Now Drones Will Deliver Your Pizza and Help You Buy a New Home

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It seems everyday, drones are becoming more of a BFF/wingman than a foe to the average paranoid American.

Just this morning, we read some intriguing news that drones were now being used to help home buyers find their dream dwelling. CBS News reports that just yesterday, a real estate agent in the East Bay used a drone to help showcase a $1.5 million house for sale in Alamo.

Here's the logic:

"You get the scale, you get the feeling of the actual home. You can see, 'hey, this thing's on an acre. This is what it looks like,'" Randy Churchill of Dudum Real Estate tells the news station.

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Plus, it's going to help his business, Churchill explains. For the $500 he'll spend on the drone video he plans to post soon, he estimates he will get 10,000 hits online, making it way more cost-effective than paying for a helicopter to take aerial footage of the property.

"This will be something that we do now on every home that we're marketing in this price-point," Churchill adds.

Now if only we could find drones to go apartment hunting for us.

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Steve Tidd
Steve Tidd

I can't wait for a drone to accidently drop my pepperoni and cheese down some guys chimney.

Out Ofthe Blue
Out Ofthe Blue

Who doesn't love 'drone' music ? and yes death to those who stiff on the tip!

Ian Tilford
Ian Tilford

Will the deploy lethal munitions if decide not to pay for my pizza?

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