SantaCon: Charges Dropped Against "Mrs. Claus" -- But Santa Still On the Hook

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Fred Noland
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The most recent iteration of SantaCon, the city's yearly visit from hordes of drunken, red-suited merry-makers, resulted in the usual round of day-after hangovers, litter, and regurgitated egg nog. 

But, for two locals, it also resulted in legal repercussions. A man and woman -- "Santa and Mrs. Claus," as they put it -- were busted at Duboce Park during the December Santa Saturnalia. "Santa" was cited for littering -- that is, attempting to unload snow out of a pickup truck and into the park. Mrs. Claus was nabbed for throwing an "unpermitted event." 

In a holiday gift for Mrs. Claus, however, the park ranger who filled out her citation botched the job. Her "citation was invalidated at data entry because the violation was written as PK7.03 and the correct violation is PK7.03U," confirms Ann Donlan, a spokeswoman for the superior court. 

Well, ho, ho, ho. But not so fast -- Santa was not the beneficiary of similar ineptitude. 

His littering arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 18 at 9 a.m. 

As he claimed in the past, Santa has indeed lawyered up. Calls to St. Nick's attorney, like so many letters to Santa himself, have not yet been answered. 

We'll keep you posted. 

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Santa went to trial yesterday.  Case dismissed.  Nothing can stop the Red Tide.

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