people involved -- San Francisco police were dispatched to escort a woman out of AT&T Park after she lectured another fan on his inappropriate attire. A man who attempted to videotape the incident on a cell phone says he was handcuffed and thrown in a paddywagon.

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Homeless Man Beaten While Sleeping on Bench in Golden Gate Park

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Thumbnail image for homelessphoto.jpg
Not the victim, but you get the idea
San Francisco police are looking for a man who reportedly beat up a homeless man as he slept on a park bench in Golden Gate Park.

According to Sgt. Danielle Newman, the transient was known to frequent the area where he was sleeping. Yesterday at about 2 p.m., he was napping on a bench at the intersection of JFK Drive and the Great Highway when an unknown man woke him up in the most unpleasant way.

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Angry Neighbor Stabs Sleeping Homeless Man

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Typical "NIMBY"
A 45-year-old man was arrested yesterday morning after allegedly stabbing a homeless man who sleeps in front of his house.

Officer Gordon Shyy says the attack happened at about 3 a.m. on Monday when he saw the homeless man outside his house on the 400 block of Natoma. The two had an argument over property; the resident kicked the homeless man's stuff then pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the arm.

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Guy in San Francisco Giving Google Car the Finger Now on Google Maps

smohnot via Reddit

Was this an anti-gentrification statement? Or just the general sentiment of a Mission hipster? Maybe this guy was just having a bad day -- maybe it was Monday then, too.

We will never really know why this dude decided to give the Google Street car the bird while walking along 22nd Street that day -- but we're really, really glad it was caught on camera.

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Neighbor Angry Over Parking Job Leaves Condom on Windshield, Tells Driver Not to Breed

Badass Bernalwood Press

The shortage of available parking in Bernal Heights leaves us with no shortage of amusing stories and photos to share.

Since the high doses of Prozac hasn't done much to resolve the parking drama in this hamlet, neighbors are now proposing birth control as a new parking strategy. The Bernalwood Press got hold of this very angry note that was penned by an enraged condom user and left on a neighbor's car double parked (?) along Bocana the other night.

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Semi-Homeless Cabaret Performer Sings the Tech-Boom Blues

Damian Lucas
Candace Roberts and her anti-gentrifying chorus line.
The economic crisis hasn't been kind to solo performance artists like Candace Roberts, who two years ago traded her Mission District apartment for a self-indulgent form of homelessness.

Now, she works as a pet sitter, flitting from house to house in a rapidly gentrifying city, composing lyrics about a ballooning housing market that -- ironically -- seems to sustain her.

"I call it the Golden Handcuff," Roberts says of this proto-sharing economy model. "It allows me to focus on writing music, and not have a day job that I hate."

By poaching the resources of others, Roberts gets to stay in the city and pursue a fulfilling, if low-paying career in cabaret. She's held down a monthly residency at Martuni's Piano Bar for four years, and she regularly presents house concerts or guest-stars at burlesque and variety shows.

And now, she's releasing a new music video.

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City College Students Make YouTube Video Explaining What Happend During Violent Protest

Two City College students who say they were hurt by police during a March 13 protest on campus have filed a complaint against the university and then made this video explaining exactly what went down that day.

The chaotic scene broke out when a throng of students gathered at campus to protest the possible closure of the community college. Police descended upon the protesters, arresting a handful of them and pepper spraying others. The students, who were demanding the resignation of Robert Agrella, the special trustee installed last July to run the school in the wake of its closure, barricaded themselves, staying the night inside Conlan Hall.

Now, two of the students who claimed the cops roughed them up during the protest are suing both the County of San Francisco and the community college district, the Ex reports.

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San Francisco Girl Wearing Tux in School Photo Gets Reinstated in Yearbook

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Jessica Urbina Facebook
Friends and supporters of Jessica Urbina ignited a social media firestorm after Urbina was booted from the Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep yearbook -- for taking her senior portrait in a tux.

And it seems to have paid off.

Today Sacred Heart issued an official mea culpa, the Examiner reports. The letter explains that its administrators had an entrenched policy of tossing all pictures that didn't hew to the Sacred Heart's dress code -- but that it failed to communicate that policy to Urbina and her parents.

The school's president, John Scutter, and principal, Gary Cannon, initially proposed to reprint the yearbook entirely, but then decided, at the Urbinas' behest, to find alternative ways to publicize the already famous tux photo. They said Jessica Urbina could wear whatever she wanted to graduation and other school ceremonies.

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