Watch This Ballsy Dude Walk a Tightrope Over San Francisco (Video)

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YouTube user EpicTV
All we have to say is: Holy Shit!

If you are anything like us, your acrophobia limits you to a step ladder, used only to retrieve the fancy champagne glasses on the top-shelf. So you can only imagine what watching this guy tightrope over Lands End -- the rocky and windswept shoreline at the mouth of the Golden Gate Bridge -- has done to us this morning.

We caught sight of this stressful video on the Richmondsfblog, which shows a serious risk-taker in action. On the other hand, the view from that high up isn't quite as distressing.

YouTube user EpicTV
Again: Holy Shit!


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Javier Leocadio Colón
Javier Leocadio Colón

This is not risky... the guy has a security line and falls many times. You want to see balls... take a look at The Flying Wallendas - that is talent. This is just a hipster with a video camera and a lot of time to edit.

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