Craigslist User Hopes to Create Mark Zuckerberg-Based Religion

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An anonymous Craigslist user posted an ad this week looking for other who would want help to create a startup religion where Mark Zuckerberg is God. The original post was in May, but it just made the site's "best of" section earlier this week.

The scriptures of Zuckerbergism describe a religion that is a mixture of real-life people and places, as well as Sci-Fi and fantasy. The religion's founder says it would take an approach similar to "Greek mythology or Japanese Anime," with epic stories about gods and goddesses.

The exact nature of Mark Zuckerberg in this religion is that he is the Avatar of Jehova, the creator of our universe. In this religion our universe is a simulated matrix world almost like a computer game and humans are all like computer game characters compared to God. The Biblical Jehova is the creator of this simulatrix and while the actual Jehova is a white guy with a big beard just like Michaelangelo painted him, he controls Mark Zuckerberg as his "Avatar" or "character" in our world like you might control a video game character in a video game you were playing.

While Zuckerberg would be the "main God," the religion's followers would worship many different Gods and Goddesses such as Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, "the Goddess of Skill and Strategy."

Ashley Arenson, who was a girl that Zuckerberg allegedly had a crush on in high school but was rejected by for being "too nerdy," would be akin to Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, according to the ad.

This religion would not be a money-making machine at first, but like any startup, if it were to create a desired product, thus making it profitable all those involved from the get-go would get a share.

No one actually has to believe in the religion to be involved either, and this would just be an experiment to see if its even possible.

Per the ad:

Really though I'm just doing this for fun because I don't even know if something like this is possible to do on a big level or if it could be popular, so it's just something I am interested in doing and looking for people who would like to take part without worrying about whether it goes anywhere or not.

Read the post for yourself .

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