Watch This Pedestrian Dart in Front of a Speeding Caltrain (VIDEO)

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YouTube/Peter Wahl
CBS News published this harrowing video this morning showing a man who nearly got killed after darting out in front of a express train last month.

The video captured the February incident at the Redwood City Caltrain Station during the morning commute. Needless to say, this 1:30 video is a good life-lesson for daring pedestrians who think they're skilled at cheating death.

Fortunately, this guy didn't get killed, but it was a damn close call.

Watch the nail-biting moment at 1:07 mark:

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Mel Greene
Mel Greene

Should be thrown in jail for this shit.

Stan Card
Stan Card

'thinning the herd' I call it.

Rosanna Maria
Rosanna Maria

Why can't you people wait??? That is so stupid!

Sheeba Rani
Sheeba Rani

Its a 275 buck fine! How did he dare it???

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