Woman Pushes Cyclist Off His Bike, Pedals Off With It

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Flickr/Mikael Colville-Andersen
The bike probably belongs to neither of them
A very conspicuous bike thief is pedaling around town.

On Sunday morning, a man was riding his bike on the 1100 block of Market Street when he came to a stoplight. Being the law-abiding biker that he was, he came to a full stop, only to be hit by a crime.

According to police, a woman, only described as a black female between 25 and 30 years old -- ran up to the man while yelling that that was her bike.

She then pushed him off the bike, hopped on and pedaled off into an unknown direction, says Officer Gordon Shyy.

Shyy says despite the fact the woman claimed the bike was hers, police are investigating the incident as a robbery "based on his statements."

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