S.F. Cop Accused of Running Over Chihuahua in the Richmond

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We read some disturbing news coming out of the Richmond District. A reader of the district's neighborhood blog is claiming that a San Francisco police officer killed a dog over the weekend.

Richmondsfblog.com received an email from a reader on Saturday, informing the bloggers that witnesses saw a cop run over the pup on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Balboa Street on Saturday afternoon.

What's more, the cop, who was allegedly in a marked patrol car, didn't stop.

The incident "took place in plain view of a large number of people," the reader claimed in the email.

Per the blog post:

On Sunday, the same reader sent us a photo of a mini memorial that was put up on the northeast corner of the intersection, featuring flowers and a handwritten sign that said "Police SFPD Please Slow Down!!! Don't Kill Another Puppy". The reader did not confirm if they were the memorial's creator. When we visited the intersection on Tuesday, only the flowers remained on the pole. We contacted Officer Albie Esparza, Public Information Officer for the SFPD about the incident. He confirmed that a person did come to the Richmond District Police Station on Saturday, stating they allegedly saw a police car run over a Chihuahua dog.

Esparza confirmed that the SFPD is currently investigating to see if a San Francisco cop was responsible. The dog's owner has not come forward at this time.

If you know anything about this incident, call the Richmond Police Station at 415-666-8000.

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aliasetc topcommenter

Time for the cops to get their lies and coverup in place.

Mel Greene
Mel Greene

Heartless fucking bastard. He deserves jail time & all the butt fucking that comes with it.

Javier Leocadio Colón
Javier Leocadio Colón

The officer's duty is to serve and protect... I see him running over that rodent as a great service to this city.

Tammy Lively
Tammy Lively

Too bad it wasn't a burrito eating Hipster instead

Michael Gray
Michael Gray

I don't stop when I run over rodents either. Are you suppose to?

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