Severe Turbulence on SFO-Hong Kong Flight Injures Nine

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Hong Kong-bound
A group of passengers who departed San Francisco yesterday aboard Cathay Pacific Airways landed in the hospital after the plane hit some mega turbulence, tossing passengers from their seats.

CBS delivered the scary news this morning, detailing the overseas trip which got a lot bumpy as the plane cruised over Japan. The 747-400, which was carrying 321 passengers and 21 crew members, encountered the turbulence near Hokkaido around noon Hong Kong time Tuesday. It lasted about two minutes.

At least one passenger described the flight as a roller coaster ride.

Passengers were tossed from their seats, and some were thrown into the overhead bins. In total, nine people were injured, including two crew members and six passengers. They were taken to the hospital once the plane landed in Hong Kong Tuesday evening, according to CBS News.

Vincent Sunder, who was flying to India after traveling to San Francisco on business, spoke to the news station via phone, and said he felt like he was riding on a bull for two minutes.

"It was extremely scary because it was throwing you up and down, sideways. Quite a few people in front of me were thrown up from the seats. A few of them even hit the ceiling of the aircraft," Sunder said. "We had a couple of baggage vents opening up and bags flying out."

Even bull riding sounds more fun.

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aliasetc topcommenter

At least it didn't crash!

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