Protesters to Crash TechCrunch Awards Gala Tonight

Unroll the red carpet...
There's a joke making the rounds in the blogosphere, that tonight's protest of the Crunchies tech awards gala was, in fact, enabled by tech.

Or at the very least, it was abetted by social media. This morning the labor group Jobs With Justice announced, via Facebook, that it will hold it's own spoof ceremony -- aptly named The Crappies -- outside Davies Symphony Hall, while trade blogs TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and GigaOm preen about their industry inside.

"San Francisco is in crisis," the Crappies' Facebook event post said. "More and more people are being forced to leave the city. At the same time the technology industry is flourishing and profiting."

Activists issued similar rallying cries at Saturday's tenant convention in the Tenderloin, which featured speeches by Local 2 Union president Mike Casey, tenant activist Gum Gee Lee, and residents of an imperiled, rent-controlled apartment building at 1049 Market Street. The tech-displacement theme also dovetails with a recent spate of Google bus protests, which blame tech companies for the city's ballooning eviction crisis.

Media wags deemed awards ceremonies the next battlefront for the anti-tech backlash. As though to underscore that point, a few organizers urged their friends to protest in formal attire.

We're still waiting hear how TechCrunch feels about this show-outside-the-show. If you want to watch the Crappies, they start at 7 p.m. tonight outside Davies Symphony Hall. Tickets are free -- roughly $80 less than a balcony seat at Crunchies.

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Garon Cummings
Garon Cummings

thinking that if you use tech you shouldnt care about how those who make tech impact the community is probably one of the dumbest statemnets ive heard on facebook and facebook is filled with dumb statements

Beau Sedlak
Beau Sedlak

Actually not true. I found out about it via a pamphlet. Just sayin'. These guys are on the ground.

Katy Oliver
Katy Oliver

So? Just because society uses social media/networking as a tool (which is the natural progression of the web) in its available forms doesn't mean we want those companies to take advantage of their position by running people out of their own city.

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