Supervisor Candidate Michael Petrelis Makes Parody Poster of Supervisor Wiener in the Bathroom

District 8 Board of Supes' Candidate Michael Petrelis let it be known that he is indeed a serious contender for public office. His new campaign poster addresses many important issues that are no doubt on the minds of his potential constituents.
Perhaps the campaign messages such as skyrocketing rents, evictions, HIV, and homelessness in the Castro are hidden somewhere in this campaign poster. But we're not seeing them. So we investigated this puzzling poster a little more.

As you might recall, in 2012, Petrelis was busted photographing Supervisor Scott Wiener (pictured left) in a City Hall bathroom. He posted the photo on Petrelis Files blog. He was later arrested after admitting he was attempting to get a snapshot of Supervisor Wiener's wiener while in the restroom. He was too late, and instead got a picture of Wiener brushing his teeth.

Petrelis copped a plea deal, dodging  both jail time and fines. However, Wiener has a restraining order against Petrelis which remains in effect -- and makes for some interesting campaign times.

Petrelis now claims that Wiener's political vendetta (the prosecution, restraining order, calls to the cops) cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. So he went ahead and advertised this parody poster explaining as much, using a photo of John Avalos which was shot by Patrick Connors and created as a political poster by nudist Mitch Hightower.

But Avalos believed it was meant to be a light-hearted joke and not a campaign move. Needless to say, Avalos isn't pleased with the results of the poster. "I was not aware of Petrelis' campaign poster," he told SF Weekly. "I don't approve, but I know he just does what he wants and he enjoys being inflammatory."

Wiener wasn't happy either -- but for different reasons. "Someone tried to photograph me while I was urinating at a urinal," he reminded us. "If Supervisor Avalos wants to make light of that anti-social violation of my privacy, that's his choice."

Avalos' response: "Supervisor Wiener does not have a serious opponent so I am not sure what a difference it should make."

Petrelis certainly is relishing in his accomplishment. "It pleases me that Supervisor Avalos posed in the men's room on the second floor at City Hall for a photo at the sink," he said. "And that nudity advocate Mitch Hightower has used the image for political purposes."

No word on whether Petrelis, who launched his campaign next to a public restroom, will be holding forums on more relevant issues: homelessness, high rents, .
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I think I read about Mike Peterelis in "Who Cares?" magazine.

Seriously. He's a poster boy for why we need to repeal rent control.

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