Get Ready for Some Heavy Rain and Wind This Weekend

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More rain: Something new for you to complain about
Were you summoning the Rain Gods again? We thought so. Which means you only have your self to blame when you're stuck indoors all weekend due to the wet weather.

According to the National Weather Service, there's a 90 percent chance of precipitation tomorrow and, for dramatic effect, there will also be some thunderstorms sometime after 11 am.

And it'll keep pouring through the night.

Sorry, but you might want to cancel that bike ride you planned in Marin this weekend. On Saturday, expect a 40 percent chance of rain and heavy winds that will blow through San Francisco at 26 mph.

By Sunday, it will be dry and cloudy, but don't put those galoshes and umbrellas back in the closet just yet. Punxsutawney Phil says that this rainy season isn't over yet.

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Sarah Frenczak
Sarah Frenczak

Love the rain as long I do not have to drive.. This weekend I am going to work so I hope it is not too bad.. For my commute

Mel Greene
Mel Greene

Valerie Verutti, you were warned...:>) stay dry hope your phones are fixed quickly. It's 20 here. Could be worse.

Hugo Cardenas
Hugo Cardenas

Only because we planned a camping trip, otherwise it would be a nice sunny weekend!

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