Here Are The Top Google Searches From Every U.S. State -- And They're Embarrassing

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Surprise, surprise -- California likes to Google things about Google
If you moved to California because you're mortified by your home state of (fill in the blank here), well, we apologize in advance for drudging up that level of shame.

Actually, blame Estately,a real estate blog that did us all a favor by running hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to determine which words, terms, and questions each state was searching for more than any other.

Needless to say, the results are unfortunate, to put it mildly. Check it out:

The blog offers up some other top search terms for each state, and amusing analysis. Since California is really all that matters in this conversation ,we'll go ahead and share with you the top searches for our state:

CALIFORNIA: Alcoholics Anonymous / Bros Before Hos / Dandruff Cure / Food Poisoning / Google Glass / Kim Kardashian / Meat is Murder / Paris Hilton / Pokemon / Rogaine / What does Siri look like?

Analysis: California has a variety pack of issues.

Now for our home state of Texas just for a fun comparison:

TEXAS: Are dinosaurs real? / Are zombies real? / The Bill of Rights / Boogers / Calf Implants / Can dogs talk? / Chupacrabra / Curves International (company) / Do I have herpes? / Does beer make you fat? / Government Mind Control / How to cook meth? / How to sell your soul to the Devil? / Justin Bieber (singer) / Krunk / Meth Recipes / Porn / Purple Drank / Rodeo / Snake Bites / Tacos

Analysis: Texas asks a lot of questions, has a worrisome level of interest in crystal meth, and probably a sore that should be looked at by doctor, but the Lone Star State also has a boatload of tacos. So many delicious tacos.

Ah, so much Texas pride.

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"Our state" California, then "our home state of Texas". You are from two states?


"Hi.... I'm in Delaware."

William Dolan
William Dolan

bwaaahaahaha... This cannot be real. "Meat is Yummy" is more like it.

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