Young Boy Hit by Car in the Tenderloin

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Here's a quick refresher course for you
Less than 12 hours after a man was struck by a car in the Civic Center, and nearly 24 hours after an elderly pedestrian died while crossing the street, a young boy was hit as he walked with friends through the Tenderloin.

Officer Gordon Shyy tells us that the incident happened at about 7:30 a.m. -- peak commute time. The boy, whose age is unknown, was crossing the street at Leavenworth and O'Farrell when a Mercedes SUV knocked him to the ground.

The boy was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with non life-threatening injuries, and the driver remained at the scene, Shyy says.

Although the boy is going to be okay, witnesses told ABC News that they were distraught by the city's latest vehicle vs. pedestrian collision. According to the news station, Diego Gutierrez, who works at a nearby grocery store, saw the accident and said the boy's face was bleeding.

"They were crying," he tells the news station. "It was a lot of kids, maybe five or six kids, all crying."

Earlier this morning, a man in his 50s was hit by a car as he walked through a crosswalk at Van Ness and Grove outside City Hall. The driver fled the scene, leaving the victim behind. The man was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with a life-threatening head injury.

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Nancy Queenofsheba Endy
Nancy Queenofsheba Endy

High density population coupled with lax traffic control and enforcement = mayhem. And maybe if they had not torn down the central freeway after Loma Prieta, there would not be as much traffic on surface streets like there is now.

Hiram Rodriguez
Hiram Rodriguez

I find it disturbing that this city, at the epicenter of the tech boom, is so far behind in pedestrian safety. City officials are too preoccupied with handing out condo permits to developers. Now I know who NOT to vote for come November.

Janna Voss
Janna Voss

I went for a walk at lunch today. Crossed at several cross walks, and every time, cars flat-out refused to stop.


enough already, everyone has to walk no more cars.

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