Man Clings to Life After Being Attacked in Bar Fight

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Bar fight in Japantown
A 25-year-old man is in critical condition this morning after he was attacked by a group of guys outside a bar in the city's Japantown neighborhood.

Police were called out to the scene on the 1700 block of Post Street at about 1:45 a.m. today where they found the victim with a massive head injury.

Officer Gordon Shyy says that witnesses saw the victim in a verbal altercation with a group of Asian males inside a bar shortly before the attack. As the victim left the bar, a group of six to eight men followed him outside.

"One Asian male punched the victim and then both began assaulting the victim. A group of other males came and joined in the assault," Shyy says.

They all fled in four separate vehicles; one vehicle was described as a small blue SUV and the other a 4-door white sedan.

The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where he's being treated for a head injury.

Anyone who witnessed this attack is asked to call the cops now.

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aliasetc topcommenter

Frisco is turning to shit.


What a bunch of cowards. Like a pack of wild dogs. You can bet the bar has serious security footage of them inside, so it won't be long before they're behind bars (San Quentin, not the watering hole type).

Francesca Darby
Francesca Darby

Wow..nobody can man up and fight one on one anymore. It says in the story he was jumped by 6 guys. What a bunch of cowards.


That justifies 8 guys almost killing a person? What kind of upbringing did you have? Sounds like you got beat a lot as a kid.


I think you may have read way more into my reply, others have stated the same yet you do not chide them with your awesome judgement. I merely stated an assumption, however flawed it may be, that this incident may have been sparked by a "talking shit" type of comment in a place fueled by alcohol at the wrong time. If it was the case, a modicum of discretion may have saved people from incident. But who knows, maybe they are as you say so judgmentally, "a pack of wild dogs." How would any of us know? We're you there? I didn't base my comment on a judgement of people, I based it on knowledge and experience. To give an ass whipping, you've hat to have taken one too. Ive been in enough fights and given enough and taken back the same. Does that satisfy you oh wise Internet keyboard warrior? Or would you like to "beat my ass?"

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