Nick the Pirate Commandeers BART Train

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Well, you don't see that every day! Only Friday.
Strange and terrible things are seen on the curiously padded seats of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. Strange and terrible things you cannot unsee.

So, to merely witness something bizarre and out of the ordinary is, when you think about it, a blessing. And riders were blessed today with the sight of a handsome young man in full piratical regalia: the billowing, Long John Silver cloak, the knit waistcoat, a puffy shirt, and a three-cornered hat. There was no parrot. Alas.

When asked what the rationale was for his buccaneer attire, the man glanced up from his handheld videogame device, smiled, and exclaimed "It's Friday!"

Nick, a game programmer, says he's been dressing as a pirate every Friday since his UC Santa Cruz days in 2008. People at the office don't seem to mind, he reports -- meaning he works in a very chill office, he's an utterly invaluable employee, or a bit of both.

Donning swashbuckler apparel and riding BART between Daly City and Downtown is, in Nick's words, a "fascinating social experiment."

Most people simply say "Yarrrrr" or "Captain Jack Sparrow!" But, he estimates, 10 percent declare his outfit to be "colonial" and comment on that three-cornered hat. (For the record, Nick's outfit is not particularly "colonial" as colonial Americans did not dress like Captain Morgan).

Nick has slipped on a pirate outfit for long enough that he's actually worn through his original jacket and shirt -- a rarity among non-pirates. And while Sept. 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day, Nick says he doesn't talk like a pirate that day. Or dress up for Halloween.

"That would be a bit superfluous," he says.

Yarrr. That's so.

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Wait, there's a guy on our team who dresses like a pirate?


Something looks off.  Is it a pirate nightgown?

Joseph Parks
Joseph Parks

Ralmfao! Everyone inside the gym looked at me like WTF is he laughing at...

Ben Russo
Ben Russo

But I don't wanna be a pirate...

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