Man Found Trapped in Wall of Downtown Building

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We just can't get our head wrapped around being trapped in a wall
One of our top phobias is being buried alive -- and now this.

A San Francisco man was found trapped inside a wall of an office building at 55 Hawthorne Street yesterday afternoon. According to Officer Gordon Shyy, the cops were called to the building at about 4:20 p.m. where a man had been heard yelling from the walls near the front entrance.

The Fire Department arrived and was forced to cut a hole in the wall to extract the man who was identified by KGO as a "young guy, probably mid-20s, wearing shorts, nice shoes."

"The property manager did not recognize the man," Shyy says. The man later told police he was on the rooftop the previous day when he fell and somehow became trapped in the wall.

He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where he was evaluated. He did not suffer any injuries.


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I'm usually trapped inside my head at 4:20

Larry Blücher
Larry Blücher

A kid in his 20's was found at 4:20 stuck in a wall? lol

Mel Greene
Mel Greene

Special kind of stupid..........

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