Tree Falls, Takes out Muni Line

Joe Eskenazi
A bad day for commuting -- and Muni wires
Our alarmingly hot weather -- a preview for the infernal heat in store -- does come with a silver lining: It's a great day for walking. 

That's a less pleasant notion when it's imposed upon you. And that was the case this morning for passengers aboard the 24-Divisadero bus line. Portions of a large tree fell on the overhead Muni wires, dragging them down to Cortland Street below, and blockading the Bernal Heights artery. 

Fire personnel tell SF Weekly the tree was swaying and groaning ominously by the time they shut down the street, between Prospect and Mission, at 8 a.m. At around 8:15, it crashed down, leaving Muni passengers -- and everyone else -- stranded. 

Joe Eskenazi
Police officers on scene were shepherding gawkers away from the wires, which are pinioned beneath the tree and stretching all the way down to the pavement. They claim it's unwise to walk beneath the Muni lines at this time, as they're under great stress and could snap at any minute. 

Whether or not this is so, it's not an arguable point. Pedestrians are being shooed away, period. 

Public safety officials estimated it would take the chainsaw-wielding men in hardhats at least several hours to reduce the tree into firewood-sized chunks and haul it away. After that, it's uncertain how soon the ruined overhead Muni wires can be replaced. 

If you're a commuter on the 24-line, it appears you'll be doing quite a bit of walking today and, perhaps, in the foreseeable future. Alas. Great day for it. 

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Um, what?  This is not a street that's been "narrowed", and even if the street were a full car-width wider the fallen tree still would have blocked the entire street.  Your post makes no sense.


But we're a "transit first" city! 

Bhah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Had this been a real emergency most likely everyone, including first responders would have been blocked from their destinations. 


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