Gay-Friendly Goats Prepare San Francisco for Pride Weekend

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SF Public Works
San Francisco Gay Pride wouldn't be the colorful carnival it is without the assistance of hungry goats.

It's true -- 50 grass-eating goats have been employed to munch away the shrubbery on Twin Peaks Hill this weekend, clearing space for the city's annual Pink Triangle installation -- a fixture of Gay Pride.

According to the Public Works Department, the cleaning crew is an environmentally friendly alternative to clearing the weeds with machinery and herbicides. The herd arrived at the site on Thursday evening and are expected to be on the job throughout the weekend.

They will be supervised by (human) goat herders.

In any event here they are hard at work:

SF Public Works

"Thank God for goats.They can navigate the steep terrain nimbly and access areas that our employees would have a much harder time traversing safely to get the job done," said Mohammed Nuru, director of the DPW. "Plus, goats are eco-friendly and really fun to see in the middle of San Francisco."

If you want to get really detailed -- the goats' poop also adds nutrients to the soil and their urine slows down weed growth, officials said. A large fence has been erected around the 1-acre site to make sure the goats, who are employed by City Graze, don't wander off and remain focused on the job.

After their works is done, volunteers will install the canvas pink triangle on the Twin Peaks hillside on Saturday, June 28 at 7 a.m.

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Do the goats get free "re-assignment surgery".  If not, why not?

aliasetc topcommenter

Gay Goats, that's perverted!

Robert Scalzi
Robert Scalzi

Are the ones in Oakland off of 580 gay friendly too ??

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