Major BART Delays This Morning

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Driving isn't any better
If you're relying on BART this morning, just know: you will be late to work.

BART is reporting major delays systemwide through the Transbay Tube in both directions due to "technical issues." As a result, there is limited service and at least 20 minute delays.

BART says crews are out there trying to reset the train-control system. Until that happens, trains are being run manually through the tube.

The roads aren't any better. According to the Chron, traffic has slowed to a crawl along Highway 580 after a fatal accident on Highway 24.

Be careful out there.

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Carolyn Angel
Carolyn Angel

I hope the technical difficulty was Not yet again when Bart work crews crashed into each other in tube & pulled out 300 ft. of rail like last year. Daily commuters are so tired of Bart's tech difficulties!

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