Google Sea Bus: Tech Company Expands Private Ferry Service to East Bay Workers

screen-grab via ABC News
Google employee gentrifying the San Francisco Bay
Seeing how challenging it's been for protesters to block ferries as they do buses, Google has gone ahead and expanded its ferry service to East Bay workers who don't feel like weathering the roads -- or the negative attention.

Starting today, Google employees living in the East Bay can hop the ferry between Alameda's Harbor Bay terminal and Redwood City. According to ABC News, the East Bay-Silicon Valley water route is a week-long trial to see how many Google employees will actually boat to work.

Last month, Google launched the new private ferry service in San Francisco, shuttling employees to work in style aboard the 149-seat Triumphant at $50 per docking.

That's a hell of a lot more than the $1 the corporate Google shuttles buses are paying to "dock" their coaches at Muni stops in San Francisco.

No word on how these corporate ferries are affecting the waterways for the rest of us average people.

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Patrick Carroll
Patrick Carroll

^^Did you even read the article? The ferry goes from Alameda to Redwood City. Alameda is not Oakland. Not by a long shot. And while there are public transit systems in Mtn View, none of them also serve the East Bay, so it requires a change of transit systems. Expensive and time consuming. Also, if people want to associate with people like themselves, that's their choice. Please stop trying to shove your egalitarianism down other people's throats.

Huckleberry Lain
Huckleberry Lain

The issue is why are google people who make 6 figures living in Oakland and other areas that have traditionally been for low income housing. People cannot afford to live there anymore if googlers move in. Also, there's already a PUBLIC transit system that goes to Mountain View. When those workers all commute and they don't pay into the public transit, guess what, the public transit gets more expensive faster. And, like in NYC, when everyone takes the same transit it psychologically reminds people the diversity of our world, but when you take a bus full of other 6 figure folks you start to think in a void.

johnny137 topcommenter

BREAKING NEWS: Companies pay for workers to fly to places around the world. Sometimes BUSINESS CLASS. 

ALSO: Transportation matters.

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