"Penis Inspections" Coming to Lowell High School

A high school senior prank that doesn't put anyone in the hospital or land its perpetrators in jail is a success in its own right.

So, in that sense, the "mandatory penis inspection" posters inundating Lowell High School indicate a prank well-done: A perfect blend of official-looking logos and text with hormone-crazed male high school locker room humor. 

Laying it on a bit thick: The "Director of Genital Commissions" is named "Mike Hawk." The "Head Penis Inspector" is listed as "Richard I. Dong." 

It turns out, however, that pranking your high school chums with a faux penis inspection flyer isn't as original as one might think. Lowell's campaign was actually just a template. Here's a near-identical penis inspection poster that jolted the penis-equipped students at Carlmont High in 2011. 

Hopefully the funny folks at Lowell can avoid the fate of their Castro Valley forbear: A "senior boy" caught posting fliers was busted and ordered to provide community service. 

He seemed a bit taken aback by this punishment. 

"It's high school," he told the media. "People should be mature enough to take a joke." 

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