Sedate Local Towns Named to "50 Safest" List

Safe and sound...
A bevy of tranquil local towns of the sort young people can't wait to grow up and flee were named to a list of the 50 "safest" in the state

Self-professed home-security clearinghouse SafeWise culled through FBI crime reports along with "our own thorough research" to crown the places in the state you're least likely to be looted or pillaged; the sorts of neighborhoods where the worst thing that could happen is getting robbed by an accountant; the towns where all you have to worry about is the cops. 

So, San Francisco didn't make the cut. But a number of nearby burgs from which bored young people emigrate to our town at high-speed did. In fact, per the listing, the very safest place to live in all California is Saratoga. Per FBI reports, fewer than 20 violent crimes and just two robberies were reported in 2011 -- totals SafeWise feels the need to describe as "commendable." 

But other towns on the Top-50 list deserve commendations, too. To wit: 

3. Los Altos (median age: 34. Number of "art sculptures" -- as opposed to non-art sculptures -- within city limits: 29);

9. Danville; 

10. San Ramon; 

12. Cupertino; 

19. Foster City (SafeWise boasts that Foster City's median income is twice the state average, but only two robberies were reported in 2011 -- meaning criminals probably need to reassess their strategies); 

23. Pacifica (amazing things happen here); 

24. Hercules; 

30. Windsor; 

32. Sunnyvale; 

35. Dublin; 

39. Lafayette (highest ranking for a town named after a French general); 

40. Benicia (a former state capital. Really!); 

41. Oakley; 

43. Petaluma (home of the 2012 Little League World Series champs); 

45. Pleasanton; 

46. Belmont (it's been a long time since those nasty murders)

Commendations! Commendations to all! 

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Nice list however some cities are rather exclusive and expensive.  We like safe, but also need reliable transit and affordable housing. 

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