Study: Gay and Bisexual Teens Combat Bullying With Steroids

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It's no surprise that teens have body image issues, but a new study reveals a startling fact about how gay boys may be coping with the terrible shit show that is puberty. A report on anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) abuse found that gay and bisexual male teens use steroids at a rate six times higher than straight kids. 

According to the report, which came out Monday in the journal Pediatrics, 21 percent of gay adolescents said they had used steroids, and 4 percent admitted to using them more than 40 times. Researchers weren't sure why bi and gay teens' steroid usage was so much higher, but surmised that it was due to wanting the ideal "bulked-up male physique" or to fend off bullies.

Combating bullying with steroids doesn't seem all that probable to us, but then we haven't been in many street fights with teenagers lately, so we could be wrong. We'd venture a guess that the steroid use is more about gay male culture's higher standards for physical attractiveness versus straight male culture's complete lack of standards, except perhaps in the realm of starched collars, but we still bet their moms did the ironing. Now that we've objectified teenage boys across the sexual spectrum, let's go back to how this a bummer.

"It's a bit sad that we saw such a large health disparity," study co-author Aaron Blashill, a psychologist and scientist with the Fenway Institute told the AP. "Given the dramatic disparity ... it would seem that this is a population in which greater attention is needed."

Indeed, especially because prior research has found similar alarming disparities for other forms of substance abuse among LGBT folks, not to mention higher depression and suicide rates

In non-depressing news, Shakira's new music video has raised some alarm bells, both among the Cliterati and the right-wing naysayers, due to the "lesbianism" displayed between herself and Rihanna.

The naysayers are naysaying that Shakira is "promoting lesbianism and tobacco use" and "moral decay." At least, that's what one politician in Shakira's home country of Colombia is spouting. The gaysayers, however, are also offended. Or rather, someone going by the name The Lingerie Lesbian on Jezebel, says that Shakira and Rihanna's gay-for-pay posturing gives her the sads. "Please, please stop co-opting some sort of faux-lesbianism to somehow make your music video extra sexy."

While we aren't in the least bit sapphically offended, we do think that videos like this, along with 99 percent of music videos by female pop stars, mostly exist to distract everyone from how mediocre the song is. Why else would two beautiful women be dry humping a wall if it's not for Pilates? Of course, the male gaze is certainly prevalent here, but we just don't really see the point in waving a tiny rainbow flag over it. Or as SF Weekly writer Rae Alexandra put it, "I'm actually more concerned with the health and safety issues associated with playing an electric guitar while standing in a swimming pool."

Lastly, in TV news, Laura Prepon is going to be back on season two of Orange Is the New Black for "most of the show," says creator Jenji Kohan, thus preventing the inevitable riots and real time jail sentences of queer women the world over.

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