Google Bus Protests Move to Seattle

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You can argue in circles with your fellow West Coasters about which city is gayer and has tastier burritos -- Seattle or San Francisco. But when it comes to hating on tech buses, there's no argument there: in both cities, they are equally despised.

It seems San Francisco's anti-gentrification movement knows no boundaries. According to the Capitol Hill Seattle blog, protesters in the Emerald City were recently busted causing a stir after blocking five corporate buses shuttling Microsoft employees for more than 45 minutes. Eventually, the cops showed up and the protesters dispersed, according to the blog.

But the movement continues.

From the blog:

Police were initially called to the area around Bellevue and Pine around 8:40 AM. One witness posted to Twitter that "two masked protestors at Bellevue and Pine with a banner reading 'gentrification stops here'" were at the scene.

Just like in San Francisco, which recently decided it would charge Google and other corporate shuttles $1 for using Muni bus stops, Seattle is facing its own crop of demonstrators who claim corporate companies like Microsoft are "sucking the soul out of Seattle."

In San Francisco, demonstrators complain that the WiFi-equipped coaches not only clog traffic, but also force Muni riders to board public buses in the middle of the street. But the bigger issue, they say, is that he influx of these high-tech workers has driven up the cost of living in once affordable neighborhood. Just the same, their counterparts in Seattle are pissed that high rises are being proposed over at Capitol Hill, turning it and other neighborhoods into a "Yuppie playground."

Here's the letter protesters in Seattle were handing out Monday morning:

via Capitol Hill Seattle

Stay tuned.

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