Bathroom Selfie, with Firearm, May Get Two SF Students Expelled

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Smokin in the boys' room
A pair of Balboa High School students are in serious trouble over a selfie posted to Facebook in which the two teens pose for a picture -- in the school bathroom, of course -- with a loaded handgun.

It's not really certain how police determined that the gun was loaded when the two boys took the picture. But that gun and other weapons found at the boy's home -- all of which belonged to an older relative, police said -- have all been confiscated.

Cops determined that they had brought the gun to school for the sole purpose of the lavatory photography opportunity.

Following their arrest, the boys have yet to be charged with any crimes. They do face "mandatory expulsion," however.

The boys' identities have not been released, and SF Weekly only briefly searched high school kids' Facebook profiles for a peek at the offending picture.

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Lisa Cee
Lisa Cee y would u post it?? J/S

John LaForgia
John LaForgia

Expelled and immediately put in psychiatric care 24/7. Either a) they are too stupid to be in public or b) a bathroom selfie will escalate. These are called warning signs.


Willful defiance,” coming to an educational facility near you and endorsed by a School Board. Meanwhile, in “willful defiance” a British man said he wore explosives in his shoe during two flights—but didn't discharge them because he planned to do so once in America. Look-out folks.

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