Wanted Fugitive Leads Police on High-Speed Chase, Shots Fired (Update)

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The cops are busy today
Update 3 p.m.: Officer Albie Esparza gave us specifics on the officer-involved shooting, claiming the suspect, who is described as dangerous, is still on the lam. Read the details at the bottom of this story.

San Francisco police are combing the Potrero Hill neighborhood looking for a wanted suspect who reportedly took police on a high-speed chase that ended in gunfire.

Police haven't released the details yet, but Officer Gordon Shyy confirmed it was an officer-involved shooting. Media reports say the incident happened near the Mission Bay are at Third and 20th streets when police attempted to pull over a man after identifying him as a wanted person.

After a brief chase, shots were fired, and the suspect hopped out of his car near the Potrero Hill Projects.

Police are searching for him now.

Check back for updates.

Update 3 p.m.: Sometime after 12 p.m., officers in the Bayview neighborhood spotted a man driving a stolen vehicle at 25th and Dakota streets. When the cops attempted to pull him over, the man fled toward Third Street, leading police on a high-speed chase. Eventually, the cops called off the chase, deciding it was "getting risky," Officer Albie Esparza said.

The man in the stolen car continued driving toward an intersection where he tried to plow through two cars stopped at a red light. He didn't make it thought, and instead became sandwiched between both vehicles.

Police headed over to the scene where a driver in one of the sandwiched cars complained of pain. The cops stopped to assist that person. At that time, the suspect managed to maneuver his car out between the two vehicles and sped toward an officer on foot. The cop, fearing for his own life, fired shots at the suspect, who escaped in the car, Esparza said.

Police later found the stolen car unoccupied near the same spot where the chase began. Esparza said that police had reason to believe the suspect had gone into the Potrero Hill housing projects; they cordoned off the area and locked down the houses while they searched the residences.

The suspect was not found, but his jacket was located on the 1000 block of Connecticut Street.

At this point, the suspect is still on the lam. He is described as a 5-foot-10 heavy-set black man. Police don't know what he's wearing since he shed his jacket on the street. The vehicle he was in is being processed and police are hoping to get some forensic evidence that will give them the suspect's identity.

Until then, police would like you to call them anonymously at 575-444 if you have any idea where the suspect might be hiding. Esparza said police did not see a weapon on him, but they're still considering him dangerous. "The suspect showed clear disregard for public safety," Esparza told us. "We don't know if he is armed, but clearly any person who has such wanton disregard for the public and attempts to mow down an officer is a dangerous person."

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Matt Hubert
Matt Hubert

We saw the whole thing go down in front of our office. Saw the cop fire two shots at the car Daniel

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