Michael Mendez Identified as Pedestrian Killed by Muni Train

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Medical authorities have identified the man who was killed by an outbound Trolley over the weekend as 55-year-old Michael Mendez.

On Saturday just before 2:40 p.m., Mendez was at Market and Powell streets when he was struck by a trolley. He was pronounced dead at the scene, police say. Authorities say Mendez had no fixed address, confirming witness reports saying the victim was a homeless man who stashed his backpack under the Muni platform.

Multiple people told AB7 News that Mendez didn't jump in front of the train, but rather he fell as he was trying to recover his backpack from under the platform.

"For reasons of both fire laws and security some of the doors in some of the rooms down here must remain open, so occasionally we do find people that put belongings where they shouldn't," SFMTA Director John Haley told the news station.

Paul Rose, spokesman for Muni released the following statement to us this morning:

"We offer our condolences to the family and friends of the individual who lost their life on Saturday. We are currently working with the SFPDto complete a full investigation and determine the specific details of this incident."

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Peter Canada
Peter Canada

On my way from returning to work and on to school, I encountered three people who decided it was okay to either use the street as the sidewalk. Two were homeless, one who was dressed casually. I didn't question the homeless men. The casually dressed guy just felt it was okay because the sidewalk didn't seem an option.

Eve Vuillemainroy
Eve Vuillemainroy

LRV - Light Rail Vehicle. Trolleys have over head cable looks like a bus. Not from SF reporter/writer.

Steven Python
Steven Python

He wasn't walking, he was doing something he shouldn't have been.

Ruth Gottstein
Ruth Gottstein

Surely you don't mean he was killed by a cable car--bad reporting.

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